How To Master 3 Popular Clipper Haircuts

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Cutting your own hair with clippers is the ultimate freedom. You can do it whenever you wish in the comfort of your own home, and for less than 10 minutes. Yet many of us were so scared in the beginning! It’s a natural reaction, I think.

A hair clipper is something new and absolutely alien to the person who’s been stopping by at the local barber’s throughout all their lifetime.

So when you’re all on your own suddenly, wondering how the hell can you cut your own hair with clippers…well, it’s a scary thing. And asking yourself how to master 3 popular clipper haircuts, oh that’s way beyond you think you can do.

Luckily, us human beings have a distinct forte. We adapt to new things, and we adapt damn well! As you can guess, the case with landing the perfect clipper haircut follows the same pattern. You just need a bit of practicing and a few pointers to eventually nail it down.

A wonderful example of a woman rocking the buzz cut gorgeously.

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re a bit tense.

How can you actually use your hair clippers? Are the blades too sharp? What guard size should you use?

Can you injure yourself? Mess your hair in a way that’ll look disastrous to people around you?

Relax. Leave the clipper aside for a bit. Join us for a friendly guide on how to master 3 popular clipper haircuts that are timeless. You’ll love the result.

Clipper haircut #1 – the close cut

A lot of the people rocking the close cut either have thinning hair (like me), or are balding. However, that’s not a hardset rule.

Close cuts sure depend on your head’s shape, but you might be surprised with the results once you try out this clipper haircut.

To be honest, I thought I had a beyond hideous head shape…until I shaved it all down with a #1 Wahl guard (3 mm).

Then I kept going and going, jumping right onto the close cut train.

A man using Wahl professional hair clippers to style his hair.

How to do a close cut clipper haircut

First of all, you need some versatility and flexibility here. You also need a hair cutter with blades that are just sharp enough. You don’t want them biting into your scalp, right?

Remember: no clipper guards. Get that bare clipper out and get to work. Don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it seems. On the side of most close-cutting hair cutters, you should find a lever. Switch it so its set to the closest haircut possible.

Keep the blades against your head, cutting the opposite of how your hair grows. Use careful, fluent strokes. Once you start a line, continue with a steady hand.

It’s always a good idea to get the back and sides right first, and then move on to the top. Run the machine over the same spot carefully to ensure nothing’s left behind. Fetch a mirror and check for any missed areas. Overlooking a few spots isn’t that grave of a mistake…but if you want to look sleek, why not polish everything?

You certainly wouldn't want to have THAT kind of a clipper haircut style...or would you?

Close cuts require very regular maintenance, as you might guess. Usually you have to do this clipper haircut either daily or every other day. On the upside, it takes a mere few minutes and you won’t even need to clean afterwards.

Best hair clipper for close cuts

You can achieve a quality close cut with different models. However, I’d recommend you any Wahl’s professional 5 star clipper. They usually come with powerful electromagnetic motors and sharp blades. A personal favorite is the Wahl Magic Clip due to its cordless mode and exceptionally lightweight body.

Here’s a video from Wahl to quickly walk you through getting the close clipper cut right. I know they recommend their Lithium Ion hair cutter, but I feel the Clip is better.

Clipper haircut #2 – the buzz cut

Ah, the famous buzz cut. While people use the term “buzz cut” freely, under this umbrella term we’ve got a fair deal of legnths. For example, a #4 guard is considered a buzz cut. However, a #1 guard is also considered a buzz cut – just a shorter one. It’s entirely up to you and how comfortable you feel with buzzing it.

Whenever I switch from the a mens’ clipper haircut like the short cut to the traditional buzz, I pick a #1. Feels smooth and preserves just enough hair.

How to do a buzz cut clipper haircut

Getting a buzzcut is very easy once you have the right professional hair clippers.

After picking your guard length, get to business with smooth, upward motions. Start with your sides and back first, before moving to the top of your head.

Getting the back of your head right is one of cutting your own hair with clippers’ major pain points. Just grab a mirror while standing in front of your bathroom mirror and monitor your progress closely.

Remember to keep your hand relaxed and follow your lines closely. If you lift your hand too much, you might miss spots and leave your hair uneven.

Tight, straight lines will minimize the need to go over your hair once more.

The area behind your ears is always an enemy to proper clipper haircut styles. It appears to be so tricky.

It’s actually not. Grab a tapered comb, arch the clippers a bit to get a good angle and buzz away.

Compared with how infuriating the back of your head can get, ears are easy as pie. Usual practice when cutting your own hair with clippers is to experiment with fades a bit. I actually prefer a same-size guard buzz cut.

Best hair clipper for buzzcuts

Entirely upon you. Grabbing any hair cutter from Wahl, Andis, Oster, Remington for example will do it. If you’re just starting out, I recommend you go with either the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro clipper or Oster’s Fast Feed.

Clipper haircut #3 – the easy cut

The easy cut, next to the buzzcut, is perhaps the most popular clipper haircut style. By rule of thumb, you want to use only one comb throughout the process. Generally, the easy cut is a mens clipper haircut utilizing combs #6 to #8. Once again, it’s up to you and your personal preferences. I don’t have enough hair now, but before I’d stick to a #8 guard.

How to do an easy cut clipper haircut

The easy cut is one of the most popular clipper haircut styles.

Follow the same directions as the buzz cut section of this guide. The most important thing is to be relaxed and apply the right amount of pressure.

Once again, a mirror is in order – who knows how the back of your head really looks after you’ve done? Definitely check out what’s happening there.

The additional element here is using a trimmer. If you don’t know how to use a hair trimmer, it’s pretty easy. What you’d use it for are your sideburns and neck – think of it as a cleanup job.

Messy necklines are my personal pet peeve. If you cut your own hair with clippers, don’t do a sloppy job. You’re your own barber now!

Best hair clipper for easy cuts

As easy cuts are the most popular clipper haircuts, you have a wide range of products in front of you. Just remember that you need to trim after cutting. A combination I like is pairing up Andis T-Outliner trimmer with another cutter. If you’re tired of cleaning up the mess after you’ve cut your own hair with clippers, the Remington HC6550 is a nice vacuum hair clipper.

In the below video you’ll see a pretty fine example of an easy cut. The guy uses a combination of Oster 76 professional hair clippers and an Andis T-Outliner trimmer. If you’re a beginner, Oster 76 classic clipper is pretty advanced and expensive, so I suggest swapping them for something else.

3 tips when cutting your own hair with clippers

There are a few things you should bear in mind to ensure you nail a great mens’ clipper haircut. Namely:

  • Always touch your hair and feel what direction it’s following. You definitely want to go against the grain. The problem is, sometimes hair on different parts of our heads change their direction.

  • Switching from longer hair to a buzz cut? Fetch a bigger guard first, don’t dive right into the #3. Check how it looks and then switch to a shorter comb. Always a great idea to be mindful of the prospects of your new look before actually doing it.

  • Get your hair a bit wet (but not too much). Wet hair clumps together, so it’ll be easier to cut. Who knows, you might set a new record for the shortest time of achieving a clipper haircut!

If you think about it, how to master 3 popular clipper haircuts demand minimal efforts and lack any complications whatsoever. You just need to make sure you’ve got the right clippers, the right blades…and the right touch to the lines.

Remember, cutting your own hair might seem intimidating at first, but you will soon get the hang of it. In fact, at one point you wouldn’t be able to imagine letting someone else style your hair. I promise you!

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