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You’ve surely heard of Oster’s 76 Classic clippers – the brand’s most popular model. Everybody loves them, right?

Well, Oster model 10 deserves even more love. Think of it as the Classic 76’s little brother that packs the same punch.

That’s right: the 10 features the same vintage design while also retaining the powerful motor and quality blades of the 76.

There are some differences too, of course as you will find out in this Oster Model 10 review. I’ll start with comparing Oster Model 10 vs the Classic 76. After that, I’ll expand into the full Model 10 clippers review.

As I mentioned already, this clipper is a slightly minimized version of the classic 76 from It’s a representative of Oster’s barber-grade line, a cut above the Outlaw and Fast Feeds.

The main difference would be the size. Oster Model 10 is slightly lighter and smaller. You can maneuver with it easier and it won’t tire your hands as much as the 76.

It may not seem like much to have essentially the same clippers but smaller and lighter, but when you’re doing a couple dozen cuts per day you’ll understand how important it is. Many barbers end up suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome which can slow down or stop a career. Doing whatever you can to mitigate the risk is smart.

Even if you don’t end up with carpal tunnel, you will get hand fatigue when you use a heavy clipper. This will slow you down at a very minimum and end up costing you money. Time is money when you are a barber so the faster you can work the more money you will make.

If you’re worried about motor/blade discrepancies, don’t. Both clippers use the same universal speed motor. Their blades are also the same and they both are Oster detachable blade clippers.

In fact, blades across the 10 and the 76 are completely interchangeable. You’ll receive #000 and #1 size blades with both products.

Another semi-substantial difference is the cord. The Classic 76 has a 9 feet cord, while the Model 10 clippers come with a 10 feet long cord. Now, for me, that’s not that big of a deal.

However, some barbers prefer more free range to work with. Paired with the more mobile body of the 10, the cord makes it a better pick if you’re also keen on that.

That said, as the video below shows, both can get pretty loud. If you want quiet detachable blade clippers in the same price range, you can go for Andis BGRc from You can read our review here.

I do have this to say about this video. Listening to those clippers, it sounds like they are on the older side and could use a tune-up. If he were to at least open up the chamber behind the blade, a little clipper grease in there would make a big difference. To me, it sounds like that chamber doesn’t have any lubricant in there and the sound is caused by friction.

An Overview of Oster Model 10

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • 100% professional clipper
  • Runs pretty hot
  • Powerful universal motor
  • Leans on the heavy side
  • Great haircuts with a single pass
  • Tends to get noisy
  • Ultra durable body
  • Still requires some skill
  • Oster 76's smaller & lighter brother
  • Easy to use for an Oster pro clipper

Model 10: a homage to American style & quality

Following in the Oster classic 76 footsteps, Model 10 features vintage looks and screams quality and tradition. One look and you can tell this has been a professional hair clipper favorite for generations of barbers. In this Oster Model 10 review, you will find that there are many reasons for that and the first one is this Oster hair cutter’s high quality motor.
Oster Model 10 clipper: classical American design infused in a powerful tool.

The Oster clippers model 10 feature a single speed universal motor. If that doesn’t speak anything to you, we’re talking about a spinning rotor that “feeds” the motor so you get less vibration, more power, and as quiet of a operation as possible. The universal motor is way better than usual electromagnetic motor-powered hair cutting machines. It’s also Oster hair clippers’ trademark and one of the main reasons I love this company.

This type of motor gives you way more torque which is what helps you cut through any type of hair. Even wet hair can be cut easily with a rotary motor. Again, this helps you work more quickly and efficiently which will help you make more money.

This powerful motor is shielded by a very durable body. Oster model 10 clippers look tough, because they are tough. The casing here is made of extremely hard plastic. If you’ve ever thought plastic can be a squishy material, the Oster model 10 will make you think twice.

Oster Model 10 blades: masterful art made of steel

Oster Model 10 blades are sharp and cut with precision.

It’s no secret Oster clipper blades go through rigorous testing to ensure their sharpness and toughness. The brand loves the cryogenic approach – throwing its models’ steel amidst freezing temperatures.

The Oster model 10 blades have had the same fate and come to you thoroughly tested and ready to cut through any type of hair with ease.

Same as the Oster classic 76 clipper, we’re looking at detachable blades here. This means that you have no side lever to adjust the cutting length. You can only swap between the #1 sized blade and the #000 (for closer cuts).

The good news is that the Oster model 10 blades are interchangeable with the classic 76 ones.

In case you’ve decided to swap between the Oster brothers (or plan to do so), you needn’t worry about buying new ones.

One of the downsides of Oster is that the removable blades can really add up. If you are outfitting your tool kit for the first time, expect to pay a few hundred dollars more than you thought just one the blades alone. But, luckily, if you already have some they work on both as I just mentioned.

They are worth it though and will last a long time.

What I especially love about Oster blades is their persistence.

No matter what type of hair they encounter, they will simply cut through it without any compromise. As a representative of Oster’s professional hair clippers, Model 10 also features outstanding haircuts with just a single pass through your locks.

Weaker points to keep in mind

You can’t really touch the quality of the Oster model 10 clipper parts. Blades, motor, body…they’re out of this world.

However, this cutter also suffers from the fate of its brother. Yes, I’m talking about heat. Most professional hair clippers would get hot to the touch eventually.

Oster Model 10 isn’t an exception. It hasn’t got the ceramic wonder of hair cutters like Andis BGRc to cool things off a bit.

In other words, you might have some difficulties with longer haircuts. What I really advise you to do is grab a blade cooler. Whether you pick Oster’s own blade wash or another brand’s, be sure to take care of the Model 10 blades.

Nobody likes hot steel close to their scalp and you can avoid this with very easy maintenance habits.

While lighter than the 76, the 10 still leans on the heavy side. With a break-resistant body, a powerful motor and heavy-duty blades you can’t expect a lightweight solution to your hair cutting needs.

People looking for something compact will find electric clippers like Remington’s Shortcut Pro a better fit. Just keep in mind they aren’t a barber-grade hair cutter.

A few considerations re: the blades here

I gave the same advice in my Oster classic 76 clippers review: detachable blades can be expensive. If you want to play around with your haircuts a lot, you might consider grabbing some plastic combs.

However, the same as its brother, model 10 just doesn’t feel the same with plastic slapped onto it.

People searching for a balding clipper might also be disappointed. Blades size #1 and #000 mean you won’t nail the slick bald looks. If you get an additional Oster #00000 blade, though, you’ll get the quality bald cut you wanted.

Or you can search for a separate blade that cuts closer. In case you decide to change the blades, be aware that it might get a bit tricky (though not too much).

A personal tip some barbers give is to let the hair cutter run and change the blades in the mean time. It will yield you more accurate results – you don’t want to have your Oster model 10 blades get misaligned, right?

Final verdict

My personal preference is the Oster Classic 76. The truth is, though, that the Model 10 is a more approachable version of the purely professional Oster king.

From this Oster Model 10 review, I found out that this product is also a bit more pro than the Fast Feed which lies in the middle between casual and barber-grade. Oster Model 10 clippers are your gateway to Oster’s finest.

This Oster Model 10 review proves you’ll get intense action, impeccable cuts and a manly vintage design in the spirit of America’s best.

Sure, this fellow leans on the expensive side just like the 76. However, you pay for quality. And in the case of Oster hair clippers quality, you know you’re making an investment for at least few years ahead and this Oster Model 10 review says it’s worth it.

Oster Model 10

Price 6.8/10
Easy to use 8.0/10
Blades & Motor 9.5/10
Body & Design 9.5/10
Noise 6.6/10
Heat 6.0/10

Good points

  • 100% professional Oster hair clippers
  • Powerful universal speed motor
  • Haircuts with a single pass
  • Ultra durable body
  • Easier to use than Oster 76
  • 76's lighter & smaller brother

Bad points

  • Runs hot
  • Still a bit heavy
  • Still requires some skill
  • Sometimes noisy