Andis BGR Clipper Review

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Simply put, Andis BGRc is the luxury line of professional Andis clippers. Its most remarkable quality is the fact it’s a ceramic hair clipper – it stays cooler, its blades are sharper, and you can count on it for long-term durability.

A rare breed among hair cutting tools, ceramic clippers are simply luxurious. They also stand the test of time better than their standard counterparts.

Throw in the usual Andis quality as one of the best barber brands, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Despite its slightly higher price point, the Andis BGRc clipper outshines other professional clippers.

How about you and me, together, explore what makes this ceramic piece of art so great by doing an Andis BGR clipper review?

Andis BGRc clipper: one of the most premium barber tools!

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Andis BGR Clipper: An Overview

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • Outstanding blade quality
  • A bit expensive
  • Ergonomic & light
  • No side lever for hair blending
  • Replaceable battery
  • Old battery technology (NiCD)
  • Easy maintenance
  • You need to buy additional blades
  • Quiet
  • Doesn't heat much

Small clarification on BGRc models

A few people get slightly confused when they check Andis BGRc’s Amazon page. You’ll see two models there. One is black, while the other one is a silver ceramic clipper (and it’s cheaper.)

The difference is simple: the black BGRc clipper is cordless, while its silver/grey version is a corded hair cutter. Their features are the same, it’s just that the cordless Andis BGRc gives you a more flexible approach to cutting your hair with clippers. It’s entirely up to you – pick the one that suits you better.

In any case, you should receive 7 plastic Andis combs (size 1/16″ to 1″), storage kit, instructions and 4oz. bottle of Andis clipper oil with them. For the cordless version, you should also get the charging base.

Andis BGRc clipper: high ergonomics, low weight

The BGRc ceramic clipper is 20% lighter and up to 10% smaller than other barber clippers. “Sure it is”, you’d think, sceptical that this is yet another marketing ploy.

However, this is the absolute truth. 6.5″ in size and weighing a mere 0.90 lbs, this Andis ceramic clipper leans on the compact side of heavy-duty clippers. Its body is made of high grade polymer with a black finish (cordless version) or metallic silver (corded version.)

The cordless BGRc Andis is a convenient and durable ceramic clipper.

*If the button above doesn’t work, check out Andis BGR Clipper on here instead.

A usual problem with professional hair clippers is they feel heavy. As a result, you get tired after a few minutes of cutting hair. Andis BGRc minimizes such dreaded moments and its extremely ergonomic shape boosts its usability even further. You’ll benefit from its quiet operation too, as it scores way lower in terms of noise levels.

A ceramic secret: the Andis BGRc blades

The BGRc blades are where it’s all at. Both of them, size #1 and #000, are Andis’ famous CeramicEdge detachable blades. Being ceramic, they stay up to 70% cooler than your usual stainless steel clipper blades. In addition, ceramic is more durable in time, scoring sharp performance 4 to 5 times longer than standard blades.

It’s not only about convenience. Andis BGRc ceramic blades cut through any hair without any issues. They score extremely higher in terms of versatility and sharpness and are on par (if not higher) than other Andis barber clippers.

What powers these ceramic beauties is an Andis rotary motor, operating at 2900 strokes per minute. Remember, rotary motors usually outperform electromagnetic or pivot motors. You’re getting another perk with the engine hidden inside the BGRc clipper.

The combination of high quality ceramic blades that stay cool and a powerful rotary motor make this Andis model the perfect heavy-duty choice. While not as great for fades as the Andis Master, it’s way lighter and skips on the dreaded heating.

The Andis BGRc battery

If you decided to go with the black, cordless version on Amazon, you will want to know how the Andis BGRc battery performs. Fitting the premium theme, it will last you for close to an hour, or around 5 to 6 average haircuts.

Benchmarked against other cordless clippers, it outperforms models like Remington’s HC4250 and is a bit below Wahl’s Magic Clip. What really makes it great, though, is its recharge time. The BGRc battery can be fully recharged in just an hour. You literally will use it the same amount of time it will get recharged for! It’s also easily replaceable.

Shortcomings of the Andis BGRc clipper

Due to a convenient charging station, Andis BGRc battery life is more than satisfactory.

In this Andis BGR clipper review, the main issue you might have with the BGRc hair clipper is its price. Even the corded version runs a bit higher than some other professional clippers. Yet, if you think about it, other barber tools lack its lightweight body, quiet operation, lack of heating up…and above all, the detachable ceramic blades.

Another thing would be the NiCD (Nickel-Cadmium) batteries. While the battery life is more than great, NiCD is an older battery technology. Most newer clippers run on Lithium-ion, which is the modern standard.

Last but not least in this Andis BGR Clipper review, it’ll be a bit tricky to use this as a hair clipper for fades. As a detachable Andis clipper, BGRc will need you to swap out blades to perform “layers”.

People searching for a balding clipper also need to think twice. The #000 won’t cut that close, but you can also fetch a #0000 size CeramicEdge blade.

If you’re a beginner, detachable blades can feel overwhelming. If you think you can’t cope with them, just stick to an adjustable clipper. But, to be honest, Andis BGRc makes it really, really easy. You shouldn’t feel nervous about swapping out the blades.

Final verdict

This professional hair clipper is a premium tool. It’ll make your haircutting routine a real delight. Despite its price, I really recommend you the cordless version. If you pick it, you’ll get:

  • Cord-free flexibility to use BGRc wherever you wish

  • The best blades – ceramic, up to 70% cooler and sharper than steel ones

  • A quiet, ergonomic, compact for a barber clipper Andis model

  • 2900 strokes per minute power brought by a high class rotary motor

  • A real piece of art, ready to hum and cut professionally in your palms

There’s no debate: the BGRc is for people who know what they want from their haircuts. It has really no equivalent among other professional hair cutters. Why don’t you pick the high way, then? Well I hope this Andis BGR clipper review has been helpful.

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Andis BGRc




Easy to use


Blades & Motor


Body & Design






Good points

  • Blade quality
  • Ergonomics & lightness
  • Replaceable battery
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quiet
  • Stays cool

Bad points

  • Expensive
  • No side lever for hair blending
  • Old-tech NiCD battery
  • Additional blades need to be purchased

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