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Andis Master and Oster Fast Feed clippers are two of the most popular cutters. You can surely guess why.

Indeed, they simply put out a solid performance loved by home users and barbers alike!

So here we are with an Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master comparison. Quite a few things to compare so you can see how these two models actually differ.

Let’s look at a quick comparison table before continuing with a thorough review:

  • Andis Master
  • Body:
    6", 1 lb.
    Extra tough aluminium.

  • Motor: Electromagnetic at 14,000 SPM
  • Blades:
    All purpose blades for fades or bulk cuts. Extremely flexible side lever for blade control.
  • Noise/Heat:
    Gets hot, somewhat quiet.
  • Accessories:
    No guards included.
  • Price: $$$
  • Oster Fast Feed
  • Body:
    6", 1 lb. Burgundy, durable plastic.
  • Motor:
    Oster pivot motor
  • Blades:
    Great for fades and coarse hair, not good for bulk cuts. Rigid lever.
  • Noise/Heat:
    Runs rather cool and quietly.
  • Accessories:
    3 guards (1/4", 3/8", 1/2" + blending comb)
  • Price: $$

As mentioned before in this Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master review, the Andis Master hair clipper is elegant beyond description. Its aluminum casing not only shines gorgeously but provides you with a fall-resistant, unbreakable tool. The Master barber clipper is simply tough and outshines other models in this regard.

Being made of metal, it also leans on the heavy side with its 1.25″ lbs. 6″ long, it will charm you with stylish chrome looks and good ergonomics.

Undoubtedly, the Fast Feed clipper doesn’t look as attractive. However, it’s way more lightweight at 1 lbs. It’s also easier to maneuver around and won’t tire your hands as much.

Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder. I am surely not alone in thinking that the Fast Feed holds its own when it comes to looks. It keeps it simple. No, it isn’t shiny but it does look nice and simple.

I do like how money looks, though, and I feel like the Fast Feed makes me more money because I can work faster with it. More on that later.

Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master: a battle between two very popular hair clippers.

Oster Fast Feed’s hard plastic body is also quite durable and break-resistant. It can’t be compared with the tough shell of the Master in any way, though. The design is your typical vintage feel Oster clippers are famous for. A very classic look, cherished by the brand’s fans.

The other thing to consider when you are looking at the finish on these two clippers is scratches. How easily they get scratched is a concern. Your tools get banged and bruised during the day in a busy shop.

Scratches show up much easier on the shiny aluminum of the Master where you won’t notice any on the Fast Feed. And the Fast feed is more scratch resistant in general anyway.

  • Andis Master 93% 93%
  • Oster Fast Feed 81% 81%

Blades & Motor

Here’s what probably interests you the most in this Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master comparison, right?

The Master barber clipper is equipped with Andis’ most powerful electromagnetic motor. It operates at up to 14 000 cutting strokes per minute. If that doesn’t speak much to you – that’s a volume suitable for extremely heavy-duty operation. Bulk cutting is no issue and the Master will effortlessly go through any hair type, be it straight or ethnic hair.

This Andis professional cutter also features carbon-coated steel blades. As the Master is an adjustable clipper, their length can be switched from #000 to #1. The side lever adjusting the length is the most versatile one among all other clippers. A great thing if you’re looking for a fading clipper.

The Andis Master blade can be adjusted with a flexible side lever.

The Oster Fast Feed clipper has been furnished with a pivot motor. While undoubtedly way stronger than the industry’s standard, it doesn’t match up to the electromagnetic Master engine. Still, it will give you quality performance – but don’t expect to have as smooth bulk cutting.

Here is where you need to evaluate what you need your tool to do. The Fast Feed is more about detail work, where the Master can handle start to finish haircuts. Do you need your clipper to be your primary and handle the bulk of the work that you will be doing?

Or, is it a secondary clipper that comes in to save the day in areas where your primary falls short?

The fact that the Fast Feed is not as good at bulk haircutting does it make it a worse clipper. In fact, I love using the Fast Feed. It just means it needs to be used for the right job to really shine.

Fast Feed blades are a favorite of mine. Oster blades are simply marvelous, because the company tests them cryogenically. In other words, they are pitting the stainless steel blades against harsh controlled conditions. If an unbearable chill didn’t affect the Oster Fast Feed blade at all…you know that’s quality.

This one is another adjustable blade clipper, shifting between #000 and #1. The blades are great for any hair types, similar to the Master ones. The difference would be the more rigid side lever of the Fast Feed.

Neither one has notches for the lever so it will take some time getting used to them to understand how far the lever needs to be moved for an incremental change in length.

As rigid as the Fast Feed lever is, it can still be operated with one hand. The Master is even more rigid out of the box and if left alone while it breaks in will need to be used two handed to change it. It can be adjusted to make the lever loose enough to adjust one handed.

  • Andis Master 95% 95%
  • Oster Fast Feed 82% 82%

Noise & Heating

If we can say the Master emerged victorious on the previous Andis Master vs Oster Fast Feed points, this section is a total win for Oster.

Andis’ contestant has one severe issue, and that’s overheating. It really can’t be helped, though. This Andis barber clipper made of metal (and a full body at that!) To add to this, it’s motor also generates 14 000 strokes per minute – a friction that will cause any machine to heat a lot.

This is why the Master is also a bit noisy. However, barbers really do take pride in the distinctive sound of the professional clipper. In a way, for some of them this is something good.

Oster Fast Feed will have nothing of this. It stays cool and thus you can use it for longer haircuts without worrying about having to take a pause. No blade coolant needed as an additional purchase either. Even if it does get warm eventually, it won’t be the heating issue you’ll see with the Master’s.

So, now I come to my point about making more money with the Fast Feed. Speed is money in the barber game. I don’t mean that you should rush your cuts or focus on quantity over quality, but the longer you are fussing with your tools the less time you are cutting hair.

This means that while you are spraying down your Master because it is overheating, your neighbor is still cutting with his Fast Feed. Who will do more haircuts during the day and make more money? You guessed it. This is why I like the Fast Feed.

Now, I would never use the Fast Feed as my primary clipper, while the Master can definitely fill that role so keep that in mind.

The Oster Fast Feed blades are sharp and tough, tested in harsh conditions.
The Fast Feed pivot motor also operates rather quietly. Don’t expected to be totally silent: there’s no such thing with professional clippers. But its noise levels will be way, way below other barber hair clippers, the Master included.

  • Andis Master 72% 72%
  • Oster Fast Feed 91% 91%

Price & Accessories

I’d say another win for Oster’s contestant…with a few things to keep in mind.

In terms of price, the Fast Feed wins easily. It falls in the affordable clippers category, great for medium budgets. The Master will run a bit more expensive, but that reflects its more powerful performance.

You’ll get four Fast Feed guards with your purchase – 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and a blending comb. You’ll also grab a blade guard, hair clipper oil and a cleaning brush. The Master comes with no Andis guards and you’ll fetch only a tube of blade oil with it usually.

That said, I really think the Oster Fast Feed guards are lackluster. A tad flimsy, their plastic isn’t the quality you’d expect considering the Fast Feed overall performance. As I’ve mentioned in a Fast Feed guards guide, simply grab a few Andis Nano double magnetic guards from

They are magnetic so they snap right on with ease and they stay there. You’ll be surprise the strength the magnet has to keep them on.

  • Andis Master 80% 80%
  • Oster Fast Feed 92% 92%

Final verdict

I really think you should think about your needs with these two. Oster Fast Feed is better for your wallet and really great if you’re looking for an easy to use and maintain clipper. It doesn’t heat much and will stay reasonably silent for a good performance hair cutting machine.

The Master, on the other hand, is a full-blown barber tool. It’s very powerful, extremely potent as a clipper for fades and delivers spectacular results with bulk cutting. Stylish and way more durable, it’s simply a symbol of prestige.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be making a sound choice. These are the market’s best. It’s just the application that differs a bit.

In case you’re interested in even more information on Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master, we’ve got you covered! Head out to our Andis Master review or our review on the Fast Feed. They will surely add to your making a more informed and precise purchase fitting your exact needs. Note: The benchmark scores in this Andis vs Oster comparison might differ from other comparisons or standalone review scores. They are reserved specifically for the Oster Fast Feed vs Master comparison, based on their features.