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Andis Styliner series feature professional hair trimmers fitting into a medium-budget. The models aim to deliver smooth shaving and perform neat linings.

In this article, I’ll do a review about Andis Styliner 2 trimmer. However, I’ll also include a bit of Andis Styliner M3 review so we can compare.

Part of the same product line, these two groomers differ from each other a little, yet adhere to standard Andis quality.

Enough intros – time for the real deal, starting with an Andis styliner m3 review!

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • Smooth shaves
  • Comb customizations lacking
  • Strong electromagnetic motor
  • Semi-versatile application
  • Doesn't heat up much
  • So-so blades
  • Neat price

The Styliner 2 body

Yet another entry in the list of Andis barber hair trimmers, the Sty liner 2 is slightly bulkier. At 5.75″ and 0.80 lbs, it’s bigger than Andis T-Outliner trimmer, for example. The casing is made of hard plastic (polymer) and as you can see, it’s clad in black:

Andis Styliner II review: a look towards one of Andis great barber hair trimmers.

What I really like about the Andis Styliner is the textured material. Not that the brand’s tools slip, but the textured coating is an advantage in terms of ergonomics. It really feels great.

In fact, I like the feel of the Styliner much better than the T Outliner. It has a slimmer body though the casing doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as the Outliner.

The best part when comparing those two though is that the Styliner has a power switch that can be used with one hand. It slides instead of needing to be turned like the Outliner. That seemed like a small thing but it is something that made me crazy. I hated having to use two hands to turn it off and on. It helps a lot to be able to use my thumb for a one handed operation.

You’ll also get a standard length 8-foot cord with a convenient hanger loop. Keep in mind the Styliner II operates on 120V/60hz. If you plan on using it with other frequencies, think of grabbing a converter.

You’ll receive only clipper oil with this model. Unlike the T-Outliner, Andis liners don’t have a lot to do with trimmer guards.

Andis Styliner 2 Trimmer Review: A Look Inside

You have to give it to the brand: even their hair trimmers perform high in terms of power. The Styliner II comes with an electromagnetic motor cutting at 7200 strokes per minute. That’s quite mighty considering this is a trimmer. It’s also Andis’ standard in the niche.

The stainless steel blades come with fine-cutting teeth. They are more than capable of doing smooth shaves, dry shaves and outlines. Soft beard trims, hairline edgeups and around-the-ear edges are something the Styliner 2 does pretty well. Don’t expect them to be ultra sharp, though.

This trimmer’s steel blades are also suitable for people with sensitive skin. Except if you put too much pressure when trimming, they won’t chew or nick the trimmed areas. You can also shave with the grain to further avoid irritation issues.

I’ve used it to shave off numerous beards, some of them quite thick without it getting dull quickly. So the blades, although not the sharpest are very durable. You can also 0 gap them if you want to be able to use it as a balding trimmer or to help out with your balding clippers.

They work great at working out a line and blending the fade into the stubble. If you did a #0000 fade then this could be used at the bottom very effectively.

The Style liner 2 blades are good for detailing.

Andis Styliner M3: An Overview

Speaking of the brand’s liners, we can do a quick Andis Styliner M3 review. M3 is a one of a kind addition to the series. There’s a reason, and that reason is its body made of magnesium. Spectacularly tough, it’s pretty close to being indestructible. The casing is just a little bit heavier than the Styliner II, but what a difference in durability it makes!

The weight of a pair of trimmers really doesn’t make that much of a difference. Since you only use trimmer for a few minutes at a time it won’t end up leading to hand cramping or fatigue.

Since your trimmers and other tools do get exposed to a lot of abuse, it pays to have them be a little bit heavier in exchange for durability.

Expect to drop your trimmers multiple times. With the exception of the teeth possibly breaking, your M3 should still stand up to a few bumps and bruises.

The Styliner M3 blades and motor are exactly the same as is Styliner brother. However, there’s something that the Andis M3 does way better than all other Andis barber trimmers:

Its extremely silent and cool operation.

No other groomer from the brand can get close to what this magnesium trimmer offers you. It’s the single most pleasure-filled way to groom your neckline, beard, sideburns or ear area. Without any doubt, a great pick despite it’s higher price.

I was excited to do this Andis Styliner M3 review just to see how it would perform since it is different than other trimmers.

Especially with how quiet it is. So many Andis products are just too noisy. Walk into any barbershop that features heavily with Andis clippers and you know it right away from the sound of the place.

These are dead quiet and won’t bother your client. This is especially helpful when you are doing kids haircuts.

Issues with the Andis liners series

Two things I want to mention here. First, the lack of proper comb customization. Sure, trimmers and guards haven’t been that much of a thing, ever. At the same time, with other hair trimmers (except the lonely, no-comb Oster T-Finisher) you can grab some easy accessories.

What you should be more concerned about are the Styliner blades. Both the Styliner 2 trimmer and Andis M3 will require of you to do some adjustments if you want to use the blades to the fullest. Otherwise you’ll get a little bit of bland action.

Whether you decide to adjust the Andis blade just a little, or go full zero gap…Your choice. If you fret about tinkering around with your Andis trimmer, don’t worry. Here’s a short video guide on how to zero gap your Andis Styliner 2:

Andis Styliner 2 vs Andis T-Outliner

This question has probably come to your mind already. Given the popularity of both Andis barber trimmers, which would be a better pick?

As always with nuanced product comparisons, there’s no answer that can be set in stone. It really depends on what you need them for. For example if you want to do fading haircuts, an Andis T-Outliner, or better yet – the GTX version, is the tool you need. For soft finishes, a Sty liner 2 will do the job.

An M3 Styliner beats everyone in both the looks and durability department. Just compare Andis M3’s shiny magnesium casing with the standard T-Outliner:

I would obviously be doing you a disservice with this Andis Styliner 2 trimmer review if I focused too heavily on its appearance as a benefit. Though you may think you are going to win style points in the shop by having some equipment that brings the bling, it’s the performance that matters.

I started out with the T-Outliners when I first started out as a barber. And they did the job well enough. Once I upgraded to the Styliner 2, I never looked back. I am always trying new tools, so I may not be still using the Styliner 2 at the time you read this article, but I won’t be going back to the T-Outliner, that much I know.

Not because it is a bad tool, but because Andis has upped their trimmer game and there are just better options out there.

Now that I have tried out the M3, I am very partial to that over the Styliner 2.

Once again, I remind you of a very important operation-related difference. Andis Liners stay way cooler than the T-Outliner series. They are also a tad quieter. If these two factors are important to you, the Style liner 2 should be your pick. The M3 is even quieter and will never overheat.

This isn’t just for your comfort, either. Don’t forget that the blade is right against the skin of your client. If your trimmers are getting hot then that blade is going to feel uncomfortable to him. Especially if you are using your trimmers to erase the line from a bald fade.

If you aren’t doing a lot of fades then it doesn’t really matter, but it is important to know the difference and buy according to what you need your tool to do.

The T-Outliners also work better with extra combs/attachments. Indeed, they are a bit more versatile and you can perform more tasks with them. Their carbon-coated blades are also sharper.

Final verdict

Both the Styliner II trimmer and the Styliner M3 are a sensible choice. They’re barber-grade groomers perfect for smooth trims and some detailed work. They excel in precision cuts, yet you might find their blades a bit lacking in comparison with a GTX T-Outliner, for example.

With a little bit of adjustments, however, both tools will cut at a premium level. I really want to praise the Andis M3 trimmer. You won’t get any trimmer sturdier, quieter and cooler than this piece of art.

The M3 can be hard to find, though. It only sometimes pops up on and is almost never in your local barber supply store. If you can’t find one then the Styliner II is your best bet.

I am very firmly in the Oster camp when it comes to clippers, but in the trimmer department, I feel like Andis wins hands down. To me, you get a ton of value from their trimmers no matter which model you get. They just work better and last longer than other brands.

In case you decide to go with the cheaper offer – Andis Styliner 2, don’t worry. This one is perfect for quality trims too. You’ll do more than fine with it. I hope you find this Andis Styliner M3 review and comparison with Andis styliner 2 trimmer review informative.