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With the high quality of Oster barber clippers, a lot of people forget the company’s trimmer potential. Which is a shame given the pure class of Oster products.

The Oster T Finisher is an overall great hair trimmer for professionals, easily ranking among the industry’s best.

It specializes in precision work and stays quiet and cool, more than some other barber trimmers. Its price is also budget-friendly.

In this Oster T Finisher review I’ll also elaborate on how it performs in comparison with Andis T Outliner and Wahl Detailer.

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • Very quiet
  • Comes without the usual accessories
  • Several designs to pick from
  • Slightly bulky
  • Stays cool
  • Optimum results call for some extra efforts
  • Precision trims, Oster quality

The T Finisher: Oster’s look towards trimmer design

The Oster T trimmer enters the stage clothed in a slightly bulky casing. Adding a bit of weight to the grip you’ll get with it, it feels as a proper barber tool. Despite its bigger size than comparable trimmers, the T-Finisher has a narrow body. In other words, don’t fret about maneuverability. You’ll get plenty of it.

I don’t know quite how to explain it, but these feel very nicely weighted. Like balanced I guess is the word I am looking for. They don’t ever feel awkward in the hand no matter how you like to grip them.

The only downside is the cord is fitted funny on it and can sometimes knock it off balance when you are trying to do some detail work. Very nitpicky complaint there of the Oster T Finisher review, I know.

If you have really big hands then you may think these are too thin, but I suppose that depends on the barber.

What I like about this model is that you’re given freedom to pick from a few trimmer designs. For example, this limited edition with famous mustaches from

Quiet and cool: a very important benefit of Oster's T trimmer.

This is a first among barber trimmers. Other contestants like the Wahl Detailer are locked into one design only. If you’re into being extravagant, you’ll love this feature of the T Finisher.

Performance of the Oster T Finisher trimmer

In this Oster T Finisher review here’s the part you’re most interested in, surely. Out of the box, the Oster T trimmer comes with a 1.5″ wide T Finisher blade. It’s extremely precise in any trims and cuts. You’ll achieve accurate and beautiful ear trims, sideburn cleanups, neckline detailing and beard grooming.

The T blade cuts somewhat close, even though you won’t get the closest cuts here. A Wahl Detailer will get closer to the skin and yield you sharper trimming action. Then again, the T Finisher is better for sensitive skin.

My personal tip would be to consider Oster’s T-Shaving replacement blade. It will greatly improve how the T-Finisher trimmer performs. Compared to the stock T-blade, the T-shaving blade achieves finer, closer and overall more detailed trims and cuts. Not cheap at all, but worth it. You’ll get 1/125″ trims and better cutting action with textured hair.

Alternatively, you can try doing a zero gap on the T Finisher trimmer blade. Here’s a good video showing how you can manage that easily:

You should always make sure that the bottom of the blade isn’t meeting the skin at an angle. Stay parallel and you’ll minimize any risk of nicking with the T Finisher.

The motor is a nice rotary motor you would expect from any Oster clippers. Paired with the upgrade of the trimmer blade and you have a very powerful little trimmer than can handle just about anything. If you do bald fades and need to erase a slight line from skin to stubble, then this is a great way to go about that.

Oster T Finisher vs Andis T Outliner
(and Wahl Detailer)

A few people have asked me whether Oster’s trimmer is better than Andis’ offer. I wonder why they forget that Wahl’s in the mix too…

We’ve actually included all three models in our best trimmers for barbers list. And there’s a reason for that: they’re quite comparable with each other.

What really matters here is what you intend to use these hair trimmers for.

For example, the Detailer is the most stylish, compact, and easy to zero gap of the three. It’s not that great for sensitive skin, though.

The T Outliner from goes all in in terms of power. It’s 7200 strokes per minute electromagnetic motor allows for easier gliding through thicker hair types and great fades. It is, however, somewhat heavier and bulky compared to the T Finisher.

That isn’t to say that these would be too heavy or cause you any hand cramping or anything. Trimmers only get used for a few minutes at a time anyway so even the heaviest ones shouldn’t be uncomfortable to use.

The ergonomics are way better on the T Finisher however. The casing of the Outliner is wider and not as easy to grip. The other thing I really dislike about the Outliner is that the switch has to be turned to power it on and off. This may seem like a little thing but when you are doing a couple dozen haircuts a day, you will want to be able to use one hand to do things. With the flick of a thumb the T Finisher can be turned on or off and save you a few seconds that you won’t be fussing with them.

This may seem like no big deal, but being economical with your steps really helps your flow during the haircut.

Pictured below: Wahl’s Detailer and the GTX T-outliner model.

Where the Oster T trimmer excels is smaller surfaces and accuracy. Its T blade is narrower so you’ll have an easier time maneuvering around tinier, more delicate areas.

Especially in comparison with the T Outliner, the T Finisher also stays quite silent and cool. Andis’ trimmer poster child is well-known for its power, yes. However, its motor leads to some overheating issues. It’s also noisier than Oster’s offer on the table.

I’ll repeat it for the second time in this Oster T Finisher review, you are only using trimmer for a few minutes at a time. So, if they were to be loud it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Is it better to have quieter trimmers, Sure. But, to me there are already so many more reasons to go with the T Finisher that the quietness of the motor only tips the scales a bit further towards it being your best bet.

No tool is completely perfect. That’s is why there are so many different brands and models. If they all worked exactly the same then there would be no need to have more than one.

The fact is that each trimmer has it’s things it does well and others that it doesn’t. This way people can find the best one for them. Things that might work for one might not work for the next guy.

I hope this review can point out those differences.

If you prefer a calmer approach to grooming your hair and face, you’ll love the T Finisher. Just know that you’ll sacrifice the raw power of the T Outliner trimmer.

Things I don’t like about the Oster T-finisher trimmer

What Oster giveth, they taketh. You have access to amazing designs like the stylish chrome-colored T Finisher.

However, you won’t get the accessory perks you’ll receive with other pro groomers. You can count only on a cleaning brush and clipper oil here. No additional combs, not even a blade guard. In fact, finding T Finisher guards is very, very hard due to the blade’s specifications.

As I already mentioned, the T-trimmer is a bit more demanding. The stock T-blade is not bad at all, but if you want to reap proper results, you’ll have to fetch the T-shaving one.

I think the lack of comb attachments only really affects non barbers as I have never used a guard on a trimmer. When I trim a beard for instance, I use the clipper over comb technique. Otherwise I just use the clippers with a guard on them since the are far more powerful.

If you don’t have training then this can be a tricky technique that takes time to master. And I definitely don’t recommend doing this on your own beard.

So, DIYers may feel like those combs are a deal breaker and maybe will want to think about a different trimmer.

This is an obvious disadvantage for people who want to stay on a budget. I’m not saying this is an absolute requirement. But it impacts the overall performance.

Last but not least, the slightly unexpected bulky feeling of the T Finisher trimmer. However, if you’re familiar with Oster, you know how their vintage designs are.

Nothing new on the horizon – and not a dealbreaker at all. Especially if you’re looking for a professional hair cutting tool.

Final verdict

This Oster T Finisher review shows that Oster’s T-trimmer is on par with other leading professional groomers. It will perfectly fit an Oster Fast Feed clipper or that classic 76 beast for a true Oster barber experience. You’ll score precision cuts and great detailed work.

A great selling point with this model is the cool, quiet operation. The brand’s products are usually exactly the opposite, but here Oster have outdone themselves. Much smoother experience compared with other heavy-duty trimmers.

The trade off is lack of accessories and the Oster T Finisher blade details I discussed before. Overall, though, the Oster T trimmer is definitely worth the money. A great groomer, no doubt. Just make sure it suits your needs.

Oster T Finisher

Price 8.6/10
Easy to use 8.0/10
Blades & Motor 7.8/10
Body & Design 7.9/10
Noise 9.0/10
Heat 9.0/10

Good points

  • Stays cool
  • Quiet operation
  • Several custom designs
  • Precision trimming

Bad points

  • Lack of proper accessories
  • Bulky design
  • Might require extras for optimal performance