My father used to always say “If you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody”.

I had that in mind when doing this Philips OneBlade Pro review since it claims to be the best all in one beard trimmer/electric shaver.

It is supposed to excel at trimming your beard, edging your beard and sideburns and then shaving your face like an electric razor.

Usually when you have these tools that try to do too many things, it inevitably falls short in one area or all of them.

So, how does the OneBlade Pro do when trimming, edging and shaving? I thought about keeping you in suspense until the end of the review, but I will let you off the hook.

It does very well in all of these areas.

In this Philips Oneblade Pro review, I will go over its features and give details on the performance in all three areas.

Before I go into that, let’s take a look at the features and pros and cons.

OneBlade Pro Review: Main Features


In about an hour you can fully charge the trimmer which will give you about 90 minutes of use.

Figuring the average time to use it to fully shave your face is about 15 minutes, you can use this for about a week before you have to recharge.

If you don’t need to use it every other day to shave, and you need to do the occasional manscaping, then it can last you over a month between charges.


Though Philips says it can be used wet or dry, I wouldn’t necessarily use it with a shaving cream or gel.

Use it in the shower when you want to use it wet and save time.

I feel like it actually works better dry, but it is nice to be able to run it under the faucet to clean it off.

A nice in between is to use a preshave cream or oil specifically for electric razors. All you need is a very thin layer to help lubricate the blade as it goes over your skin. You’ll get as close a shave as if you did it dry but without any of the mess of using a gel or shaving foam.

This is a very good option for guys with sensitive skin.

Adjustable Trimmer Comb

This is the feature that I believe sets this apart and makes it a top rated beard trimmer.

Instead of having multiple attachments for different lengths, it comes with one that is  adjustable.

With a unique dial, it can be adjusted to 14 different lengths.

To me, the less things to get lost or broken, the better. I love having one attachment that is easy to adjust to make length changes on the fly. It makes it very easy when you want to taper your beard into your hairline, for instance. You can get much more accurate lengths as opposed to being tied down to the fixed lengths of the different comb attachments seen on may other beard trimmers.

Pivoting Head

Whether you use it as a beard trimmer or as an electric razor, it has a nice pivot that can get over all the contours of your face for an even trim or shave.

It also makes for less irritation when the head pivots. If you can get over the hard to get to areas easily, then you won’t be going over the same spot multiple times. This reduces any razor burn potential and makes for a much more comfortable shave.

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • Detachable blades can be changed
  • Doesn’t get as close as a foil electric razor
  • Blades last for 4 months
  • Can’t trim long beards
  • Charges in 1 hour
  • Blades don’t last 4 months if you use it a lot
  • Charge lasts 90 minutes
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Can trim up to 14 different lengths
  • Dual sided blade can shave with and against the grain
  • Use it to edge your beard, sideburns and trim eyebrows

How does the OneBlade Pro work?


When using the OneBlade Pro as an electric razor, there is one important thing to keep in mind. It is not meant to get as close as a traditional razor. It isn’t a stubble razor, it won’t leave any noticeable stubble in other words.

This is by design.

You need to know in this Philips Oneblade Pro review that this electric trimmer was created for guys with sensitive skin. Having it get as close as a razor would probably mean a rough shave for most guys. If you have sensitive skin and don’t mind that it will feel as though you shaved with a razor a couple of hours before then you won’t mind that it isn’t a super close shave.

It has a unique blade, where the internal blade comes right to the edge on both the top and bottom of the razor.

This is great since it means you don’t need to use a separate trimmer to buzz down the beard before you use it as an electric shaver. The edges mow down the long beard, then the foil section allows the stubble to get cut by the sharp oscillating blades underneath, just as a traditional foil shaver would.

Because of the unique design you can go with or against the grain without any pulling. In fact, Philips recommends going against the grain to make sure it is as close a shave as you can get.

If you’re afraid of getting ingrown hairs by going against the grain, then you can go with a preshave oil or cream as I mentioned earlier. This will keep everything lubricated to prevent that. Plus, since it doesn’t cut the hairs down to closely, it shouldn’t be much of a problem anyway.

OneBlade Pro works as a wet razor and can be used to shave with shaving cream or in the shower. If you use it dry, it is easy to clean by running it under the faucet.

The pivot head and small blade is great at getting into all areas of the face by following the contours very easily. I love the size and shape of the head, too as it can get under the nose much more easily than a regular foil razor since it lays flat.

The unique design also means that it works very quickly. You won’t need to go over the same spot multiple times. This is also great news for guys with sensitive skin as the fact that with many electric razors you have to go over the same spot causing irritation.


As I mentioned in the early part of this Philips Oneblade Pro review, the dial attachment comb is what makes this one of the best beard trimmers out there.

Instead of having multiple combs that have to be taken off and another added if you are trying to do multiple lengths, it just has the one.

And it gives you 14 different lengths at the turn of a dial. Starting from a less than stubble setting of .4mm all the way up to 10 mm. This is great for when you want to fade your beard into your side burns, or like to have a longer goatee or mustache with a smooth transition to the cheeks.

You just get a lot more options with the dial as opposed to fixed comb attachments.

It works well to trim eyebrows, too. Just set it to the right length and run it over your eyebrows.

Trimming sideburns is also a breeze because of the easy to use dial.

The way the blade works, with it’s extremely sharp edge, makes makes quick work of trimming the beard. It cuts right through even thick beards like buttah.

Since it can go in any direction because there is an edge blade on either side of the head, it can easily handle beards that grow in different directions.


Because the edging blade is so sharp it can get very close to the skin making for a nice clean line.

Shape your burns or your beard in less time than with a traditional trimmer.

The ergonomic design makes it simple to get the edge you’re looking for. Both in terms of the size and shape of the blade, and the handle that feels like a razor in the hand.

Lining up your beard is as simple as it gets with the OneBlade Pro. All you need to do is use either edger blade, on top or on the bottom, and get the line where you like. The turn it over and you just use the foil electric razor to shave right down without needing two different tools.

Some electric razors have a pop up trimmer/edger, but 9 times out of 10 they are simply inferior to the edger of the OneBlade.

Using the OneBlade Pro

Charging is easily done with the included charging dock. A full charge takes about an hour and the charge lasts for 90 minutes.

There is an LED screen that shows how much battery is left taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Cleaning the razor is very easy. You can use a brush and simply brush the hairs off the blade or run it under a faucet. Since it is shaped almost like a cartridge razor, you don’t need to open it up to brush it out. It literally only takes second to clean it.

Make sure you keep it clean. Hair is very acidic and will eventually dull the blade if it is left sitting there. Cleaning it off will prolong the sharpness of the blade. It only takes a second so there is no need to neglect it.

Blade life is about 4 months and once the head needs replacing it simply pops off. Replacement blades are available on

Don’t limit yourself to just beard trimming and face shaving. Because of the ergonomic design and the pivoting head, it works great as an electric body trimmer too. It can even safely get your pubic hairs, if you are so inclined.

OneBlade Pro vs OneBlade

This is an honest Philips Oneblade Pro review so we need to tell you that there is a huge difference in price, almost double, so is it worth the extra money to upgrade to the Pro or are you getting essentially the same thing when you stick with the cheaper OneBlade?

Without being biased in this Oneblade Pro review, I think it is very worth it to upgrade and get the OneBlade Pro, over the basic version.

For starters the original takes 8 hours to charge fully. If your battery runs out, you’re essentially out of luck.

The Pro charges in one hour. Obviously, this is far more convenient. It also gives you an LED battery life indicator so you won’t find yourself with a dead battery out of the blue.

As far as battery life, you get one hour with the Pro compared to 45 minutes with the basic. That’s a negligible difference that we can consider a push.

The real deal breaker in my mind is the adjustable attachment comb. The basic has combs that need to be changed as you increase or decrease the length. And there are only 3. That is very limiting, not to mention less convenient.

The dial is easy to use and gives you 14 different settings.

To summarize this Oneblade Pro review, all in all, the quality of the shave is the same since the blades are the same, but everything else adds up to the Pro being the better option, even though the price is higher.

Philips makes long lasting and well engineered products, so at least you get peace of mind knowing that the Pro will last a few years making the price come out looking pretty good.

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Norelco OneBlade Pro




Easy to use




Body & Design




Long lasting


Good points

  • Compact, easy to work with
  • Works as electric razor, trimmer and edger
  • Blades last for months
  • Dual attachment comb is easy to adjust
  • Can be used wet or dry

Bad points

  • Not as close a shave as a dedicated electric razor
  • Not great on fine hair

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