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Manscaping is not rocket science.

But, finding the right mens hair trimmer to get the job done is daunting.

I know how it goes.

You get overwhelmed when you’re reading too many reviews and end up getting a cheapo trimmer at Walmart that you end up regretting.

There are so many great men’s electric hair trimmers out there that there is really no reason to go with some no name brand from the drug store. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good one.

Instead, I am going to give you the top three best body hair trimmers so you don’t end up with buyers regret.

To not keep you in suspense, here is the list of the top electric hair trimmers you really can’t go wrong with.

Choosing the Best Body Hair Trimmer for Men

I could have made a list of hundreds of different mens hair trimmer for manscaping but I want to keep this easy to digest.

Since there are different reasons to use an electric hair trimmer, I will go over the three big grooming needs men have and give you the best fit for that particular job.

Let’s go over some of the things you may need your body hair trimmer to do for you before we go into the reviews.

Types of Body Hair Trimmers

All In One

If you plan on doing just about all of your grooming with one tool, then you need one that can handle everything.

You can’t take your nose trimmer and expect it to tackle your chest.

And nobody wants to have a trimmer for your beard, then another for your back and yet another for your pubes.

It’s good to know that there are plenty of trimmers that can do it all from your head to your toes.

What is the difference between the trimmers?

They may seem like they are all made the same, but there differences lie in the engineering and design.

They have different heads that do different things, usually. You’ll need a trimmer to cut your hair down to stubble, or come with plastic comb attachments to be able to leave the hair to a specific length.

Then you will have the shaver head that can act like a razor and bring the hair right down to the skin for a smooth shave.

The teeth covering the blade will be different. The way the head is shaped and moves will also vary. And, the ergonomics of the design can be modified depending on what part of the body it needs to be used.

An all in one or hybrid is probably going to be best for most guys.

Back Shaver

Except for the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 3100 like this one on, a back shaver pretty much only does that one thing. It will comfortably allow you to shave off the hairs on your back.

They all have a very long handle that lets you reach your back so you can shave it yourself without needing any help. They almost look like back scratchers.

Some of them have a trimmer and shaver head on it that you can switch so you can first trim your hair to a manageable level and then shave it right to the skin.

Others literally have a razor blade and act exactly like a razor you would use on your face.

Pubic Hair Shaver

Then there is the very specific type that works on your groin and balls to shave your pubes.

One benefit of using a mono use tool like a devoted pubic hair shaver is that it is very good at its job. Take the Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver on

Because it is designed to one thing it does it extremely well. Nicks and cuts and folds of skin getting pinched by trimmers is very common when shaving your balls with a body groomer. The design of the Cleancut eliminates these problems, but it also means it is not great at grooming other parts of your body.

What to Look For

For the sake of this article, I am going to focus on the All In One body groomers that can handle all aspects of your grooming routine.

Here are some things that the best mens hair trimmer for body grooming needs to have:

Trimmer and Shaver Head

Whether the electric hair trimmer you are looking into has two separate heads, a trimmer and a shaver, or has trimmer and shaving functionality built into the same head, you need to make sure you have both.

Shavers cannot handle longer hair. To cut the hair efficiently and evenly, it needs to be around stubble length.

Some mens hair trimmers have just one head to make things easy on you that have a trimmer blade on one end that cuts the hairs down just before the shaver passes over and gets right down to the skin.

Most of the time you will see body groomers with two different heads, on to trim and one to shave. There is nothing wrong with that, but keep in mind it means more storage space needed and that you have to replace the heads each time you change the scope of your grooming.

Battery Life

I made sure to only include groomers on this list of the best mens hair trimmers that have at least 45 minutes of runtime on a full charge. That should be enough to give you at least two sessions.

I’ll only include electric hair trimmers that have a Lithium Ion battery, also. These tend to last a lot longer before they have trouble charging fully. The other option is Nickel Cadmium that you would be lucky to get two years out of before it won’t charge anymore.

Charge time is also a factor. I tried to make sure to only include ones that have a short charging time. It isn’t a deal breaker to have a long charging time as long as the runtime is sufficient, but it does help.

Attachments and Accessories

Some of these mens hair trimmers have attachments that you can add or change for different types of grooming or to change the length of the hair you wish to cut. Others have the type of head that can do trimming and shaving at the same time and adjustable combs that can change the length of the hair you are cutting without need to add attachments.

Either one is fine as long as they can get the job done.

What’s important is that you can handle different areas of your body without much sacrifice in the quality of the job.

The Top 3 Best Body Hair Trimmers

Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body

Versatile and easy to use, I love to recommend the Norelco OneBlade Face and Body.

It looks like, and feels like, a cartridge razor system. Though it seems like it might not be able to handle your full grooming routine, it does an awesome job all over your body.


With the Face and Body, you can:

  • trim and edge your beard
  • Shave your face
  • Trim and shave your chest
  • Shave your underarms, arms and legs
  • Trim, edge and shave your pubic hair

The best part about its versatility is that it can do it all with the same head. You don’t need to switch it out with other parts.

You only need to put on attachments when you want to change the length of the trimmer.

The way it works is it has two trimmer blades on the top and bottom of the shaving head. Then the shaving head itself is right in the middle and is flat as opposed to how other foil system shavers work.

To shave off a full beard right down to the skin, you can buzz right through it without trimming it first.

The trimmer blades cut the hair then the shaver shaves it.


The shape is very similar to a bulky cartridge razor. It has a very slim body that fits easily in the hand. And it has nice ridges around it so it is non slip if you use it in the shower.

It is very lightweight and is easy to maneuver around, The narrow head makes it easy to get into all the nooks and crannies of your body. The flexible head is able to follow the contours of your curvy or sharp areas so it always keeps the blade in contact with the skin.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Though this may seem like a negative in some people’s book, the Face and Body doesn’t give you a silky smooth, close shave. It will reduce the hair to barely above the skin, but this is to help those with sensitive skin.

You’ll find much less razor burn and irritation from the fact that it doesn’t try to cut the hair down at the base of the root, in turn leaving the skin feeling raw.

Wet or Dry Operation

Use the Face and Body in the shower, or dry. Whatever is more comfortable for you. You can lather up with shaving cream, or not. It’s all up to you.

When you are done, you can wash it off easily under the faucet for a quick clean up.

One caveat however, is that if you do use it wet, you shouldn’t be trying to trim a full beard as the trimmer blade will struggle against the long hair. And even if you plan to shave it down to the skin, it should already be stubble when you get in the shower.


Adding to the versatility is the fact that you get four plastic comb attachments to vary the length you want to leave the hair. Ranging from 1, 2, 3 and 5mm, each comb will give you a precise cut to the desired length.


I think this may actually top the list of the best mens hair trimmer for body and face. It does it all where some other trimmers just can’t do as well. There literally is no sacrifice on any of the areas of your body you want to trim or shave.

You can read the full review of the Norelco OneBlade face and Body here.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

Second in the top three list of mens hair trimmers that do double duty as body groomers is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100. But, be warned that you shouldn’t cut your hair on your head or your face. Unfortunately it won’t work well against the dense hair on your head and the tough, wiry hair of the beard.

As a body groomer, however, it is exceptional.


The shaver head is similar to the OneBlade in the sense that it has trimmer blades on either side of the shaving head.

The difference this time is that you get the arched, foil shaver that you would expect from an electric razor.

The trimmer will cut the long hair down to size so the shaver can then do its thing.

Those trimmers can also be used very effectively for edging a beard or your pubic hairs.

To trim your hair like your chest or pubic hairs, just turn razor upside down and you have an electric hair trimmer ready to go.

Instead of using plastic comb attachments to change the length of the hair you want to trim, it has a slidable comb that is attached To change the length simply push the button to where you want it.

Battery Life

With only an hour to charge your dead battery to full, you also get a nice 50 minutes of runtime on that charge.

This is more than enough time to do probably three grooming sessions.

There is a handy LED light that lets you know when it is time to get your 7100 on the charging dock.

Wet or Dry

No self respecting mens hair trimmer for the body would be taken seriously if it didn’t offer wet and dry operation.

I think it works great in the shower, as long as your hair isn’t long as I had mentioned in the last review for the OneBlade. When long hair is wet the blades just can’t cut through it.

Using the razor head is really effective in the shower, especially if you are shaving your balls that have already been shaved before.

You can use it with shaving cream very effectively as well. Even though you aren’t shaving your face, you may want to use shaving cream for shaving your chest or your balls and groin.


The only reason this is not in the number one spot is because you can’t also use it as an electric hair trimmer for your beard or head.

Otherwise, this is an incredible body groomer that does it all and in a compact package. It travels well, gives you great results and is easy to use. It’s a no brainer.

If you want more details you can read the full review of the Norelco Series 7100 here.

All Purpose Gillette Styler

No men’s grooming list would be complete without an appearance from Braun. But this one is a bit different as it is a marriage between Braun and Gillette that makes this electric hair trimmer so interesting.

The body is a braun trimmer but it has attachments to use Gillette cartridge razors like Fusion to also shave.

You get the best of both worlds in one best body hair trimmer. You can trim your hair and shave right down to the skin with one tool. And since it is a regular razor as opposed to a foil style electric razor, you get way closer with the Styler.


The trimmer is very slim and has a nice feel to it in the hand. And attached is a trimmer head that you would expect from a Braun. It has a sharp blade and stainless steel teeth that are easy on the skin.

Then the head pops off so you can switch to the razor attachments from Gillette.

As such, though the razors also have a nice edger to be able to make some nice crisp lines around your beard or bikini line.

The best part is you can use any of the Gillette cartridge razors that you want that would fit on a Fusion handle.

Face and Body

Even if you only use this on your face or to shave your head it would be worth it. It comes with plastic attachment combs to do your trimming if you have a beard or want to trim up your hairline.

And to edge your beard you can get as close as a barber razor by using the back side of the razor blade attachments instead of using the trimmer head.

The vibration of the handle when using the razor blades gives you an even close shave than without it.

On your body, the narrow head of the trimmer works well to get into tricky spots like your underarms or around your groin. Then to shave, it goes any place where an ordinary razor would be able to comfortably get you.

It can be used on your chest and legs too, but as with any Fusion blades, they don’t last very long if you have a lot of chest hair, leg hair or thick pubes. So then using it on your face might be a bit dull by the time you finish up.


The battery situation can be considered a negative or positive depending on your perspective.

It runs on a regular AA battery rather than a Lithium Ion rechargeable.

This can be good because if you run out of juice, you just pop in another battery. It can be a con to some because they want the convenience of charging so you don’t have to worry about what happens if you forgot to buy a battery.

The battery lasts quite a while as it doesn’t require much juice to run.

Wet or Dry

Take this in the shower with you and really multitask. Though the trimmer section doesn’t perform well with wet hair.

The razors are just as you would expect for use in the shower or, obviously with shaving cream or gel. You can even do a traditional wet shave with a brush and shaving soap if you really want to up the ante!


It may be a simple idea, but since it can be used in so many ways, it really is a much better grooming tool than you would expect.

I think it could be one of the best head shavers since you can use the same tool to trim your head first before shaving it. And the vibration makes it super close and comfortable.

Final Thoughts on the Best Electric Hair Trimmer

I really hope this review of the best body hair trimmers helps you figure out how to get your body grooming under control. This list of the best mens hair trimmers for body will get you on the right track. Sure, there are a lot of other mens hair trimmers that I could have reviewed, but any one of these 3 will not leave you disappointed.

Do you have a favorite body hair trimmer that you don’t see on the list and want to recommend it? Or, do you have any questions you need answered on any of these products?

Either way, you can always leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you ASAP!