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Andis T Edgers really don’t get as much attention as the brand’s T outliners. This is somewhat understandable – outliners are generally more versatile.

However, there’s a risk of you glancing over neat little trimmers like Andis T Edger.

While being more of a situational pick, they can outshine the Outliners in some cases.

In this Andis T Edjer review I’ll also do an Andis T Edger vs T Outliner comparison. Hopefully, this will help you understand where the difference in their usage lies.

Both models are the brand’s most popular picks in the edger and t outliner lines, respectively. They differ quite a bit, however.

Let’s start this Andis T Edjer review with the design: the T Edjer is more lightweight, more compact. At 5.25″ and 0.50lbs, it’s about 33% lighter than the bigger (5.5″), heavier (0.70lbs) T outliner trimmer.

If you’re a very busy barber, these 0.20lbs might make a small difference throughout the day. It depends on whether you have a problem with somewhat heavier trimmers.

Andis T Edger vs T Outliner

hcc-table__imageAndis Professional T-Outliner
  • Blades can be adjusted
  • Carbon-steel T-blade
  • High-speed motor
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hcc-table__imageAndis Professional T-Edjer
  • Great for mustaches, ears, touch ups
  • Good 7200 SPM motor
  • Great for sensitive skin/bumps
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The real difference between the T Edjer and the T Outliner trimmer comes in their application. Technically, you can use both for anything from beard or mustache trimming, edge ups, dry shaving, necklines and others.

Pictured below: my bigger, heavier T Outliner with a gray body.

T Edjers vs T Outliners: an Andis battle of trimmers

However, Andis edgers have a somewhat smaller T-blade. If you want to focus on doing your mustaches or touch ups, or around-the-ear-trimming, the T Edjer is a good pick. It works great for narrower beards too.

However, if you want do focus on necklines, bigger beards and lineups, I suggest you go with the T Outliner. You can read our full review on it here.

Continue reading through the Andis T Edjer review so you get a better picture of what the edgers are all about!

Andis T-Edjer Trimmer Review: An Overview

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • Compact & easy to work with
  • Heats up easily
  • Great for mustaches, ears, touch ups
  • No guards
  • Good 7200 SPM motor
  • Somewhat limited application
  • Great for sensitive skin/bumps

Probably the best edgers for black men out there

As I already mentioned, the Edjer is quite compact. Don’t think this means it lacks power and cutting precision.

In fact, you’re getting a 7200 strokes per minute electromagnetic motor, which is the same as Andis’ bigger trimmers. This will power up your trimmers plenty.

Once again the close-cutting secret here are Andis’ carbon-coated stainless steel T-blades. Especially if you zero gap them, they cut with great precision.

Why did I mention black men in the title? Because as an ex-barber, I’ve noticed that a lot of my African-American clients had issues with bumps and ingrown hairs. A lot of trimmers didn’t play right with their scalp struggles.

The T Edjer, however, is extremely gentle. Not only does it cut closer, it does so without irritating the skin. Now, this applies to T Outliners too – but I dare say the Edjer trimmer is even better.

The body of the T Edjer trimmer: small and maneuver-ready.

I already mentioned what you would want to use them for. As an addition, you can also snatch quite the neat lineups with them too. However, you’ll need to adjust the blade to line up hair properly.

Without adjusting it/zero gapping it, you won’t enjoy that good of a result.

Some issues with the T Edgers

The Edjer suffers from something that is prevalent in most Andis trimmers: overheating.

The polymer body plus a 7200 SPM motor generate just enough friction to make these heat up after 10-12 minutes. You’ll encounter the same problem with the T Outliners too.

You can either take a quick rest to let the blades cool off, or use an Andis coolant. I have to say again: this is not isolated to the T Edjer. Instead, it’s a common pattern.

For fans of guards or combs, you’ll have none here. This Andis edger comes with no such accessories included. It’s just the naked blade, unlike the GTX T Outliner for example, where you have a few combs in the package.

In regards to cooling the blades, here’s a quick Andis video on that:

Final verdict

This Andis T Edjer review is telling us that the T Edjer is a situational pick, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. If you need more delicate tasks done – such as shaping around the ears, general touch ups or fine mustache work, go for it.

Just keep in mind that the smaller blade won’t be as great as a T Outliner for necklines and other trimming tasks.

As long as you understand the Edger’s limitations and decide whether they fit your needs, this is a good purchase. This fellow deserves more than the somewhat limited attention it gets!

Andis T Edjer

Price 9.0/10
Easy to use 8.8/10
Blades & Motor 8.1/10
Body & Design 8.0/10
Noise 8.0/10
Heat 6.0/10

Good points

  • Compact, easy to work with
  • Mustaches, ears, touch ups ready
  • 7200 SPM strong motor
  • Great for bumps/sensitive skin

Bad points

  • Heats up
  • No guards included
  • Somewhat situational use