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Usually, Oster would be the first name you think of if it’s about detachable clippers. Big mistake. Andis are also in the detachable game and boy can they play it like true chessmasters.

Andis Supra ZR clipper is the brand’s peak achievement. Exquisitely lightweight, featuring a 5-speed motor and coming with masterful ceramic blades, it’s among our best barber clipper picks.

Barbers tend to always do an Andis Supra ZR Review vs Oster Octane comparison, so I’ll touch on that too. Hopefully, this will prove to be an insightful review for you.

Supra ZR Clipper Review: An Overview

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • High class ceramic blades
  • Price tag a bit high
  • 5-speed motor for optimal cut control
  • Bulky body at 8.13"
  • 2 hours of cordless Li-Ion operation
  • Only a #000 blade included
  • Ready for global use (100-240V/50-60Hz)
  • Very lightweight considering its power

Andis Supra ZR: Andis best detachable clipper yet

When Andis go for cordless detachable blade cutters, they do their best. The Supra ZR is one notch above that and enters masterpiece territory. At only 1.1 lbs, it’s quite lightweight considering the output it gives you. And sure, 8.13″ is rather bulky, but look at its slim design to compensate for that:
The Supra ZR clipper from Andis comes with the docking station included.

Andis aren’t going to do a cheapskate stunt with the build of the cutter either. The Supra ZR clipper is made of tough polymer with dark-toned colors. I like the switch here – it’s more intuitive than the uncomfortable switch of models like the T-Outliner for example.

In the package you’ll get one #000 blade (leaves hair at 1/50″ or 0.5mm), a charger stand, clipper oil and the cord pack adapter.

Big news for all of you non-US based barbers in this Andis Supra ZR review! Andis mention the machine runs on 100-240V and 50-60Hz, so you should be able to use it globally. One of the few models with such a feature.

Blades. Motor. Convenience

Here’s what Andis does that no other brand executes that well: the ceramic blades. Pairing precise cuts with the ability to stay cooler and sharper longer than steel ones, they’re a total win.

Unsurprisingly, your #000 blade with the Supra ZR is a ceramic one. Can you imagine something more fitting for such a beastly machine?

Of course, if you already have other detachable blades – even Oster ones, you can plug them onto the clipper. They will fit right in. You’ll save money for sure, but keep in mind Oster don’t have ceramic blades.

I’d like to point out  in this Andis Supra ZR review that the 5-speed rotary motor, as this is something you won’t see in many detachable clippers. It spans across 1800 to 3800 cutting strokes per minute with only one flick of the switch.

It’s exactly this motor that allows you to have complete control on your haircuts.

For bulk cutting, you’ll need the 3800 SPM mode. A stronger mode that will chop through the densest/thickest of hair without any issues. Keep in mind that in this SPM mode the blades will warm up a bit.

What about the slowest 1800 SPM speed? Here you’re looking at something aimed at closer, detailed work. Think of tasks like balding out where you want slower rotations and less blade friction.

Even more important than speed is torque. And the rotary pivot motor of the Andis Supra has a lot of it. For bulk cutting of thick hair, there is no substitute for torque. I used to only swear by the Oster brand for this reason, but lately Andis has caught up and now offer some serious power. When you are trying to get through tons of haircuts per day, then you can really see some efficiency because of that torque. Which means you end up cutting more clients in a day because you have been able to take a few minutes off of each haircut. These clippers pay for themselves when you keep that in mind.

In this Andis Supra ZR review, we confirmed that this diversity is missing in any fixed motor hair cutter. You’re essentially getting a 5-in-1 deal here, sparing you the need to switch between clippers mid-haircut.

Supra ZR clipper: any barber’s long-lasting friend

Before I do the Octane comparison: a few people asked me if the Supra is better than Andis BGRc. Well, 5-speed motor aside (compared to BGRc’s fixed 2900 SPM one), here you simply have a better battery.

The Supra ZR runs on quite the powerful Lithium-ion battery with a 2 hour battery life. This ranks up there with the most durable cordless clippers. BGRc relies on the older NiCd battery technology which doesn’t quite pack the same punch.

The ZR recharges fully in 2 hours. If you work in a busy barbershop, you can substitute it with another detachable for a few cuts. Before you know it, it’ll be ready for round two after its quick rest.

There is hardly anything more important than efficiency when it comes to being a barber. Nobody likes sitting in a waiting room watching their barber fumble around with his equipment. The sooner you can get through the line of customers, the happier they will be and are more likely to become regulars. If your clipper battery can’t handle the workload then you are not going to be as successful. When you’re working with the Andis Supra this is not an issue.

Andis Supra ZR vs Oster Octane

I love Oster. I mean, the juicy Classic 76 is the darn thing I couldn’t get my hands off back in the days when I was styling serious cuts.

By all means, I should love the Octane clipper too, right?

Well, about that…I have to admit: the Supra ZR performs better. The ceramic blades and 5-speed motor offer you amazing versatility over what you’d get with the Octane. Call it diversity.

Of course, you can install Andis ceramic blades on the Octane, but that’s going the extra mile. The Supra ZR is also way more quiet and feels slimmer, more ergonomic in your hand.

There’s a catch as you will find out in this Andis Supra ZR review, though.

The Oster Octane on performs better in terms of durability. The carbon fiber finish and ultra tough body outshine the ZR’s. You also get two blades with Oster – #1 and #000, but then again their model is a bit more expensive.

Oster Octane vs Andis Supra ZR: depends on what you're looking for

Octanes also charge faster at around an hour and include an additional battery slot if you want to have a “reserve” battery.

In this sense, they might be a better pick if you want to go through your day with only one detachable in hand. Just swap one battery for another and you’re ready for the next round.

Still, Supra ZR clipper’s versatile motor and lightweight body would be my preference here. Both models are the best of the detachable blade cordless clippers, though. Others lag behind these titans.

If you want to see the ZR in action, check the #SupraZR hashtag on Instagram. Plenty of testimonials from stylists and examples of what this beast can help you achieve.

Some weak points of the Supra ZR

As I mentioned before, the ZR is a bit expensive. However, this is not your usual clipper: we’re talking about a durable, professional tool for barbers. Its price tag is completely justified.

What you won’t like is the fact that you’ll have only one #000 blade. Depending on what cuts you want to perform with it, you have to shop around for a few more. It might be a good idea to grab a #000 CeramicEdge blade.

Andis CeramicEdge #000 blade.

While the Andis ZR clipper maintains a lightweight body, 8.13″ might be a bit too much for some barbers. With most usual clippers being around 6″ to 6.5″, this is quite the difference.

Still, as I said, the slim design with ergonomics in mind softens this bulkiness. You might be surprised by how the ZR will fit your grip.

Final verdict

Andis ZR is Andis’ latest detachable blade wireless clipper and without a doubt: their biggest masterpiece yet. Aside from the body size and price, its functionality and sheer power can’t be disputed.

With a 5-mode motor, outstanding Lithium-Ion battery life and the high quality build you can expect of Andis barber cutters, it’s a total “Yes!”

If you’re looking for a flexible, mobile clipper with professional capabilities, look no further. The ZR is your pal and will lead you to masterful haircuts.

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Andis Supra ZR




Easy to use


Blades & Motor


Body & Design






Good points

  • Ceramic blades
  • 5-speed motor for various cut control
  • 2 hours Li-Ion battery life
  • Worldwide use
  • Quite lightweigh

Bad points

  • Price
  • Bulky at 8.13
  • Comes with #000 blade only

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