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Whether you are an aspiring dog groomer, an actual dog groomer or just somebody looking to save some money by DIY grooming for your own pets, then it is very important to have the right dog clippers for grooming.

Why not just use human hair clippers to trim your dog’s coat instead of shelling out money on a pair of dog grooming clippers? I’ll go into more detail about how that is really not a good idea in a bit. For now let me just say, you need the right tool for the job.

And any old dog clippers for grooming won’t do either. I recommend the Oster A5 Turbo from to properly get the job done.

Let’s start with some basics about dog clippers for grooming.

What to look for in dog grooming clippers

Dog clippers for grooming are pretty straightforward tools, but there are some things you need to know to make the right choice.

Here are some features to consider before making your purchase:


The cutting power of a dog grooming clipper is measured in SPM, or strokes per minute. The higher the number, the faster it cuts. If you want to cut your dog’s hair quickly, and your dog definitely is hoping you cut it fast, then the higher SPM will equate to some time savings.

One thing to keep in mind with high SPM clippers is that they can heat up since the motor is running so fast. There is always going to be friction that is caused by the blades going back and forth which will cause this heat up.


This is a bit harder to measure and since most people don’t think of it, there usually isn’t any mention of it when you are researching dog clippers for grooming.

Torque is a measure of how much force it takes to rotate.

When talking about power, this is the real feature to consider. SPM is great and all, but just because a clipper has high SPM doesn’t mean it can cut through thick, matted fur.

Dog hair clippers with rotary motors have more torque and are much better at cutting fur than electromagnetic motors that features a rocking motion to move the blades.


No, I am not talking about SPM again here, I mean there is a low speed setting and a high speed setting.

Why use a slow setting and not just blast away on high all the time?

Remember how high SPM can cause the clippers to heat up? This is a reason to not do that.

If you have a dog or pet with short fur that doesn’t get matted up, then you can probably get away with a one speed dog hair clipper. But, it is nice having the extra power when you need it so I like to recommend two speed pet clippers in most cases.


How is the grip? Does it fit well in the hand? Does it have a non slip grip?

These are important factors, especially if you plan to do this professionally. Holding clippers that don’t fit the hand well can lead to hand fatigue and make it harder to clip your pet’s hair.

Even if you are not a pro it’s important. Particularly for those with large dog breeds that might take a while to groom.


Dog hair clipper blades can take some abuse from the thick, wiry hair from many dog breeds. It’s important to buy clippers with blades that can stay sharp.

Carbon steel blades are the most common and are very strong to stay sharp. Ceramic blades are also available and since they don’t corrode can also stay very sharp.

The bid difference between the two is that ceramic blades take longer to get hot so they tend to stay cooler than the steel ones.


Just like little kids, dogs can get spooked by loud clippers buzzing near their head. A quiet clipper is essential to being able to complete the job. The longer it takes to finish, the harder it gets to do a good job.

Do you need a dog hair clipper?

Short answer is yes.

Let me tell you why.

A human hair regular clipper does not have what it takes to cut through a dog’s hair. Mainly because the teeth in regular clippers are too close together.

The teeth are spaced wider apart in dog grooming clippers with a motor that is able to effectively work that blade.

In fact, clippers are so specialized according to the job they are required to do, that I wouldn’t even use a dog hair clipper to trim a horse or vice versa.

Oster Dog Clippers | The A5 Turbo Review

As a barber I love Oster clippers as I think they are the most reliable and durable of any clippers around.

Here are some reasons I think the Oster A5 are the best dog grooming clippers:

2 Speeds

Having the option between 3,000 SPM or 4,000 SPM depending on the job at hand is a very nice thing to have.

Since at the higher speed, the clipper can heat up after a long session, it is nice to not be forced into a high SPM.

This makes it very versatile at managing many different kinds of coats.


This is where the Oster dog clippers really shine. The torque of the rotary motor is very high making it ideal for the thickest, most matted coats.

It cuts right through anything and doesn’t need to go over the same spot more than once to tackle the fur.

This saves tons of time when grooming which you and your dog will both appreciate. If you are a professional, then this will actually make you more money since you end up doing more dogs per day.

The key is that the motor rotates on a pivot that powers the blade. Other types of clippers with an electromagnetic motor cannot compete with this type. They simply cannot get the torque and can end up pulling the hair of dogs with long, thick coats and perform terribly against matted fur.

Any groomer that tells you that it can only be uncomfortable to clip matted fur has obviously never used the Oster A5 Turbo.


Another benefit of a rotary motor is how quiet the operation is.

The clanging noise of other clippers is from the back and forth action of the electromagnetic motor. Since this spins on a piston, it doesn’t have parts banging against each other.

Dogs that get spooked by loud clippers will barely notice that the clipper is on even near their ears.


The #10 blade that comes with it has wide teeth to cut through thick fur. It is detachable so it can be used with any other type of Oster blade or the detachable Andis ones.

This particular blade is cryogenX for added strength and is high carbon stainless steel. In other words it will cut through anything and will last a long time.

Some people prefer ceramic blades since they take longer to get hot. In this case, as I mentioned, the blades are detachable so those can also be used.

Here’s what not to like about the Oster A5 Turbo

Since nothing is ever perfect, as much as I love these Oster dog clippers, they do have a couple of negatives worth mentioning.

No Guards

While Oster has guard available to add length to the steel blades, none come with the Oster A5.

With the amount of money it already costs for the clipper, it would be nice to already have the comb attachments.

Gets Hot

Especially when using the higher speed, if you are working for a while. The blade gets hot. If this gets against the skin of your dog, then it could prove uncomfortable. Not hot enough to burn, mind you, just enough that it doesn’t feel nice on the skin.

When the blade heats up it’s a matter of time before the body also gets hot and it gets uncomfortable in the hand too.

This doesn’t happen quickly, but it is something to be aware of.

Not Ergonomic

The one consistent problem I have with Oster clippers in general is the body. It is not very easy to grip for long without your hand getting tired. I really wish they would redesign the way they do this.

The hard ridges don’t help either.

How to maintain the Oster dog clippers

Treat your tools well and they will treat you well, too!

If you take just a few minutes each time you use the Oster dog clippers and then a deep clean once a month or so, your clippers should last a lifetime.

In a professional grooming salon, then at a minimum of a few years.

It is very simple to maintain and clean them.

After each use, a brush should be used to clean away any hair on the blade or body of the clipper. Fur and even human hair is quite acidic and can end up corroding the blades if it is left there for any period.

Then spray it with a disinfectant spray to kill any bacteria might be around.

Since the blades will inevitably get gunked up with debris from the fur and skin of your dog, it should be cleaned with a blade wash. Not only does this clean it so it is more hygenic to use, it also speeds up the blade and improves performance.

To keep the clippers running smoothly, once a month or two it should be lubricated. Unscrew the two screws on the front by the logo and remove the front plate. Take some clipper grease and fill the chamber. Then replace the panel.

And that is all there is to maintaining the Oster A5 Turbo.

Wrapping it up

Dog clippers for grooming come in a lot of shapes, sizes and prices.

Admittedly, these Oster dog clippers are not the most budget friendly you can buy.

That said, I think they are worth every penny. Especially if you are a professional and see lots of dogs in a given day. The speed in which you can work will end up making you enough money that they will pay for themselves.

At home dog groomers that just want their pet to stay looking sharp will also benefit. If you are not as good as an expert, the results from these clippers will have a lot of people fooled. They will help you do a better job than you even though possible.

If you have any questions about these or other dog trimmers, then drop a message in the box below. We’ll make sure you get the help you need to get your doggo looking awesome!