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Autumn is coming to an end, and the colder weather is here to stay. We all need to buy coats, hats, and scarves in preparation for the coldest months of the year. How will you prepare your hair?

Winter Hair care

Winter hair care is challenging because you need to protect your hair from the cold but also style and maintain it for the coming months. The first step to caring for your hair in the winter is using high-quality products. Also, you must use products with healthy, long-lasting ingredients, or you will have regrets.

Here’s how to care for your hair in the cold.

Use Conditioner Regularly

Conditioning your hair is an important step of the hair care process. Conditioning after shampooing is something you should be doing, even in the winter.

Since your hair loses much of its natural oil in the winter, it becomes brittle and looks rather dry. To combat this, use a quality conditioner to restore your hair. An oil-based conditioner will send nourishment to your hair shaft, promoting healthy, fuller hair. Further, oil-based products contain many of the same natural oils found in your scalp. Some of the oils in these products are coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, and tea tree oil.

Conditioners with coconut oil help soothe and smooth the hair and scalp underneath. Coconut oil has been known to protect your hair, adding a layer to keep in moisture and lock out bacteria.

Castor oil has its advantages and disadvantages, so be wary of its inclusion. Castor oil is a great relief for not only your hair but your scalp too. The oil reduces inflammation and dryness.

Argan oil is found in many care products, and there’s a reason why. Argan heals your damaged hair from the effects of the cold air. And tea tree oil smells fresh while assisting with your hair.

Strengthen your hair shaft in the winter months by using an oil-based conditioner. Moisturize your hair and soothe dry scalp by using conditioner regularly.

Dry Your Hair Before Going Outside

Have you ever run errands with wet hair in December? If so, you understand why we would recommend you go back inside and dry your hair.

Wet hair in the winter is not only bad for your hair, but it’s also terrible for your overall health. When you don’t dry your hair, the cold weather seeps into each strand. Then, your hair is prone to breakage. There is no reason not to dry your hair in the winter. The simple fix is to dry it with a blow dryer. Remember to use your blow dryer in a cooler setting as opposed to a hot one.

Trim Regularly

Typically grow your hair a bit longer in the winter. Maybe rethink your long locks and opt for a shorter hairstyle. Basically, because of the colder weather, you need to work harder every day to maintain your style.

Visit your local barber and tell him that you are looking to maintain your current style. If not, ask for a medium-length hairstyle. Try a more professional hairstyle like the Ivy League or Slick back. Alternatively, go for a casual appearance. Whichever style you prefer, keep it groomed throughout this time of year. You may have to endure breakage if you fail to properly maintain your hair.

Shower with Colder Water

We all need to shower to keep clean year-round. Although, the opinion on water temperature varies greatly. We recommend you wash with colder water during the winter, and this is why.

Showering with hot water isn’t great for your hair. The best way you can take care of your hair is to shower in lukewarm or cold water. In the winter, this is even more important. The cold weather breaks down your hair, stealing crucial nutrients from your scalp. Showering in hot water would just make the problem worse.

Showering in cold water has multiple advantages you don’t want to pass up. A cold shower relieves muscle tension. Furthermore, a cold shower improves blood circulation, something you are most likely lacking right now. Take a cold shower in the winter and enjoy healthier hair.

Wear a Hat Outside

The simplest way to care for your hair in the winter is to wear a hat when you go outside. Of course, this means you can’t show off your amazing hairstyle. Nonetheless, wearing a hat in January means your hair never suffers from the effects of cold weather.

Winter weather damages your hair and each follicle. Cold temperatures are responsible for drying out your hair. And the dryer your hair is, the more you have to brace for brittleness. Coarse strands can be completely avoided as long as you wear a beanie in the wintertime.

Don’t Use Shampoo Every Day

Using a conditioner in the winter helps fight harmful conditions like dry scalp, dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis. However, using too much shampoo is something you must avoid.

Shampoo in the summer should be water-based, as the weather does not strip your scalp of its natural oils. Unfortunately, winter weather is very harsh on your hair, so you need to use oil-based shampoo. Even so, shampoo still contains ingredients that strip your hair of the nutrients it so desperately needs. That’s why shampooing less is ideal in winter. Again, shampoo is too harsh, so condition your hair more often.