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Spring just ended, and you recently visited a barber. They gave you a shorter hairstyle to go with the new season. You were looking for a polished, low-maintenance look for the summer months.

Summer hair care tips

So, you’re going to leave your hair alone all summer? Low maintenance means maintenance-free? Wrong! If you choose to go shorter for the summer, it’s still necessary to care for it as much as you would in the winter. That’s why you need to recognize the importance of caring for your hair this time of year.

Apply Heat Protectant Spray

Since the sun is so hot, you need that special something capable of protecting your hair. Using heat protectant spray can save your hair on the hottest of days.

Heat protectant spray should be applied before styling your hair and applying products like clay, gel, or pomade. This spray creates a layer of protection so that styling or the sun won’t ruin your hair.

It’s important to note that not every heat protectant spray protects you from UV rays. You have to look for a heat protectant spray designed specifically for sun protection.

Heat protectant spray’s greatest benefit is it prevents your hair from drying out, as it smoothes your hair’s cuticle. Additionally, it will leave your hair healthy and shiny. Don’t forget to apply heat protectant spray before you style.

Use Conditioner Regularly

Conditioners should always be applied, whether you’re in the summer, spring, winter, or fall months. Conditioner gives back the oils your shampoo stripped away. And conditioning provides your hair with the nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy.

During the summer season, your hair is subject to the sun. Sun damage is common, so conditioning daily keeps your hair moisturized. The sun causes frizziness and, worse dries out both your scalp and your hair.

Just like you drink in the heat to prevent dehydration, you must care for your hair too. Of course, it’s never good to over-condition. Just be mindful of the weather and what products you use, and determine a schedule around these factors.

Avoid Heat Products

The sun is already hot; you don’t need anything else stripping your hair of its natural oils. It’s best to leave your hair straightener and blow dryer in storage.

Hair straighteners use excess heat to make your hair more manageable. Unfortunately, straighteners also strip your scalp of important natural oils. Further, products like these tend to make your hair appear thinner the more you use them. And because the sun is doing this too, your hair is being thinned twice, so to speak.

Hair loss is also a problem caused by straighteners in any season, nonetheless. Remember, the more time you spend under the sun, the more potential for breakage to occur. Why would you use a straightener on top of that? Ask yourself this question the next time you think about using heat products in the summer.

Visit a Barber for a Trim 

For those with longer locks, visiting a barber every week or so is not a bad idea. Sometimes, the temperature is merely a by-product of the season. You might be dealing with higher humidity or windy days. Either way, stay on top of things, or your hair can get messy.

Set a date on your calendar in advance. Maybe you have a shorter hairstyle, like a buzz cut. In that case, getting a bi-weekly trim leaves your hair with a healthy, full appearance in preparation for the fall months. Alternatively, visit the barbershop every week for a fresh look throughout the summer. Regular haircuts prevent windy and humid days from dampening your spirits.

Consider a Haircut

We established the purpose of a trim, either weekly or bi-weekly. As it pertains to summer, the more hair you have, the more you sweat. Getting a haircut means there is less sun to attack it in general. More so, maintenance-free hairstyles are very common in the summer.

Simply, the easiest solution to caring for hair is caring for less of it. Visit your barber and ask them for a buzz cut, a crew cut, or an ivy league. Don’t just take our word for it; find styles that fit your hair type and face shape.

Limit Shampoo Use 

One of the first summer hair care steps you can take is setting your shampoo bottle aside more often. We determined that even using a moderate amount of shampoo can not only make your hair appear thinner but can weaken hairs during the summer.

When you use shampoo in the summer, all of the natural oils are stripped from your head and stripped once more under the hot sun. Avoid weakening your hair more by leaving your shampoo on your bathroom counter. Opt for conditioner instead, as that will moisturize your hair after the sun has its way.

Avoid the Sun

So, you’ve taken all the precautionary steps to prevent and lessen damage from the sun. You applied heat protectant spray before styling your hair with products. You are following a conditioning and shampooing plan each week, specific to your needs. You put away your heat products. And your visit to the barber led to a new favorite hairstyle. Still, the sun has taken a toll on your hair. What do you do now?

Find activities to do indoors on the days when the sun’s the strongest. Plan a day with friends, like going bowling or visiting an arcade. Try spending some time working out and improving your physical health. Have a relaxing day in a cool, air-conditioned room; watch your favorite movie. There’s no shame in cooling down during the summer!