Genes can be a funny thing.

They can give you the gift of a glorious beard that makes guys jealous and women swoon.

Or, they can give you a patchy beard making for small beard styles that are hard to get to look right.

If your thin beard styles have you down, then it’s time to double down and go for it and not think about shaving it off.

In this article, I have some solutions for you as patchy beards can make for great beard styles for guys with short hair.

A patchy beard does not have to be something that is embarrassing or signals a lack of manliness.

On the contrary, with the right thin beard styles, even a patchy beard can look really good and show a distinct flair that goes with your personality.

Instead of shaving your beard off due to uneven growth, embrace it and own it instead with some of these small beard styles.

How to Start Your Thin Beard Styles

Patience is the name of the game when growing out any type of beard, whether they are patchy, small beard styles or even just a goatee.

It is even more important when you have uneven beard growth.

Grow it Out

Oftentimes, a guy whose beard doesn’t seem to fully grow in right away gives up to early. In some cases, waiting it out an extra few weeks could have made a big difference.

The first step is to grow it long enough to actually see what you are working with.

If you have a slow growing beard, you can give it a boost with some beard growing supplements to see if it can speed up the process for you, even a little bit.

Now that your beard is grown out considerably, take some time to deduce exactly how it is growing. If the growth goes in different directions, it will be hard to style, so you will need to use some beard oils and brush it to train it to grow in the direction you want.

Trim it Evenly

To keep thin beard styles from looking unkempt, you will need to get yourself a good set of beard trimmers and neaten it up.

With your trusty beard brush, straighten it all out and then go over it with the trimmers set to the length you want to leave it.

Line it Up

Now is the time to give your small beard styles some shape.

Decide what style you want it to be. If you keep reading you will see a few small beard styles with pictures to get some ideas.

Once you decide on the look, then use the trimmers to give it an edge and then shave around it so the beard stands out well.

You may notice now, that your beard is only patchy around the edges. If that is the case then you can just shave those areas out and just like that you’ve got yourself a nice full beard.

Whatever style you go for, just make sure that the lines are all even and straight. You can go to the barber to have him do the first lines and then all you have to do is follow his guidelines everytime you shave.

Get Inspired By These Thin Beard Styles

With many small beard styles to choose from, I decided to go with X of the best of them to get you started.

Long Goatee with Short Hair

Go with what your genes gave you and grow out the parts that come in full.

If your mustache and chin grow thick, but the rest is patchy, you can just go with that.

Grow it out as long as you want. The longer the better in this case as attention will go towards where it does grow and not where it doesn’t.

Nobody will think you’re not very many when they see that just because some areas are thin, the rest of the beard is glorious.

Neatly Trimmed with Mustache

This patchy beard style is best when you’re trying to grow it out as counterintuitive as that sounds. Yes, when growing it you should trim it.

This will make it grow in evenly and not look too scraggly.

As you can see in the picture, even though his beard grows in evenly, it works.

Why does it work?

Because it looks neat. He let his mustache grow in a little longer than the rest as that grows thickest there, which looks stylish.

The only thing I would do a bit differently is to edge it around the mustache a bit more.

Balbo Beard

Most guys with uneven beard find that it grows in patchiest on the cheeks.

A natural remedy for this is to go with a Balbo beard.

Simply shave the cheeks, keep the area around the jawline and then shave the neck and sideburns.

Now you are focusing on the parts of the beard that actually grow in the best and make a small beard styles statement at the same time.

Thick Chinstrap

The chinstrap comes and goes when it comes to trends.

Since beards are back in, the chinstrap is seeing a resurgence in popularity.

This is a thicker version of the chinstrap which works great for patchy beards. The pencil think chinstrap, honestly, does not work for most guys. If you think it’s for you, then go for it.

Otherwise, stick to a more conservative chinstrap as that won’t look quite as late 90’s chic.

Anchor Goatee

If you just can’t seem to get a decent looking full beard then maybe a goatee is the way to go.

An anchor goatee is a good one for guys that can’t grow a full beard as it has a bit of style and can extend over the jaw slightly giving the appearance of more of a beard.

You can grow this as long as you like, but if you have a short haircut with beard style then you may want to keep it short to medium length.

Chin Curtain

Is it a chinstrap? Is it an Amish beard? Neither?

The beauty of the chin curtain is that it can be whatever you want it to be. If your mustache comes in way too patchy, you can still have a nice beard now that the chin curtain is back in style.

Shave the mustache and keep a big patch of tuft on the chin, or extend the beard all the way across the jawline for a sort of hybrid chinstrap.

This won’t fit every personality, but if you have the right vibe, you can definitely pull this off.

Just Go For It

The best answer to growing a patchy beard style may just be saying, heck with it, and growing it as long as you want.

I think it works best when you have short hair as it looks like an actual style that had a thought process behind it and not just that you’re too lazy to shave and get your hair cut.

If you think you just want a long beard and don’t care that it doesn’t come in full like a Verdi beard or box beard, then you may just be happy with the results on its own.

Of course, once you get to this point and feel like it isn’t working, you can then trim it down into any of the thin beard styles I already mentioned in this article.

Wrapping it Up

When you have a patchy beard, it really is the best beard styles for men with short hair to keep it looking like an actual style and not just that you can’t grow a beard.

But, there has never been a better time to grow a beard, whether it is patchy or not, then right now.

Jump on the beard gang train even with your uneven beard and try out one of these styles.

If you need any help deciding on the best beard style for you, or how best to groom your beard, then drop a line below and we will get back to you soon with some answers.

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