Why You Need A Shaved Head With A Beard

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We’ve all been there. As your hairline slowly starts to recede, you ask yourself whether it would be better to end it all and sport a shaved head and beard. Ever feel the desire to grab yourself a Wahl 5 Balding Clippers from Amazon.com and take a good last look at your hair in the mirror?

Unfortunately, there just really aren’t any legitimate ways to hide thinning hair. The toupée, the comb-over, a positive attitude…we all know they don’t really work (well all of us except for maybe a certain real estate mogul turned politician we all know and love). Thinning hair is up there for all to see, and besides a miracle, there’s really no way to reverse your genetic code. shaved head with beard However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer as you slowly watch your hair disappear hair by hair into the shower drain. Indeed, the best way to combat Male Pattern Baldness, is to choose baldness willingly. All jokes aside though, a shaved head with beard is a clean, classic look that looks good on practically all men. As a hairy-faced bald man myself, I can tell you that once you go bald, you’ll never go back. Here are the 5 reasons you should go for a bald head and beard today.

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#1. A Shaved Head With Beard Saves You The Trouble of Useless Hair Loss Treatments

shaved head with beard

Male Pattern Baldness is genetic, and it will happen to about 7 out of 10 men at some point in their lives. As you start to notice a bald patch at the top of your head and your hairline receding, you may be tempted to turn to hair loss shampoos to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

Most hair loss treatments either have terrible side effects or promise far more than they can deliver. Take Rogaine for instance. While many claim it works wonders for them, the oral form is known to cause hair growth in other areas. (Think hair growing out of your forehead!) Many of hair loss shampoos do actually work. However, they don’t actually solve the problem at its root. You’ll start to notice baby hairs growing around your temples, but as soon as you stop using it, these hairs will fall out.

If you take the plunge and just go ahead and try the bald and bearded look, you can just spare yourself the agony. Plus, a good set of balding clippers will save you time shampooing and fiddling with your hair. Yes, that also means you’ll never have another bad hair day in your life.

2. A Shaved Head and Beard Subtracts Years From Your Age

shaved head with beard You would never realize how a few simple strokes of your favorite safety razor, can totally transform your look. A receding hairline ages you tremendously, and while it may seem counterintuitive, getting rid of it will improve your appearance. Without your hair, the eye will automatically be drawn to your beard, which keeps your eye looking in a vertical motion.

Plus, beards help to emphasize your cheekbones and naturally lend your face more definition. In fact, a beard can even help thin out your face. If you’re not feeling the full beard, you can opt for a goatee instead. Goatees complement men with a square jaw-line in particular and can flatter triangular-shaped faces.

Essentially, a bald and bearded look will allow you to use your beard to highlight certain features on your face, and if you shave strategically, you’ll be able to bring out your best features.

3. Perfect the Intellectual Look With A Shaved Head And Beard

shaved head with beard



A shaved head with a beard and glasses just scream intellectual. Bald guys with beards and glasses exude sophistication and elegance in a cool and collected way the rest of us envy. You can never go wrong with this timeless look whether or not you plan to give a lecture today.  

To pull off a shaved head with a beard and glasses though, you’re going to need to get an extremely close shave. You’ll definitely want to try out the Wahl 5 Balding Clippers. There’s a reason why these are, by far, the most popular balding clippers on the market. The blades on these clippers are incredibly sharp, and they can cut your hair down to .25mm.  

However, you should note that the Wahl 5 Balding Clippers are extremely sharp. If you’re not careful, you could easily end up hurting yourself. If you do happen to have sensitive skin, you may want to consider one of these other gentler clippers.

4. A Shaved Head And Beard Is The Key to Mastering the Tough Guy Look

shaved head with beard


What do Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, and Jeff Bridges have in common? Not only have these men made the “shaved head with a beard” look famous, but they are as tough as tough gets. In fact, these men practically set the trends for the bald head beard styles of 2017. These are not the kind of guys you want to mess with. No thank you! 

The shaved head and beard look can be incredibly masculine. There’s simply something rugged and earthy about a man with a clean head. The two kinds of people who usually shave their heads are soldiers in combat and prison inmates, so it’s no wonder these men come off as aggressive.

Always in and out of the gym with no time to shave? Try the Philips Norelco. These cordless clippers can run for 60 minutes on a single charge giving you the freedom to shave where and when you want. Plus, it has self-sharpening blades and disassembles completely for easy maintenance.

5. A Shaved Head And Beard is the Best Way to Embrace Your Masculine Side

shaved head with beard


You’re a gentleman to the women in your life, but you know how to assert your authority. You’re a Walt Whitman or maybe a Ralph Waldo Emerson. You’re a gentle soul, but you’re as manly as they come, and you have the full beard to prove it to the world.

One of the best shaved head with a beard style is the bald and full-bearded look. This look is for the men who love to embrace their masculinity and maybe even chop down a few trees on the weekend to build their own cabin in the woods.

You’re going to need a set of clippers that’s going to last you for years to come. When you’re ready for the bald and bearded look, pick up the Oster 76 Classic. It’s one of the most durable, long-lasting clippers, and we sometimes even refer to it as the Harley Davidson of hair clippers just because it’s so popular among barbers.

Blending a Beard into a Bald Head 

If you’re bald with beard sideburns, you’ll need to know exactly how  to fade them properly. Watch the video below to see how to groom the sides of your beard.

Final Thoughts on Beards with Bald Heads

If you’ve been watching your bald patch gradually widen year after year, you’ll be happy to hear that a shaved head with a beard can subtract years from your appearance. Better yet, it always looks clean and stylish. Say goodbye to bad hair days and follow one of the most popular trends of 2018–the bald and bearded look.

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