When you hit puberty, your Dad probably pulled you aside to give you some tips on how to shave. You only had a little fuzz on your lip, but now that you started shaving you felt like a man.

Too bad nobody said anything about shaved balls.

Well, it would have been really weird if your Dad or somebody else tried to tell you how so it took this long for you to finally come around to the notion that it is something you should do.

But, why should you?

Do women like shaved balls? Does it feel good or is it something that is way uncomfortable but we should put up with it to keep our partner happy?

Women go through a lot of grooming everyday to look their best, so now it’s our turn I suppose.

What women think about shaving your balls

Obviously there is no one defining opinion shared by all women about any subject, but we can definitely learn about how most feel about certain things.

Maybe 10 years ago there wasn’t much of a call for men to have shaved balls, but take a quick look through some women’s forums online and magazines and see what they are saying now. It seems that there is a general trend that women are looking for their man to shave his balls.

Why is that? Why are a lot of women expecting you to shave your balls?


Women shave their vagina, they shave their legs, they use face masks and take baths with essential oils for younger skin. And they pluck and shape their eyebrows. (Though I think that is more for other women than for any guy since most of us don’t care) They put in a lot of work to look feminine for their boyfriend or husband.

Don’t you think they might want you to return the favor at least somewhat?

They may not want to see you do all the same things they do and they certainly don’t want to wait for an hour for you to finish in the bathroom to get your balls shaved and everything else manscaped. But, they would like to see some care taken on your appearance as well as some thought about their experience.

They don’t want to get hair in their mouth when they go down just as you don’t want any in yours.

All this is to say, they expect some effort in return for the time they take to care for themselves all to keep you happy.

More Sensuality

When a woman is confronted with shaved balls, she will likely be happy to see something different. This will likely mean in her eyes that the sex is about to be more sensual and not quite as primal.

In other words, you’re letting her know that you’ve upped your game.

I won’t get into too many lurid details, but suffice it to say that a mouthful of hair is not really pleasant. Likewise hairy skin from your shaved balls rubbing on smooth skin doesn’t get many people excited.

Soft, smooth skin, on the other hand, feels good when rubbing against skin and has a much different feel in the mouth or on the tongue.

Would you rather have somebody going through the motions but put the time in because they know it feels good for you? Or, don’t you think it’s much better for you and for her when she gets a much more sensual reward for her efforts?

The answer here should be clear. If it feels better for her, it’s going to feel better for you!

To get a better idea of everything that shaving your balls entails, check out my article on how to shave your balls.

Is it better to trim?

Some women may say that trimming is ok for guys. Usually they understand what goes into shaving and keeping up with it and may not expect men to have the patience for keeping their shaved balls hair free. Trimming, to them, seems like a good in between.

Well, I beg to differ. Trimming will keep your balls and groin looking neat and manicured, but there is a practical matter that many do not consider.

When you trim your hair, any hair, it is usually blunt cut. In other words, the hair won’t be left smooth. The ends, then, are very sharp.

Think about beard stubble compared to either a long beard or smooth shaved cheeks.

It is very scratchy because the hair hasn’t had time to soften up. If you look at the ends of hair through a microscope, you will see the freshly cut ones have quite straight lines at the end. Older, longer hair looks frayed at the ends. When it is frayed, the hair is softer and less abrasive when it rubs against skin.

Now picture this freshly cut, wiry hair rubbing against somebody’s freshly shaved genitals. Would you like it is somebody rubbed sandpaper across your freshly shaved balls?

So, it may look fine to trim rather than shave, but it doesn’t feel good for your partner.

Should I Shave My Balls?

It may seem like after reading the last two sections that the answer is clear. You may already be convinced that you should be shaving your balls on a regular basis.

But, before you dive into the deep end of that pool, there are a couple of things to consider. Shaved balls may not be the right move for you after all.


After you’ve shaved your balls, you can’t go for months before you do it again. Not if you want to retain the benefits of having shaved balls, anyway.

You could have done the perfect shave and gotten every last hair as close as possible to the skin. Yet, in a few short days, there will be sharp stubble coming up.

And it won’t feel good for you or your partner.

The stubble will catch in the fibers of your underwear. It will rub against the other sensitive parts of your balls and shaft.

It will itch all day and become a distraction.

So, you’re left to having to keep shaving or let it grow back, only to be shaved again at a later date to repeat the whole uncomfortable process.

Are you ready to be shaving your balls every few days?


Besides the itchiness, there are other uncomfortable things to deal with when it comes to shaved balls. Your balls are now totally exposed, so when you put your underwear on, you’re going to have your balls squished up together with skin against sticky skin.

When you work out, your sticky skin will have you wanting to stick your hands down your shorts to adjust every 2 minutes while you’re on the treadmill. Then you get kicked out of your favorite gym.

Also when you sweat and have pubic hair, at least the hair keeps the drops from running down your groin. It absorbs the sweat and you don’t even really notice it. Shaved balls will have you feeling the sweat on them and it will run off, too.

Possibility of Infection

When you are shaving any area, but especially one that lives in a humid environment 24/7, you open the risk of infection.

It isn’t because you are unhygienic or dirty. 9 times out of 10 an infection is the result of your razor.

Let me ask you this:

How often do you sanitize the razor you use on your face? Do you wipe it off with rubbing alcohol before and after each use?

I don’t ask this in a judgemental way. Most guys don’t even think about their razor condition until it feels too dull to keep using.

But, your razor is a carrier of plenty of bacteria. And if you use this bacteria laden razor on your balls, and then nick it, well, that’s when the trouble starts.

You’ve just opened up the perfect portal for bacteria to breed and cause you some problems down under.

Of course, you can prevent this very easily by using a disinfected razor every time and being extremely careful to not cut yourself while shaving.

Have fun shaving your balls

I hope the last section didn’t scare you off of the idea. My only thought was to give you some food for thought.

If you do decide to go for it, then try to have some fun with it so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Maybe have a shave night with your partner once a week or so. You could shave her, (carefully of course!) and she could return the favor and shave you. This would add to the whole experience and give a nice boost to your sex life.

And you’re more likely to want to stick with a shaving routine if you knew that this would be a reward.

Make it a ritual even if you decide you’d rather not take the chance of somebody else shaving your scrotum. Get yourself some nice smelling aftershave balm and mindfully rub it in by taking your time. This one from Amazon.com smells nice and will have your balls feeling brand new after using it.

Also, liberally dowse yourself with a powder to keep things fresh and not sticking to each other. You’ll also feel positively pampered after the whole experience of the shave to the post shave ritual.

Take some before and after pictures to see the difference. When you can actually see what they look like bald compared to hairy, you can actually make a better judgment call about what your preference is as far as aesthetics.

Another thing you may want to try out is to have your balls waxed by a professional once in a while. This may be slightly painful, but since many women do this regularly, maybe you should too.

In fact, to make it more fun, go with your partner. Ladies love going to do these things with their girlfriends, so your girlfriend or wife might love the idea of going to get a Brazilian with you. You may even be able to be in the same room to add to the enjoyment. Of course, part of her enjoyment may be hearing you scream in anguish.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, so make sure you read up on the different trimmers for your pubes!

Will my shaved balls look wrong?

A lot of times I hear people say that it just doesn’t look right when you shave your genitals. They say it makes you look like a kid. This holds true for men and women both.

The thing is, it really doesn’t. I have changed enough diapers in my life to be able to tell the difference. Trust me, I will not mistake a mature set of genitalia even when totally bald.

Will it look funny though, even if you don’t look like you haven’t hit puberty yet?

That’s all personal. If you regularly trim, then your partner won’t be shocked when she sees you. But, if your genitals have never felt the cool embrace of a blade before, then it is going to look dramatically different and may look strange at first. That is until you and your partner get used to seeing your shaved balls.

I definitely would at least give it a go and see how it looks before I let the thought that you may look strange keep you from doing it. Your hair will grow back so there’s nothing to lose.

Final Thoughts on Shaving Your Balls

It’s still a bit of a taboo subject, so I am not sure how many comments I should expect. But, if you do have questions about shaved balls then make sure you drop a line in the comment box below. Though it may not be the most comfortable thing to talk about, I do love getting questions and am happy to help!

I do hope this article helped open your eyes to the possibilities when it comes to shaving your balls. If you’re asking yourself “Should I shave my balls?”, well, I think the fact that you even are asking that question reveals the answer. Yes, you should try it at least once!

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