What happens when you set out to grow the beard of your dreams and you end up with the nightmare on Beard Street?

Whether it is coming in patchy, or just taking too long to grow there are a few solutions for you to choose from.

Since I get so many messages about how to grow a thick beard I thought it warranted an article on how Rogaine beard lotion may be the answer for you.

After all, it is clinically proven to be able to grow hair on your head. So, it stands to reason that Rogaine effectiveness should be the same on your beard, right?

It’s possible but we need to look deeper into this to make a full determination.

In this article, I will explain what Minoxidil is, how it works and how to apply Rogaine to your beard.

Let’s dive right in and explore Rogaine beard growth foam!

What is Minoxidil

Rogaine is the brand name of a hair loss drug, while the actual drug is called Minoxidil. Right now there are a few manufacturers of Minoxidil besides Rogaine and Kirkland, but Rogaine is by far the most popular.

As is the case with most drugs, Minoxidil was originally conceived for something else. In this case, it was supposed to be a drug for high blood pressure. One of the side effects that these guys with high blood pressure reported after using it for a while was that their hair was coming in thicker and they were regrowing hair in bald spots.

Obviously, it didn’t take a genius to realize the goldmine they had on their hands so they pivoted and marketed it as a hair loss solution.

It is still used as a high blood pressure medication to this day, but it sells more as a hair loss treatment.

If you are going to buy an off brand like some of these on Amazon.com, then make sure it is at a 5% strength as that is the highest limit allowed.

Does Rogaine Work for Beards?

This is an easy question to answer.


So, here’s the deal with Rogaine beard, it is proven to work just not for everybody.

And it is not a miracle drug that will have you sprouting hair wherever you apply it.

Basically, it has been shown in trial to regrow hair and is the only topical drug that has proven to be effective. Now, that said, I tried it on my head when I had started to go bald and it didn’t work. It doesn’t have a 100% success rate.

However, it is one powerful tool in your hair regrowth arsenal that will almost certainly help your beard grow in fuller if you have a patchy beard.

I would definitely give it a shot.

Just keep in mind that these clinical trials for Minoxidil were done on guys that had balding on their heads and to date no trials have been done for facial hair growth.

Rogaine effectiveness on your head should also translate to your beard because it does a few things to hair in general.

  • It prolongs the anagen phase of hair growth, which is the period when your hair actually grows. A shorter anagen period will obviously mean less hair growth and a longer one will see your hair continue to grow instead of heading into the catagen phase which signals the end of the hair growth period and then followed by the telogen phase which is when the hair growth sleeps.
  • It seems that Minoxidil stimulates the body to produce more of an enzyme called prostaglandin synthase-1. This enzyme has an important role in regulating hormones. Hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone which are responsible for how and when your hair grows and which ones will grow at all.
  • It also increases blood circulation that brings much-needed nutrients to your hair follicles whether it is on your head or your face.

What Can Rogaine Do for Your Beard?

Rogaine beard foam can pretty much do two things:

  • Let your beard grow for longer which ensures a very long beard.
  • Stimulate sleeping hair follicles to wake up and start growing again for a fuller beard.

Some people advocate using Rogaine for growing a faster beard. It doesn’t seem like this is something it is capable of, but since there have been no studies, I can’t say that it won’t grow your beard faster.

You’ll have to go with anecdotal evidence. There are plenty of people out there who say they’ve noticed that Rogaine grew their beard faster, so take that for what it is.

So, let’s stick with what we know it can do.

Since it keeps the anagen phase of hair growth going for longer, then if you are happy with your beard fullness but want a longer beard, then this will definitely help you there.

Many guys trying to grow yeards have trouble getting it as long as they thought it could be. If you’re one of them, then try some Rogaine beard foam.

If you have a patchy beard, this is where Rogaine effectiveness may come into play.

Some people have seen excellent Rogaine effectiveness when it comes to growing their beard in fuller. Since some patchy beards just means that there are follicles that are sleeping, then Rogaine beard will wake them up and get them growing again. The only problem is that some people have patchy beards because those thin areas have less actual hair follicles. In essence, it won’t work for those guys since there is no hair to regrow.

Since this isn’t marketed towards guys with beards (at least not yet) you don’t hear too many successful reports of guys growing their beards better.

But it is definitely something you should try if you are unhappy with your beard. You will more than likely find it to be worth it for some aspect whether it grows longer, fuller or stronger.

if you want some bead products that also help growth then check out this article for beard oils for beard oil growing a beard.

Side Effects

There aren’t too many serious side effects associated with Rogaine effectiveness or Minoxidil use, except for this potential biggie.

If you have low pressure you shouldn’t be taking Minoxidil. Remember, it was meant for high blood pressure patients so it lowers your blood pressure.

If you already have low blood pressure then you may put yourself in harm’s way.

Aside from that here are some reported Rogaine beard side effects that may or may not happen to you:

  • Skin irritation that includes itchiness and inflammation – Since this is a drug that is applied topically, if you were to experience any side effects this would be the likeliest form. If you develop any discomfort like a burning sensation or itchiness to the point of distraction you should stop using it and see a doctor.
  • Headaches – This happens more when used on your head as your scalp absorbs more of the drug and faster than the skin on your face, but since this is getting into your blood system either way you may experience headaches.
  • Irregular heartbeat – Again, this is a drg that affects your cardiovascular system by design. So, it may cause your heart to beat erratically. If this happens then stop taking it right away and see a doctor.

There is another side effect you are pretty much guaranteed to see and it is totally normal.

Once the Minoxidil starts working, you will see your beard shed some hairs. So, at first you might see your beard actually become more patchy.

Don’t panic!

This is actually supposed to happen. Your thin, wispy vellus hairs are going to fall out to make way for the new hair growing in behind it.

You have to be patient through this phase and understand it is normal and is a sign that it is actually working.

Then, when this shedding phase is over, your thicker and healthier hair will start coming in and then your beard will look fuller and much better.

Another thing to keep in mind is that once you stop taking Rogaine beard foam, you will stop seeing growth. Eventually, you will revert back to having a patchy beard. So, you can’t just use it for a few months and then stop. At least use it until you have a few months of solid growth behind you and then use it occasionally to keep it full. If you stop it completely then you’ve wasted your time and money.

Rogaine or Minoxidil Alternatives

There are plenty of so called remedies that work like Rogaine beard or Minoxidil. The only drug that actually is clinically proven to grow your hair back is Minoxidil. A topical drug I should say as there is also Propecia but that is a pill.

Now, with that said, there are some natural ways that does have some effect similar to Minoxidil.

The thing with Minoxidil is that researchers are still unsure of what Minoxidil actually does that grows your hair. Because of this, it opens the possibility that other remedies can end up doing the same thing but just haven’t been tested.

One thing that has been tested and has shown to be as effective as Minoxidil is peppermint oil.

Since Minoxidil seems to work because of the increase in blood flow to the scalp or face which brings nutrients to your hair, it stands to reason that another agent could do the same thing.

Peppermint oil stimulates blood flow more than just about any other topical oil or drug so it can have an effect on your beard growth.

No, it isn’t a magic bullet that will do all the same things that Rogaine beard. But since Minoxidil doesn’t work for everybody, then if you don’t see any Rogaine effectiveness, then you may want to try out “Nature’s Minoxidil” and see if that can help.

Rogaine Foam vs Rogaine Liquid

Both kinds have the same drug, 5% strength Minoxidil, but just come in different forms. One won’t work better than the other, they both work exactly the same.

Why have two different forms then?

It really comes down to personal preference.

Some guys like the lotion because it is easier to apply and doesn’t leave as much of a sticky feeling afterwards.

The downside is that it takes longer to dry.

Foam is a little harder to apply since it is thicker and it can also sort of melt in your hands. The application is a little bit different but I will go into how to apply both of these further down in the article.

The Rogaine beard foam takes a lot less time to absorb than the liquid as long as you apply it correctly.

As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages to either, but Rogaine effectiveness comes in both forms.

How to Apply Rogaine on Your Beard

I will go over how to apply both versions as the process is slightly different. Nothing major, however and they are both very easy to apply.

To maximize Rogaine effectiveness, make sure your face is thoroughly washed and then dry. The easiest thing to do is apply it after the shower, but make sure your face has been dried first.

You’ll need to apply twice per day. Once in the morning and once before bed.

How to apply Rogaine liquid

This bottle comes with a dropper, so you need to measure it out first. Your dropper should be 1ml, so fill it to the line to get the proper dosage.

Then you will put a drop or two directly on the face. Right where you want it to grow.

You’ll use the whole dropper for one application, so make sure you are applying it evenly to the affected areas. Then, rub it into the skin with the tips of the fingers. It shouldn’t be running off of your face, so try to do this quickly.

It may feel wet for a bit after applying, but be patient and it will absorb on its own.

How to apply Rogaine foam

This is a bit different than the liquid as you will put the foam on your hands first.

To avoid the foam liquifying in your warm hands, run them under cold water to cool them down. When they are cool and dry, then measure out approximately 1 ml of foam right into your hand.

To get a sense of how much this should be, use the cap as a guide. Basically the dollop of foam should be roughly half the size of the cap.

Rub it into your hands and then vigorously rub it into your skin on the patchy areas of the beard and working your way to cover the entire beard area.

Rogaine Effectiveness | Before and After

I don’t have a beard myself, and if I did have one it would be very thick without any use of Minoxidil. Sorry, guys, I know that must make you crazy when you want a beard and can’t grow one to read about me who can grow one at the drop of a hat but choose not to!

Anyway, what I am saying this is because I can’t show you a before and after on myself for demonstration.

Instead here is a Rogaine beard before and after video that will show you some incredible results.

I think it’s a very dramatic example of Rogaine effectiveness, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well.


I used fairly restrained language when talking about Rogaine beard gains because I don’t want to oversell it. Some people will not see results at all and some will see mediocre.

That said, most of you that go for it will see some really impressive growth. The guy in that video was about as baby faced as they come and after a couple of months he had an incredible beard.

For around $45 for a 3 month supply, I would say it is definitely worth it to give Rogaine a shot. Does Rogaine work for beards, then? There’s only one way to find out and for such a small price, I think you should go for it.

Do you have any questions about Rogaine beard or anything else? Just let me know by dropping a line in the box below and I will get back to you.

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