You’ve got too much hair in certain areas and you’re not happy about it.

What are your options?

You can either shave with a razor or electric shaver or you can try to permanently get rid of it.

Remington hair removal products could be the way to go for you.

In this article, I am going to let you in on two different approaches to hair removal with two different types of Remington hair removal devices.

One is your simple Remington electric razor to shave your face and other bits.

The other is the Remington hair removal laser device, the iLight Essential, to keep hair from coming back on your other bits. Bits like your underarms, legs, arms and even your pubes.

Between these two devices, you should be as hairless as you feel comfortable with!

Remington Electric Shaver vs the Remington iLight Essential

Before I get into the details, let me issue a warning.

When talking about using a laser hair removal device for the face, I am only talking about the iLight Essential as other tools are too dangerous to use on the face. Don’t go and try a different device to avoid shaving your face as this one is approved by the FDA for use on your face and many others are not.

Ok, with that out of the way let’s talk about why you would want to use one over the other.

How much work do you want to do to get rid of your hair?

How often do you want to take care of hair removal?

The answer to those questions will reveal which one you are better off using.

With an electric shaver, you can use it basically on any part of the body and get a smooth, close shave. The only problem is that you will have hair growing back within a day or two.

Using the iLight Essential, you can get rid of your hair for months and in some cases even permanently. But, it takes a lot of treatments before you see results.

Remington iLight Essentials Review

There are a lot of different kinds of pulsing light hair removal devices, but few are as easy to use as the iLight Essential.

This Remington hair removal device is compact, portable and ergonomic. It is not the most potent of laser hair removers, but that also puts the price lower than many other similar ones.

Though this is cleared to be used on the face, that is for women who want to permanently get rid of facial hair. Men who use this might be doing themselves a disservice by trying to avoid shaving. You might end up wanting to grow a beard one day and be faced with a patchy beard when it does manage to grow back, at best.

For other body parts, it works really well.

It works by using intense light pulses that go under the surface of the skin and heat the follicle at the root, which keeps it from growing.

You get 3 times the flashes than with other similar devices so it works faster. The intensity of the light is safe for use at home. You don’t even need protective glasses.

The best areas to use this are on armpits or legs. Wherever the hair doesn’t grow in too thick. Thicker hair probably won’t be 100% removed. Some of it will grow back, albeit slowly.

If you have patches of hair on the chest that you want to remove, then this will do a good job there, as well.

You could use it on the groin to get rid of pubic hairs, but it likely won’t be super effective there as the hair grows densely in that area.

Does it hurt?

If you have ever done any laser hair removal treatments this is probably your first thought.

It is much more gentle than a professional session. There may be some discomfort as it gets quite warm, but nothing compared to going to a salon.

You have to be patient when using this as it takes a while to see results. Stick with the recommended frequency and just keep going even if it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

In a few months, you will definitely see the difference. Hair will be much less dense and the hair that does eventually grow back will be finer and wispier than before.

Remington Rotary Electric Shaver

Hopefully, since I have discouraged you from using the iLight on your face, you will just go with a good rotary electric razor like this one from Remington.

Technically you could use this electric shaver on any body part and not just your face. Though you would need that hair to already be stubble or just a little over at the longest. You can’t use this type of razor when you have full hairs as it can’t cut them.

On your face, you can expect a very smooth shave that gets as close as a regular razor.

The fact that you can use the included brush attachment to apply shaving cream is a game changer when it comes to using an electric razor.

This puts you in a sort of wet shave category where you are able to get the skin properly hydrated, the hairs coated perfectly with shaving cream, and then the beard standing up to be more easily caught by the rotating blades of the razor.

This way you can get an incredible shave that you wouldn’t expect from an electric shaver.

Since it is waterproof, even if you opt to not take the extra time to apply shaving cream, it can be used very effectively in the shower.

If you plan to do whole body shaving, then doing it in the shower may be the way to go. Your hair will be softened by the water and cut much more easily.

Because of the ergonomic shape and the multi-directional pivoting head, you can easily get into a lot of corners that would ordinarily be hard to shave evenly with another type of electric shaver.

This electric shaver has some pretty sharp blades, but if you plan to use it over your whole body, it might dull them faster than normal.

What to do when your electric shaver goes dull?

Remington Shaver Parts and Maintenance

Luckily, all is not lost if you find yourself with dull blades on your rotary electric shaver. There is often no need to replace electronics when they seem like they are dead. Often, it is a matter of maintenance or replacing some parts to end up with a brand new device without breaking the bank.

These Remington shaver parts are universal and will fit onto just about any Remington electric rotary shaver. They are easy to replace and need no knowledge of how an electric razor works.

Other Remington shaver parts might be hard to come by. These replacement blades are on Amazon, but other parts such as some of the electronics on the inside are probably going to be harder to track down. In this case, it is probably best to bring the whole tool into an electronics repair shop or just have them replaced.

If you have a different set of electric razor or can’t seem to find the right Remington shaver parts, then you can always try to sharpen the blades yourself. It’s actually quite easy as this video demonstrates here.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you were to do this two or three times as the blades get dull, you can save a ton of money by avoiding buying Remington shaver parts or even a new razor everytime it gets dull.

Yes, it is easier to just throw it away and replace, but there is something very satisfying about a DIY way to prolong the life of your stuff.

Wrapping It Up

Whole body grooming and hair removal are made easy when you have the right tools. In this case, a Remington hair removal tool the iLight and a rotary electric shaver.

If you have both, you are covered head to toe.

And in the case of the iLight, you may be making it much easier to groom yourself in the future since a lot of your hair won’t grow back after using it.

Since this is not always cut and dry, I’m definitely expecting some questions. If you need more information about anything in this article, from the iLIght to Remington shaver parts then just drop a line below and let me know how I can help!

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