Let’s get something out of the way.

A classic goatee doesn’t actually have a mustache.

The circle beard where the mustache connects with the chin facial hair and goes around the mouth is a goatee with a mustache. Not just a goatee.

So, a goatee without a mustache is actually just called a goatee.

It’s just a patch of hair on the chin that can be shaped many different ways. That is the classic goatee.

For this article, I am going to focus on the mustache and goatee style and then a short bit about the actual goatee without a mustache.

I know this all sounds confusing, but after reading you should understand what the terms actually mean and come away with some inspiration from the list of goatee shapes with pictures.

Let’s dive right in and talk goatee mustaches!

How to Style a Goatee Mustache

There are a lot of different goatee shapes that you might want to go for, but your beard is really the one in control who gets to decide for you.

In fact, many guys that go for the mustache and goatee look kind of fall into it because their beard doesn’t grow thickly enough for the mustache and chin to connect.

Basically, go with how your beard grows to determine how to shape the goatee.

Now, even if your beard grows in thick everywhere, you will want to also consider how to shape your goatee mustache by your face shape.

The nice thing is that mustache and goatee styles work for just about any face shape.

On round faces, it doesn’t highlight the roundness and the chin hair can cover a double chin.

On angular jaws, it can work with those lines and not compete with them.

How to Maintain a Goatee Mustache

I think the best part about having a goatee is that you can still take the time to give yourself a good shave and have facial hair at the same time.

It will really highlight the style and shape of the goatee to keep your cheeks and neck neatly shaved.

You should also use a good beard trimmer to keep the facial hair tidy and trimmed.

Since there isn’t much facial hair there when you do a mustache and goatee or even a goatee without mustache, you don’t need to go crazy with the beard grooming products.

All you need is a good soap that preferable is all natural, and a beard oil. More than that is overkill unless you just like the ritual of beard grooming, then go ahead and get a beard grooming kit.

Here are Some Great Looking Goatee Mustache Styles

The Balbo Beard

Similar to other disconnected goatees, this one works with a mustache or as a goatee without mustache.

The nicest thing about this goatee shapes is that it can work on any face shape. I especially recommend this goatee mustache for guys with round faces, though.

The important thing is to shape it where the chin hair extends along the jawline. In this way it draws the eye along the jaw and takes the accent off of the roundness of the face.

Anchor Goatee

How did the anchor goatee get its name? Well, it is shaped very similarly to an anchor.

You don’t need to be a sea captain to rock this stylish mustache and goatee.

The key is to not go too thin on this one. As such, it may not work best for guys with angular or triangle faces.

Guys with round faces, oval or square faces will benefit from this goatee mustache.

A well-trimmed mustache is also a must, and the chin hair should be kept edges nicely too. Otherwise, it starts to become a Van Dyke, which I will describe in a moment.

Van Dyke

Defined by a long mustache and goatee on the chin, the Van Dyke is roaring back into popularity lately.

Easily confused with the Anchor beard, the Van Dyke sets itself apart by a sort of wispiness with the mustache.

To really make sure your Van Dyke suits you, your beard should not come in too thick around the mouth. The soul patch should be well defined and trimmed and the chin shouldn’t grow out to far along the jaw lin. Use the edges of your mouth to define the outer limits of where the chin hair should go.

Soul Patch

Sometimes incorrectly categorized as not being a goatee, it definitely fits the definition. Since it is a goatee without mustache it works if that is what you are going for.

The shape is unimportant, it is just a tuft of hair under the bottom lip.

It can be a triangle, square or rectangle that extends down over the chin if you like.

Be warned, though. Not everybody can pull off the Soul Patch.

It doesn’t matter what your face shape it, it will work for everybody in that sense. What I mean is it has to really fit your personality.

If you’re the creative type it is a given that the Soul Patch will work for you. It might even be expected that you have these goatee shapes!

Original Goatee

When you think about how the name goatee came about because of the beards an actual goat has, then it makes sense that the original is a goatee without mustache.

I haven’t seen too many goats in my life, but none of them that I have seen have had mustaches.

Since the 90’s the full goatee has been the go to mustache and goatee where the mouth was covered, basically.

The original coming back in style is good news for guys of all face shapes. This version really works for anybody. This is especially great for guys with too think or patchy mustaches.

Just grow it under the bottom lip on the chin as wide or thin as you like. If it goes beyond the edges of the mouth along the jawline, it goes into Balbo beard territory, however, but that works, too.

Wrapping it up

What do you call a mustache and goatee? As you can see from the pictures, it is really any goatee that is disconnected. As long as the mustache doesn’t connect with the chin hair and surround the mouth then you’re good.

I, for one, am happy that these goatee shapes are coming back and that we can mix up the goatee mustache a little.

I was never a fan of the circle beard, and now that the other styles are back in, it is nice to see how creative guys can get with these goatees without mustache and with.

If you’re ready to grow out a goatee make sure you read our guide on the best way to grow a goatee.

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