Do you look good with a beard?

Do you think you will look good with a longer one?

The only way to find out is to grow one and see.

First, though, you need some ideas on the best beard to suit your face shape and personality.

We’ve got some pictures to go along with the beard styles and names to help you make your own decision. Plus, some tips on how to achieve some great looking long beard styles.

Understanding how to take care of your beard and how to shape it will make sure your beard is on point and doesn’t have the opposite effect you are going for.

In this article, we are going to focus on long beard styles and black beard styles. There is so much that can be written about beards that it’s best to break it up and focus on just a couple of areas.

Here’s my list of the best long beard styles for the modern man. But, don’t forget to scroll down and read up on how to grow a long beard for some tips and tricks!

The Lumberjack

Though you may not know how to hold an ax, nevermind fell a tree, you can look like a guy who can with this classic long beard style.

A modern, tidier take on the woodsman beard, it features a long mustache and tapered sideburns.

It is a full beard as it grows pretty much where it can without too much shaping going on.

Simply keep the ends trimmed to make sure it doesn’t look overgrown.

It can look wild if you want it to but try to make sure it doesn’t look like you’ve been living in the woods for an extended period.

Woodchips in the facial hair are optional.

The Biker

Don’t know how to ride a hog?

No problem!

Just try out this full beard and look the part.

This style in the picture is one of the great bald head with beard styles for guys that want a longer beard.

The cheeks are trimmed slightly shorter than the chin and mustache to give it the shape. You’ll need to do regular maintenance to keep the shape of the beard so it doesn’t end up unruly.

The Ginger Beard

Gingers definitely can grow nice, thick beards since red hair grows denser than any other hair type. Typically there is more hair per square inch with redheads which results in a luscious full beard.

Ginger beards are generally more wiry than other hair types, so it is very important to use beard balm and a good beard brush to keep it smooth and looking healthy.

The Amish Beard

Yes, the Amish beard look is a thing right now.

Even among the English, as the Amish call anybody who isn’t Amish, there is a trend to grow the beard long and keep the mustache shaved.

The reason that Amish went without the stache is that they thought the mustache was the sign of a violent man.

Peaceful or not, this long beard style is suited to just about any face shape and can be grown in any type of style.

Long Goatee with Beard

Instead of just growing a goatee, you can grow a full beard where the mustache and chin are much, much longer than the cheeks.

Just keep trimming the sides and let the rest around your mouth grow. You can then shape it any way you like or grow the mustache out into a handlebar if you wish.

The key is that it is a very long goatee.

The Distinguished Gentleman

This look is great for the silver fox that wants to look refined with a full beard.

The key is to keep it well groomed. Always have the edges neatly shaved around the cheek and the neck to outline the beard nicely.

Trim the dead ends often and keep it brushed in place.

Faded Long Beard

Taking the long goatee a step beyond, the whole beard is very long except where it begins to join the sideburns.

Rather than just the chin and mustache standing out, the entire beard has a smooth slope leading down the chin where it is left very long, yet neatly shaped.

The shape of the entire beard is very important here, so you really can’t let it grow wild. A beard brush is essential in maintaining this beard.

The Viking Beard

Look like a warrior with this serious long beard style.

It says I like to loot and pillage on the weekends, but during the week it can show your softer side if you keep it looking smooth and groomed.

Depending on what kind of job you do, it may not work in an office setting, however.

The Grady

Not to say you want to look like an elderly guy, but a great full black beard style is the one sported by Grady from Sanford and Son from the 70’s.

Now a more modern looking beard for black guys, it has a sense of ruffled style and can look good on just about anybody.

Black beard styles are definitely way back in fashion, so stand out a bit with one that is a real throwback!

The Marsden

The Round Black

This black beard style is something to see when it is trimmed and edged. A rounded style with it smoothed out to look totally homogenous is not easy to achieve. You’ll likely have to find a barber to keep this looking on point.

The edges of this black beard style require precision and expertise. Fade the sideburns into the cheeks and it can fit in with a fade haircut even down to the skin.

Tips to Grow a Long Beard

Growing a long beard is as simple as it sounds. With a few guidelines to consider before you begin to grow your beard, you’ll end up with a beard that looks better than you had ever imagined it to be.

It’s simple to grow a beard, but it isn’t a set it and forget it procedure.

The very first thing is to pick from one of the best long beards from the list I put together here. Have a style in mind before you get started so you can go through the steps to make sure it ends up looking like you had planned.

The next step is to be patient. How long does it take to grow a beard? The answer is generally not quickly enough for most guys.

Diet plays a big part when growing out a beard. If your skin is nourished, it will transfer to your beard and allow it to grow quickly, fully and healthy.

Eat right and take some vitamins specifically geared towards growing healthy beards and half the battle is already done.

Cut back on the drinking if you want to grow a long beard style, also. If you are burning the candle at both ends, then your beard growth will suffer. In fact, sleep also plays a part in growing a healthy beard, so get your beauty sleep!

Trim your beard as it grows so that way it will grow evenly. This goes back to deciding on a style also. Don’t trim it right away but after about 2 weeks start to shape it up. It will take a little while longer to grow it to the desired length, but adding more time to the growth will give you a better-looking beard result at the end.

Once you have some length, you should also be using beard oils or balms and a beard brush to keep it healthy and to train it to grow the way you want. If your beard has a weird growth pattern it might not grow right to suit the style you are going for. With some nudging, you can get it to do what you want.

Wrapping It Up

No matter what your look, personality or face shape, there is a beard out there that’s perfect for you!

When you pick out a beard that you think suits you and it doesn’t work, don’t give up. Just try a different style and see how that goes.

With beard acceptance at an all time high, there is no reason to forego the beard if you really want one.

Have any questions about these bears styles or others? Then drop us a comment below and we will help you out!

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