I know why you’re here.

Your beard doesn’t look like the guys in the magazines, or even in your office.

Somebody told you that you should use some beard oil, but you have no idea how to use beard oil. Do you often ask yourself, does beard oil work?

Well, there is no way around it. If you want a glorious beard you need to learn how to apply beard oil and make it a part of your grooming routine.

It may not be rocket science to put some oil on your facial hair, but I want to give you a helping hand just in case there is any confusion.

Plus, it is helpful to understand the reasons why you should use beard oil, so I will go over everything you need to know about it.

Once you have the idea of how to use beard oil the right way, make sure you check out our other guide on the best beard trimmers to keep the shape.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

There are loads of benefits of beard oil, but the two main things that it does are moisturize and soften your beard.

Your beard is exposed to a lot of nasty elements.

If you’re not using a natural beard shampoo then your beard is getting bombarded by harsh chemicals every time you wash it.

It is getting a lot of sun and air pollution from the outside.

From within it could be battling free radicals that are weakening the hair follicles.

Your skin is not getting the nutrients it needs, so it is starving your beard of what it needs too.

It isn’t easy being a beard!

Using a beard oil will give your beard what it needs to look healthy, stay hydrated, get soft and strengthen the shaft.

What are the Benefits of Beard Oil?


As I just mentioned, some beard shampoos will strip your beard of the natural oil it needs.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t wash your beard. Just after you wash your beard you need to replenish the essential oils it needs by applying a beard oil.

This is especially true if you live in a dry area of the world.

Prevents Dandruff

The dreaded beardruff occurs when the skin under your beard is not getting what it needs and becomes dry and flaky. It isn’t just your beard that needs the beard oil. Your skin could use some love, too.

Beard Oil Smells Good

There are some nice natural scents that are added to some beard oils to give your beard a fresh, clean scent.

Even the unscented ones will leave your beard smelling renewed since a lot of the oils will give a natural aroma even if they don’t add any essence to perfume the oil.

Your Beard Will Look Healthy

Most of the time when you notice a nice looking beard that yours simply doesn’t compare too, you may wonder what the difference is.

The difference is the healthy shine that comes from using beard oil.

If your beard is dry and brittle, it shows. It lacks that healthy glow of a well-oiled beard.

Your Beard Will Be Softer

If you, or someone you love, get into running their fingers through your beard, the difference in how it feels will be night and day.

A good beard oil will help soften that beard and make it feel luxurious. If you have learned how to apply beard oil the right way, it will never feel greasy.

You Can Style Your Beard Better

Once your beard is hydrated, soft and healthy, then getting it to do what you want it to do is a piece of cake.

Your beard is much more manageable when you use a beard oil.

You’ll avoid those flyaway hairs that make your beard look frizzy.

How to Apply Beard Oil

Tip One – When to Apply Beard Oil

There is no bad time to apply beard oil.

With that said, however, there are times when you will get better results. Once you are out of the shower is probably the best time.

This is especially true if you washed your beard.

Gently towel dry your beard until it is as dry as you can get it. It doesn’t have to be bone dry, but it shouldn’t be wet to the touch.

Tip Two – How Much Beard Oil to Apply

How much beard oil to use is specific to the beard. The general rule of them is to start with a little and add more as you need it. Only use enough to coat it. Your beard should never feel greasy after you’ve applied it.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • New beard (more than stubble) – 2 to 3 drops should be more than enough
  • 1 to 3 months – 4 to 6 drops but more towards 4 if your beard is thin or patchy
  • Over 3 months – 6 to 10 drops
  • Yeard – 10 to 12 drops

Tip Three – How Often to Apply Beard Oil

There is no such thing as using too much as long as your beard isn’t feeling greasy.

You can easily use it every day if you feel like your beard needs it.

For most beards, you can get away with using it every other day.

It depends on how long your beard is and how densely the hair grows.

Sparsely growing beards won’t require as much as a thick, dense beard.

The thicker the beard the more you need to evenly coat the beard, as well as get down below into the skin.

Tip Four – How to Pour It

Many beard oils come with a dropper that helps to accurately measure it out.

Other types of bottles will have a type of drip opening and you just shake out the drips. One shake equals one drip.

Now, drip out the number that you think you’re going to need into the palm of your hand.

Tip Five – Rub It In

Rub the oil into your hands making sure there is nothing dripping. It should coat the palms of your hands evenly.

Now you can rub it into your beard.

Open your fingers and using them like a comb, run them through your beard starting at the bottom and working your way up to your cheeks. Basically, go against the grain. This will get the oil down to the roots and into the skin.

Then, with your hand flat, use circular motions to rub it into the surface.

Next, again using your flat hand, smoothe down the beard by going from the top down to the bottom with the grain.

Use your fingers to rub it into the mustache.

Tip Six – Don’t Overdo It

You may be tempted to put some more oil on at this point and repeat the process. You should definitely evaluate and put more if it needs it, but wait until you have completed all the steps before adding more.

Your beard shouldn’t feel greasy, remember.

It also shouldn’t feel dry. But, it needs time to absorb what you’ve already added.

Tip Seven – Brush or Comb It Through

You have a beard brush or comb, don’t you? If not then you are doing your beard a great disservice because to properly evenly coat the beard, you need to be able to brush it through.

Using a comb or brush will get each follicle the beard oil it needs.

With a comb, your beard will look smoother with less wiry hair sticking out. It will look fuller since the hairs all have absorbed some oil, and it will be easier to style.

To use a beard comb, just gently comb it going with the grain from the top moving towards the bottom.

A couple of minutes will do the trick.

Then, start at the bottom and go against the grain working your way towards the top.

You’ll kind of fluff the beard out by doing this.

Then repeat the first part and comb down to get the beard looking natural and styled.

Tip Eight – Evaluate

Feel your beard.

Does it feel greasy?

Then wash and dry your hands and rub your beard as if you were applying more oil. This will take some of the oil off of your beard and onto your hands to get rid of that greasy feel.

Does it feel dry?

Then you probably need a few more drops. If your beard is particularly thick and you are just learning how to use beard oil, then you may need to use some more.

Just do a couple of drops and start the process from tip four.

Should You Use Beard Balm vs Beard Oil?

You won’t ever be making a mistake if you use beard oil instead of beard balm and vice versa.

They both have the same benefits.

The only real difference is that beard balm acts as a beard styler that also conditions the beard.

Since beard balm has wax in it usually, it sticks to your beard and holds it in place.

Beard oil gets absorbed into the beard and onto your skin, but your beard will still move around.

Beard balm doesn’t really get down to the skin as well as beard oil as it is thicker. It also doesn’t absorb into the skin as easily, either.

Beard balm should be used on long beards as it is wasted on shorter ones. For beards up to 6 months long, I would only use beard oil.

Whichever one you choose to use, your beard will look and feel like a million bucks. Try both and see which one suits your needs better. For more details on the difference between beard oil and beard balm, check out our full article.

What Are the Best Beard Oils?

This list could be way too long if I went through all the best beard oils. I have a few favorites, but for this article, I will focus on two.

One is the classic old-school barber style Clubman beard oil. Another is an all natural beard oil for guys that like to keep it pure by Honest Amish.

Clubman Beard Oil



Clubman beard oil will take you back to the feeling when you were a kid going to the barbershop with your father.

Though the smell of the Clubman beard oil is quite different than the aftershave, it still has the same type of scent you would expect.

Light and citrusy, it reminds you of a shaving cream with a fresh, clean aroma.

How does Clubman beard oil work?

It is easy to apply and just a few drops will do the trick. Once it is applied, your beard will feel softer to the touch, and the flyaway hairs will be tamed.

Though it isn’t a totally natural beard oil, Clubman beard oil has macadamia nut oil and Moringa oleifera oil. Macadamia nut oil is great to add shine, nourish the hair and strengthen it. If you suffer from brittle beard hair then the Macadamia nut oil in Clubman beard oil will be perfect for that.

The Moringa oil not only adds vitamin A and B to your hair which is essential for healthy follicles, but it also nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated.

The last benefit of Clubman beard oil is the price. For the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, you get a great old school beard product.

Honest Amish Natural Beard Oil

I love Honest Amish beard products since they are handcrafted and are a small Mom and Pop organization. Their natural beard oil is made using high quality essential oils that your beard needs.

It perfectly mimics the natural bead oils that would be present in your beard and replenishes them when you wash your beard, or they are lost just from exposure to the elements.

Natural beard oils should contain at least 3 or 4 different oils to properly nourish the beard, but Honest Amish uses ten. And they aren’t just there for show. All the different oils have a distinct purpose that makes it one of the best natural beard oils on the market.

The primary ingredient is Argan oil which is a sort of miracle essential oil that does just about everything. It nourishes your hair and skin, hydrates it like no other and also strengthens it. If you have a dry or brittle beard and have trouble finding a beard oil that works for you, then this ingredient is tailor-made for you.

This natural beard oil doesn’t stop there, though. It also has moringa oil, jojoba, avocado oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil and many others.

If you want to read the full review of this natural beard oil, then you should check it out here.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have read this far, you should now be an expert on how to use beard oil!

As I mentioned before, it isn’t really that complicated, but for some reason, it’s intimidating for some guys.

Now that you know how to apply beard oil, try it out and get back to us with the results. Did it work? Are you happy with the results or feel like it didn’t quite work to help your beard?

We’re here to help so let us know any questions that you have about how to use beard oils in the comment box below.

In the meantime, make sure you check out our list of some of the best beard oils for beard growth that I love to recommend.

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