Razor bumps, medically called Pseudofolliculitis barbae, happen to the best of us. Whether as a first-timer or as an experienced shaver, they are especially very annoying as they make the shaving experience dreadful. Since you’re here, we’ve got a full array of facts about shaving bumps and how to prevent them. So, stop despairing already. There’s a solution to razor bumps.

What are Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps are ingrown hairs that form after shaving. Normally, shaving ought to get the hair off the skin safely and completely but sometimes, it’s not like that. Hair may begin to grow back towards the skin instead of outwards. As this occurs, new skin cells cover up the hair and soon, it becomes an annoying bump.

You can find these razor bumps in any part of the body where hair has been pulled out. They can come small or big, and it’s often terrible when they become filled with pus. Razor bumps can occur on any part of the body, especially on the face for men. They can also show up in the armpits and on your legs. In the pubic area, shaving may cause inflammation, leading to razor bumps that may be painful for a while.

If you get a razor bump, the newly shaved surface will usually have raised, red spots that sometimes cluster. Many times, they are accompanied by pain, pus, itching, and darkening of the skin. If they are not quickly attended to, they may cause permanent skin disfiguration in affected areas.

Why Do Razor Bumps Happen?

Razor bumps are natural occurrences that simply show up because a hair strand has curled inwards instead of growing outwards. Since the inward direction is not the normal way to go, the hair follicle is resisted by growing skin cells that attempt to choke it in no time. As a result, there is a formation of red bumps on the skin. There are certain factors, however, that make a person more prone to getting razor bumps.

Blunt Razors

Using blunt blades to shave the skin will force you to go over the same surface several times. This puts you at risk of snagging or cutting off the hair at the tip. So for those using blunt razors, it’s time to change the blades.

Curly Hair

This is not the fault of the human but curly hair makes shaving bumps a daily occurrence. Hispanic men, for example, have curly hair that tends to grow inwards after shaving.

Dry Shaving

Sometimes too, dry shaving creates the perfect condition for razor bumps to happen. When your skin pores are tight and you have coarse hair that has not first been softened by water before shaving, you will most likely get razor bumps.

Razor Bump Prevention Methods

Preventing razor bumps is surprisingly easy. The following methods will help you begin to enjoy your shaving sessions again.

Shave Along the Grain

Shaving with or along the grain does not appeal to some people because it will often require more than one swipe to get the hair out. But since it’s a safer method that keeps shaving bumps away, we recommend it.

Exfoliate Before Shaving

This is another way to avoid having to deal with razor bumps from time to time. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells before you begin to shave, making it safer for you to get the hair out.

1. Pacific Shaving Company Daily Shave Regimen Set

This organic pre shaving exfoliator cream offers a fantastic cushion, glide, and leaves skin feeling hydrated and healthy. This cream claims to be 100% effective for razor burn and contains complex and effective formulations that soothe skin and decrease irritation and bumps. Perfect for sensitive skin types. 

You can get it in travel friendly sizes and it comes with easy to use convenient packing.

2. Neutrogena Daily Shave Face Scrub

Using  Neutrogena Men’s Razor Defense Daily Exfoliating & Conditioning Face Scrub before a shaving session can soften the facial hair to get a simpler and closer shave without causing bumps. This exfoliating scrub, designed particularly for men, is proven to assist wash deep to eliminate oil and dirt and is an oil-free and dye-free formulation. As a facial cleanser it works wonders by rinsing you skin without clogging the pores. 

You can also rub a dime-size amount of it onto moist skin and massage gently to get a relief from irritation caused post shave.

3. Viking Revolution Microdermabrasion Face Scrub

The Viking Revolution Microdermabrasion is one of the best face scrub for Men.  If used pre-shave, it helps against razor irritation and provides a smooth shaving experience.

It gives a squeaky-Clean exfoliation by removing oil and also helps to moisturize skin. Viking have specifically formulated this scrub for men’s skin care. The best part about the scrub is that it is suitable for all skin types dry, oily, and normal skin.

Wet Shave

Wet shaving is important in the prevention of razor bumps. If you take a shower first, you would open up the pores and make it easier to remove hair without risking ingrowing.

Don’t Forget the Moisturizer

After each shave, don’t spare your moisturizer. Use a lot of it to keep your skin healthy and free from dryness.

Use Sharp, Clean Blades and Shaving gel

Sharp blades make it easier to shave along the grain without having to swipe too many times. Also, make sure your blades are well disinfected, and feel free to add shaving gel. The combination makes shaving a wonderful experience.

Here are some shaving gels to consider:

Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel 

This Lubricating shave gel from Aveeno helps to prevent razor bumps, nicks, and cuts. It is enriched with moisturizing lubricants, vitamin E, and oats that moisturize and relieve dryness. This therapeutic formula is effective in preventing razor bumps from shaving.

It is odorless, won’t irritate sensitive skin, and is also non-comedogenic, so very safe for acne-prone skin.

Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel

The Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel Contains aloevera and is formulated to be safe on highly sensitive skin. It contains moisturizers and lubricants that provide exceptional razor glide and an excellent shaving experience for those wanting a close and clean shave.

Its cooling elements leave your skin refreshed after the shaving session.

Harry’s Shave Gel

The Harry’s shave gel lathers into a creamy shaving foam that helps the razor glide effortlessly over the skin, assuring a close and satisfying shave. It contains natural ingredients, such as aloe and cucumber, which moisturize and rejuvenates the skin. It comes in an excellent foaming bottle package, which is very convenient to use. A small quantity is enough for an extraordinary and long-lasting shaving experience. 

Men with sensitive skin have highly recommended it. 

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

If you have already noticed the red bumps and are in a dilemma as to how to get rid of them, then keep reading, this section is for you. With the right care and attention, the bumps will leave in no time.

Granted, you may need to reduce your desire to get them cleared overnight or in an instant, but if you do the right things, you’ll win this war fast. So let’s see what you can do to get rid of razor bumps.

Moisturize the Bumps Quickly

As soon as you notice razor bumps on your newly shaved skin get moisturizer quickly and apply. This will help to reduce dryness and serve as a balm to your skin. 

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a universal cure and it works for many things including razor bumps. Although research is still ongoing about the effect of Aloe Vera in a situation like this, you can be sure that you would at least get some soothing.

Here we recommend the following aloe vera gel :

Pure Aloe Vera Gel Lotion

The Pure Aloe Vera Gel Lotion from Premium Nature is known for its healing properties for centuries. It is excellent for those who have had a lousy shaving session that ended in scrapes, burns, or cuts. It works rapidly to regenerate skin cells and heals the wounds quickly.

Apart from healing, it can also be used as a general moisturizer for the aftershave regime. It leaves the skin supple & soft.

It is an excellent treatment for those exposed to psoriasis, eczema, poison ivy, or other forms of skin rashes. It relieves the itching and burning or rashes.

Apply a Cool Compress or Cold Water

A cool compress or a splash of cold water will help cool the area and give you some comfort while you apply the treatment.

 A Coconut Oil Massage Will Help

Coconut oil is well known as a natural antiseptic. A gentle but thorough massage with coconut oil on the bump area will surely go a long way as a razor bump cure.

Alternatively, you can buy cream for razor bumps. Look for creams that contain hydrocortisone as those are the best.

Creams to Consider for Razor Bumps

1. Razor Bump Stopper Solution 

The Razor Bump Stopper Solution by ESTETIST is an excellent after-shave fix for irritated skin. It works against ingrown hairs and keeps skin hydrated and moisturized.

Its skin lightening formula reduces the appearance of era spots and hyperpigmentation apart from restoring elasticity and improving the complexion. 

The unique packaging makes it very convenient for everyday use. It is even safe to use on the thighs, bikini area, face, neck, and armpits.

The best part is that it is cruelty-free and not tested on Animals.

2. Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution


The Tend Skin solution is an excellent post-shaving toner for both men and women. It cures and razor bumps from shaving or waxing. It’s formula is safe to use on sensitive areas like the underarms, bikini lines, chin, neck, or even the face. It works as a reliable toner for hydrating the skin post a rough shave session or even otherwise. It makes the skin glow and reduces the appearance of age signs and wrinkles with consistent use. It works well as a makeup remover too.

The Tend Skin solution is an excellent post-shaving toner for both men and women. It cures and razor bumps from shaving or waxing. It’s formula is safe to use on sensitive areas like the underarms, bikini lines, chin, neck, or even the face. It works as a reliable toner for hydrating the skin post a rough shave session or even otherwise. It makes the skin glow and reduces the appearance of age signs and wrinkles with consistent use. It works well as a makeup remover too.

3. Shaveworks The Cool Fix- For Razor Bumps 

The Shaveworks gel lotion is perfect for both men and women. Not just shave, it is safe to use on any body part after a shave session to avoid the razor bumps and relieve any rashes and cuts. It comes in a paraben-free and odorless formula that works for all skin types without any side effects. It contains glycolic and salicylic acid that helps to exfoliate the skin apart from reducing redness and burning. 

Perhaps you have sensitive skin and have tried all of these and still can’t get rid of razor bumps, you may need to use alternative methods of getting your hair off. One good alternative is resorting to laser shaving or waxing. Whatever you do, just keep those razor bumps away. They are never worth the stress.

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