If you’ve been reading our site for a while now, you no doubt have gotten some advice on how to maintain a beard to keep it looking its best.

Those guys that can’t grow a great beard may be feeling left out.

So, for you, the patchy bearded brothers, I put together this list of some excellent facial hair growth products to help put you on the path to bearded excellence.

Some of them are all natural for the guys that like to go homeopathic. Some are chemical for the guy that wants a great beard at all costs. And some are unorthodox for the guy that thinks outside the box.

Basically, there is a facial hair growth product for everybody. So, take a dive into this article to learn more about how to go from basic to bearded in just a few steps!

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, then just check out these three beard growth products on Amazon:

What to look for in a beard growth product

There are a lot of bold claims made by manufacturers of hair growth products. Whether for beards or for your hair loss.

Sifting through those claims can be a bit of a minefield.

So, there are some things to look for, especially when talking about natural hair growth products.

Here is a list of some of the things you need to know before you can choose a product that will likely work for you.

Supplements Ingredients

The best thing you can do when buying a facial hair growth product is make sure it has a lot of vitamins that will benefit your beard.

To grow facial hair, or any hair for that matter, you need to treat the entire problem and making sure your skin and hair get the nutrients they need will help grow hair fuller, and faster. And as a bonus, the beard will look healthier.

Vitamins A, E and C all nourish your hair follicle and help to grow stronger and denser hair.

If you are taking a supplement, it should contain zinc and biotin as those give facial hair the essential building blocks that it needs to grow.

Another ingredient, folic acid hair growth can come from diet or supplements.

Natural Topical Treatments

Basically what I am talking about are beard oils. These oils should be all natural and have carrier oils and essential oils that all contribute to beard health and will help grow a fuller and thicker beard.

Carrier oils should not just be a way to get the smaller doses of essential oil to your skin and facial hair, but also act to encourage growth.

Oils like castor, jojoba and coconut all have properties that can stimulate blood flow which helps nourish the hair and makes it grow better, and can also kill any bacteria that might be clogging pores, inhibiting the beard growth.

Added to those carrier oils are essential oils like rosemary, peppermint and tea tree, that would be too strong to put directly on the face, but are necessary for growing a bead.

Chemical Topical Treatments

As I mentioned, there are a lot of companies that claim they can regrow hair. But the only drug that is actually proven is Minoxidil.

The difference between natural products like beard oils or supplements and products like Rogaine, is that the natural products treat symptoms that are likely inhibiting your hair growth and not actually growing hair where there wouldn’t be any.

Minoxidil will actually grow hair. Any brand that does not contain Minoxidil is not going to work. Full stop.

Best Beard Growth Products


Growing a fuller beard by treating your hair from the inside out is a good way to hedge your bets. I wouldn’t necessarily only use a supplement and expect great results. But, if you take some supplements in conjunction with other facial hair growth products, then you’re giving your beard a great shot at glory.

Delta Genesis Beard Grow XL | Facial Hair Supplement

If you read the last section, then you saw the must haves when it comes to supplements.

Beard Grow XL has all of those and more.

Folic acid hair growth vitamins are in full force, plus saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is really important in a facial hair growth product as it promotes hair regeneration by activating signals for the hair to go into a growth phase.

Vitamins A,E and C are present to nourish the hair, then it gets another big boost with B12 and biotin. Pretty much everything is covered. Between reinforcing the building blocks necessary for strong, healthy hair to supplying nutrients the follicles need to look fuller.

This supplement works quickly. Expect to see results in about a month as your body absorbs the vitamins and nutrients.

Beard Growth Oil

Using an all natural remedy to grow your beard is always a good idea. Not only will you see your beard grow better, but it also has a lot of other beneficial effects.

Your beard will be more manageable and soft. It will appear fuller and have a much healthier sheen to it.

If you’re often jealous of others beards, then it will be your turn to have others admire yours! Even if it doesn’t grow in as spectacularly as some, it will look a million times better.

Polished Gentleman Organic Beard Growth Oil for Men

Absolutely packed with all the essentials this Polished Gentlemans beard oil is sure to leave your beard happy and healthy. As a bonus, you should see some decent beard growth.

Guys with patchy beards will see some growth in the thinner areas. If you leave your beard to grow long, then you will notice a much fuller beard than you thought possible.

The main carrier oil is argan oil. This is one of the best things you can put on your skin and hair.

It has loads of fatty acids, linoleic acids, and antioxidants which keep your hair strong, but it also helps regenerate cells, so this can give a boost to damaged hair that isn’t growing well.

The argan oil won’t grow hair where there wasn’t any before, but there is also castor oil and rosemary essential oil that will clear the skin of any bacteria. Clogged pores that aren’t growing any hair, will suddenly be open to allow a root to grow.

If you have acne, that may be responsible for your beard not growing well, so tea tree oil and castor oil together will eliminate any acne or beardruff that is slowing your growth down.

How to apply

To properly use any beard oil, you should have a beard brush or comb to evenly distribute the oil to all the hair.

Once you have your beard brush or come ready, put about a dime sized portion of oil into the palm of your hand. Rub it into your hands and then rub it into your beard.

Start with skin as your beard oil needs to treat your face as well as your hair. Vigorously rub it into your beard, working your way from the skin to the ends of the hairs.

Wash your hands off and then use the comb or brush through your beard.

Do this in the morning and let it condition your beard throughout the day.

Within a couple of days you will see your beard looking healthier, with a good sheen on it. It will also be softer and more manageable.

After a few weeks to a month, you may start to see some growth. But, the full results won’t be seen for longer than that.


Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss

If you want to bring out the big guns to grow a full beard, then Rogaine is the answer.

It contains Minoxidil which is the only drug that the FDA says will actually work to regrow hair.

How well does it work on the beard?

There is no set number to really go by since it was formulated to work on your head, but it claims to be 25% more effective than any other hair growth product.

The way it works is like this: it penetrates into the skin and sends a signal to shrunken hair follicles to start regrowing again. Short, wispy hair, will then begin to grow new, thicker follicles.

If you have a patchy beard that has a lot of areas with thin hair that doesn’t grow very long, then you will likely see a good amount of better growth.

What it can’t do is grow hair where there isn’t any already growing. You can only grow hair where there is already a root. What this means is that your mileage will vary depending on the reason your beard is not growing.

You’re likely to see your beard actually get thinner when you begin using it for a couple of weeks as the thin hairs will fall out to make room for the new growth.

Give it a couple of months and you should see some decent results.

The downside is that when you stop taking it, you will lose whatever beard gains you had. So, in essence, you are stuck using it for the lifespan of your beard.

Laser hair growth

Now, we’re getting into some new territory and talking about some laser hair growth products that may be effective on your beard.

There is some science behind this so it is not only in the realm of science fiction or some kind of snake oil.

This is a more expensive treatment than any of the others I recommended, so make sure you are really committed to using this type of therapy.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been cleared for use by the FDA not only as being safe, but also that it is potentially effective.

It doesn’t work for everybody and it won’t show dramatic results, but if you use this in addition to other products, like supplements and beard oil, then you are likely to see some positive results.

HairMax Prima Laser Hair Growth Comb

I know that looking at the price for this can be a bit of a shock. However, don’t be tempted to go cheap. You’ll see some wild claims by other “laser” hair combs for less then $50, but they are not the real deal and you’re only throwing your money away with those.

The HairMax uses actual lasers similar to the ones used by medical professionals.

It uses 9 medical-grade lasers and not LED pulsing light like the cheap versions.

It has been clinically proven to improve hair growth so it isn’t some fly by night operation. It has been cleared by the FDA as safe to use and effective.

If you decide to go for this or other laser hair growth combs and use a folic acid hair growth supplement or beard oil in addition, then you could see some results that will have you satisfied.

It’s easy to use, you only need to use it 10 minutes per day.

The way it works is that the lasers penetrate into the skin and hair. They activate the hair follicles to start growing again which stimulates new hair growth.

The older, wispy and thin hair gets strengthened and grows in thicker and fuller.

And, it essentially stops or limits any hair loss.

That last part doesn’t generally affect the beard too much as thin beards are not usually the result of hair falling out.

It may take a few months before you see any positive changes to your beard. Patience is the key to growing your beard, anyway, not just when using a laser hair growth tool so just let it do what it needs to do.

In any case, if having a full, thick and more dense beard means a lot to you then you can probably justify the price.

What else can you do to improve your beard growth?

To really kick your beard growth into overdrive, not only should you be using a combination of facial hair growth products, but also a few other things.

  • Beard grooming – The point in grooming your beard is not just to make your beard hair look nice, it also will improve facial hair growth, too. By brushing it out and combing it, you are helping to smooth it out and prevent damage to the follicles that can lead to hair loss.
  • Diet – If you are taking a supplement, then you are likely getting plenty of vitamins and nutrients that will help your beard. But, you can give the pills an edge by also eating foods like oysters for their zinc, meat, fish and eggs for the protein and spinach and other greens for the Omega 3. Treat your overall health seriously and it will translate into a better beard.
  • Sleep – Yes, beauty sleep is an actual thing. When you get rest, your cells have a chance to rebuild and regenerate. This will actually help your beard grow faster. If your beard is patchy when it is short, then speeding up the growing process by getting plenty of rest will speed up your facial hair growth.
  • Work out – Getting the blood flowing to your skin is very important for hair growth. The blood brings the nutrients to the follicle that will help it grow stronger and faster. If you are taking supplements then you can make sure they are effective by helping the blood bring them to the beard.

Final Thoughts

All this might seem complicated and take a long time, plus cost a lot of money.

The thing to take away from this article about facial hair growth is to try to settle on something that is going to work for you.

Though you should take it seriously if you want to see some good results, you don’t have to do absolutely everything.

Start out with a simple game plan that involves one or a couple of the products and go from there. You may see the results you wanted without having to try everything.

If something doesn’t seem to be working, switch things up.

The one rule is to be patient.

None of the products are going to work overnight.

Folic acid hair growth supplements are going to need to be processed by the body along with the other nutrients.

Oils will need to be absorbed into the skin.

And, a laser hair growth comb will take a while for the treatments to work.

No matter what, your patience will be rewarded by a beard that looks much better than it had, and as a bonus you may even see some growth.

If you need some help deciding which route to take, then ask us anything by making a comment in the box below.

We are always here to help!

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