When it comes to electric shavers, it is hard to beat the Braun Series. For foil shaver enthusiasts, they are usually considered the top of the line.

The Braun Series 7 790cc is one of my favorite Braun electric razors, so I want to go over all the reasons why I think you’ll love this razor, too.

It isn’t the cheapest foil razor out there, but you get what you pay for. For the features and performance that it offers, you would definitely expect to pay more.

Let’s dive into the Braun Series 7 790cc review so you can see if it is the right fit for you.

790cc | The Design

In many cases, the aesthetics of a product does nothing more than please the eye. In the case of Braun electric shavers, they not only look pretty, but they are ergonomic. This makes them easier to use based on their good looks.

The thin handle fits easy in the hand and sports a rubber grip along the sides, giving you a secure hold when it is wet.

It has a futuristic look with LED lights that indicate battery strength and when it needs to be cleaned.

Besides a power button, there is also a button to choose between five different shaving modes. These range from gentle to turbo.

Wet or Dry Use

The Braun shaver series 7 is 100% waterproof, so you can literally bring it in the shower with you to shave.

It can also be used with a shaving cream or gel and pre shave oil. When you’re done, whether you used it wet or dry, you simply rinse it under the faucet to clean it off.

The beautiful thing is that it cuts just as close whether you use it wet or dry.

The case with many electric razors is that they either perform better at dry over wet, or wet over dry but rarely do well at both.

Braun has a system that works no matter what.

How the Braun Shaver Series 7 Performs

One of the many reasons it works as well whether it is running wet or dry is the way the shaving heads are designed.

4 Shaving Elements

There are four factors that will contribute to it being a much closer shave than other razors.

There are two shaving heads covered with Optifoil. This is foil that is not only very thin, but is very gentle on sensitive skin.

The foil has bigger, and less uniform holes for the hair to enter to get cut by the blades underneath. For some reason, the irregular shape of the holes also helps cut the hair more easily.

In between the two heads is a Activelift Trimmer. This lifts the hairs as it passes over them to feed them into the shaving heads.

This is ideal for guys with hair that grows in multiple directions. Lifting the hair is essential in allowing the blades to cut at the very base for a super smooth shave.

Then the Skinguard smoothes out the skin after the hairs have been cut to reduce any irritation.

The heads also have an auto sense so the razor understands how thick the hair is and adjusts its power accordingly.

All this adds up to not needing to go over the same spot multiple times to shave the beard.

8-D Contour Adaptation

To really help get all the hair quickly, the shaving heads are flexible and floating to hug every contour of your face.

This also makes it very gentle on the skin since you won’t need to press down so hard to get the blades close.

Plus, the head is pivoting to really make it easy to reach every little nook and cranny of your face.

Intelligent Sonic

Another important feature that helps to get a very close shave is the fact that it pulsates at 10,000 micro vibrations per minute.

This helps the foil capture more hair so you can make fewer passes to get the same amount of hairs per pass.

Add 30,000 cross-cutting actions per minute and it is amazing to think how much technology went into the design to make it an incredible smooth and close shave.

Pop Up Detail Trimmer

To line up your beard or trim around your sideburns, there is a handy pop out trimmer. It is neatly tucked away to not take up any space and with the flick of a button, it pops out perpendicular and ready to use.

Truth be told, even though I think there is nothing wrong with the blade, it doesn’t seem to be as sturdy an operation as you get on the older Braun Series 3.

It’s nice having an all in one option, but it just doesn’t feel very high end. With how high tech the rest of the razor is, this feels a bit like an afterthought.

Self Cleaning Station

To really add to how easy this is to use, to give it a deep clean, with lubrication, and with disinfectant alcohol all you have to do is put it on its charging station. Yes, it cleans it while it charges.

After you rinse the hair off, you just up end the razor and drop it in place with the shaving heads plugged into the cleaning solution. Then it is disinfected, lubed, charged and ready to go the next day.

To use this feature, you just put in a cleaning cartridge. It is self contained with the cleaning liquid so there is no mess with filling it.

I suppose the downside is that it is another cost you need to be aware of that will be ongoing if you want to use the cleaning feature. Which you should.

It not only will give you a hygienic shave, but the lubricating feature also keeps it working better and for longer by taking care of the operation of the blades.

Is the Braun 790cc Worth It?

All of the bells and whistles mean nothing if you aren’t getting a superior shave. Especially considering the price. Not that the Braun shaver series 7 isn’t worth the money.

If you consider how far above the competition is for the same price, then it is worth every penny.

From the attention to detail when it comes to the design of the shaving heads to lift the hair before cutting it. To the high tech pulsating feature to make it cut more hair in less passes. To how it can sense the type of beard and react smartly, I mean I could keep going on about the Braun 790cc.

It’s just an awesome razor.

The only downside is the pop up trimmer, but I have yet to meet on that I liked on any electric shaver I have reviewed anyway. It’s the way it is I suppose.

If you have sensitive skin, and have shied away from electric razors, then you need to give this one a shot.

You’ll get just as close a shave as you would with a cartridge razor and it won’t leave you red faced and uncomfortable.

I have no problem ever recommending a Braun electric shaver and the Braun Series 7 790cc is certainly no exception.

If you’re on the fence for any reason, reach out with any questions by dropping a line in the box below. I am here to help!

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