Let’s define what I mean by short haircuts for men before I really get too deep into the article.

When you think of men’s short hairstyles, you probably think of crew cuts or buzzcuts.

While those are typical hairstyles for guys with short hair, they hardly tell the whole story.

For the sake of this article, I am going to describe any haircut for men that is short on the sides. So, the top can be a bit long, like a pompadour or undercut and still make the cut.

Why go for short hairstyles for men?

There are two very good reasons to go for a short haircut.

The first, and most obvious, is that hairstyles for guys with short hair look really good.

It doesn’t matter what your hair type is or what the shape of your face is either. Chances are pretty good that your short haircut will suit you.

Another great reason is that they are easy to maintain.

You’re really only needing to style the top of your hair, and even then maybe not depending on how short you keep it.

If you go for the messy look on top, you can pretty much roll out of bed and be on your way!

I’ll add a third reason to the list.

You can get away with not getting your hair cut for a bit longer when you have a short hairstyle for men.

When I used to have hair, the thing that always bothered me was having hair touching my ears if I couldn’t get to the barber. You can avoid that by keeping it short.

Unless you are looking to keep a skin fade pretty tight, then you will end up going more often.

It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have. Curly, straight, Asian, Afro, there is a short hairstyle for you in this list!


You don’t have to be in the Peaky Blinders gang to rock the undercut.

This short haircuts for men has become a sort of catch all, as the top can be worn in different ways.

The basics of the cut are the sides are shaved up to a hard part on one side. On the opposite side, the sides, though still close cropped can be blended into the combed over hair, or buzzed up under where the top would hang.

There is no fade to it unless we’re talking about the bottom edges. It is not tapered in as it goes up, rather it is usually a single blade all the way up.

Textured Crop Haircut

If there is a short hairstyle for men that is starting to trend, then it is a textured crop cut.

Lately, more and more guys are going for a textured top.

A textured cut is one that is slightly layered, but rather than the layers on the side so it can be pushed back, the layers on top give the hair some shape.

In a way it gives the hair a messy look, but with more style.

If you like a cut that looks stylish with minimum fuss, then you will love getting a textured haircut for guys.

This works great as a short male haircut as it can be as short on the sides as you like. In the case of the guy in the picture here, it is faded on the sides going to the skin at the bottom.

Faux Hawk with Fade

You can go pretty short on top with a fauxhawk when the sides are nice and tight. As long as there is enough length to move the hair into a crest in the middle, that is.

This is a very versatile short haircuts for men as it resembles a mohawk but isn’t so extreme. It’s been a hit as a go to hairstyle for guys with short hair for over a decade now.

This mens short hairstyle works best when the sides are faded so it looks more like a mohawk, but one that can work in an office setting.

It can also work with any hair type. Guys with curly hair will appreciate the fact that they aren’t limited to a certain style.

You’ll need some product to get it to stay in position, but what kind depends on how thick your hair is and how long.

A pomade will do the trick.

Frohawk with Fade

As I mentioned, the fauxhawk is a mens short hairstyle that can work with any hair type, so that includes African American hair.

Called, appropriately the frohawk, this is one of the coolest short haircuts for men that is gaining traction lately.

Whether the top is picked out or in curls or ringlets, it can be worn a number of ways. It definitely requires a bit of length on top, so growing it out might take a while, but this short male haircut is almost always very tight on the sides.

Consider a drop fade down to the skin on the sides to really highlight the shape of the crest on top.

Disconnected Undercut with Long Slick Back

As I mentioned, undercuts lately have taken on many different styles. For guys looking for an undercut that is still a short hairstyle for men, then the disconnected undercut that is slicked back is a good option.

The only really problem with this short haircuts for men is that if you decide it doesn’t suit you, the sides are not blended into the top on either side. So, it will take a while to either grow it out to change it or to go very short on top and start over.

Either way, it is going to take a while.

If you think you’ll stick with it, then keep it rather long on top so it will naturally go back.

You’re obviously going to need some product to help keep it in place. And using a good hair dryer will help immensely.

French Crop for Men

An updated Caesar cut, the French crop is becoming an ever more popular short hairstyle for men.

It can be very short or faded on the sides, with the top long enough to get some texture.

The bangs are not cut in so tightly which give you a bit more versatility. You can even style it up a bit if it gets longer into a quiff.

Going back to the undercut, you can keep the sides disconnected from the top and maintain a cool looking messy French crop.

If you have wavy hair, it works perfectly with the messy, textured crop on top which can be styled any way you like.

Spiky Hair with Fade

I use the term spiky loosely for this short mens haircut. It can be a messy quiff and still classify as spiky.

With any spiky haircut, the nice thing is the spikes can be as high or short as you like. And if you don’t want the spikes one day then you can simply style it any way you like.

Which is another reason why I suggest doing a kind of less extreme spike like the quiff.

Again, the sides can be as short as you like, so many guys looking for a short haircuts for men often go with the fade to match the edgy look on top.

To keep it standing up, you should check out a hair wax.

Side Swept

A classic, throwback to the short male haircuts of the 60’s is the side swept.

It is not pure retro as it can be updated by going with an undercut or a razor fade on the sides.

The important thing is that the front is left long so it can be brushed back and to the side for a cool and very fashionable coif.

Similar but different from a pompadour, the side swept is not looking for height here. Just a bit of a wave in the front.

Caesar Cut

This short hairstyle for men has gone in and out of fashion every decade or so. It has been a bit updated to fit with a more modern version, but in essence, it is the same cut that Julius Casar wore over 2,000 years ago.

It’s a mens short hairstyle that is short on the sides, and top, but long enough to brush forward. Then the bangs are either cut straight across or in the case of the late great Roman, textured in front.

To modernize the cut, it should be textured on top instead of smoothly being slicked forward. Of course, you can wear it that way of you want, but the texture gives it a more stylish appeal.

You can go with or without product depending on the look you are going for, and the texture of your hair.

Final Thoughts on Short Hairstyles for Men

If you’re looking for a classic short haircuts for men, then this short list should get you started.

If you want to get your barber to give you one of these cuts, make sure you bring a picture from the list.

One thing to keep in mind, though is that not all of these mens short hairstyles will work for everybody. In most cases, since it is a short and uncomplicated haircut, then it should work out, but think of it as giving your barber a guideline to follow.

If your hair is fine it may not take a lot of texture. Likewise, if it is thinning.

Very thick hair or straight hair might not get you a classic side-swept hairstyle.

Keep an open mind and let your barber decide if it will work for you or not.

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