I used to shave my head bald with a razor. I have since moved on and now use a clipper, but that’s another story for another day.

I still get asked quite a bit about how to shave your head with a razor and which is the best razor for shaving head.

Shaving your own head is not difficult, but it does take the right tool based on your needs and preferences.

Is the best razor electric, cartridge or safety? I used to just use a cartridge razor as it was easy, but somebody else might think electric is better.

In this article, I will go into each type of head razor and see which one you think may be best for you.

Here’s a quick list of the best razors for men with shaved heads:

Should you shave your head?

If you are in the preliminary stages of researching how to shave your head, then this is the question at the forefront of your mind.

As a barber, I get this question several times per day. It is easily the most frequent question I get as more and more guys are dealing with male pattern baldness. Coming in second place for the most asked question is which is the best razor for men to shave head.

I don’t recommend shaving your head to every guy that is losing his hair. It really depends on your personal style and looks.

As for myself, I found that I didn’t like the shaved look for my head so much and began to use clippers with a #000 blade which got close to bald but still gives me some stubble to frame my face.

This isn’t to say you may not look good, it just boils down to your own personal preference.

One thing to remember that is if you don’t like the shaved look, you can always let it grow back in. As it grows you may find a buzzed length you like.

The other point I will make is that if you think you would like to shave your head then just go for it. You really have nothing to lose.

But, if you do decide to shave your head, you should read my full and detailed guide on how to look good bald.

Benefits of shaving your head

Going bald is not the end of the world. I have been bald for over 15 years and don’t think I would grow my hair back if I could. It’s part of my identity and I think I like being bald better than having hair at this point.

Here are a few advantages to shaving your head:

1-It hides the fact that you’re losing your hair

This may sound counterintuitive, but when there is no trace of hair, nobody knows that you have male pattern baldness. When you are losing your hair it stands out.

There are plenty of people that shave their head bald even when they have a full head of hair.

If you are one of those people that does this, then congratulations, you have earned the ire of every bald guy in the world that would love to have a full head of hair!

Seriously, though, if you don’t have a widow’s peak or have wispy, weak hairs on your head, then it doesn’t look the same as going bald when you have shaved it all off.

2-Easier maintenance

Notice how I didn’t say no maintenance. You’ll still be shaving every few days to keep the bald look going.

What you won’t be doing is primping and spending a lot of time in front of the mirror trying to get your hair just right.

No more trying to blow dry your hair into place. No more trying to use a styling product to get your hair to cooperate.

Shaving your head is as simple as it gets. Just shave it when you are taking a shower and then you don’t even have to think about it again.

3-Look younger

This kind of only applies to guys that were balding and not the ones who voluntarily shaved it off.

When you are losing your hair, people often think you are older. Especially if you are in your twenties as people usually associate balding with age. Shaving it off eliminates that giveaway and it becomes hard to determine what your age is. If your hair was gray, that likely made people assume your age just as much as your balding.

Now you don’t ever have to contemplate dying your hair to look younger.

4-Keeps cool and comfortable

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a cool breeze blowing over your scalp on a hot day.

When you are out and about and moving around, your hair can end up trapping your body heat and making you feel much hotter. A bald head lets that heat escape and keeps you naturally cool.

5-No more hat head

When I was losing my hair I could not wear a hat. Ever.

It didn’t matter how cold it was, there was no way I was going to risk messing up the hard work I had put into getting my hair to look right.

Now, I can wear a hat wherever I want for however long I want. I never have to worry about my hair getting messed up.

6-Easier to keep clean

Keeping your head clean is so easy when there is no hair there. And showers take a fraction of the time. No more washing, rinsing and repeating.

You don’t have to worry about what to do when you have pomade in your hair and can’t wash it out. You can go right to bed after a shower without needing to dry your hair.

Life is just easier.

7-You’ll look more confident

It takes a certain amount of balls to up and shave your head. And people will definitely take notice of the fact when you show up with your shiny pate.

Trying to cover up your bald spots makes you look very insecure. Shaving it off says exactly the opposite. You looked at your problem right in the eye and decided it was not going to govern you any longer.

It also makes you feel confident. It feels good to receive some positive attention for your once, or your lack of it more precisely.

This is easily the greatest benefit of shaving your head.

What will I look like bald?

Right after people ask me if they should shave their head they ask me how they will look bald?

Will I look good bald or will I look funny?

The first time I shaved my head I thought I looked ridiculous and I would say most guys feel the same.

I really don’t think anybody looks funny bald, but it does take some getting used to.

For a few days it will feel funny and you probably will regret the decision a couple of times. If you are patient you will eventually realize that you don’t actually look weird but just needed time to settle into the new look.

If you are very concerned about how you will look then I recommend shaving your head with clippers first. A number 2 blade will leave about a quarter of an inch of hair on your head so it is close enough to see what you will look like bald without fully committing.

You may want to grow a beard or goatee when you shave your head so you have something that defines your face. We have a full article about it that you can read by clicking that link.

What you need before you shave your head

With any shave, whether it is your head or your beard, you need to prepare your skin and hair to be shaved.

The right prep will make for a very smooth, safe and effective shave.

If it is your first time shaving your head, you need to trim your hair down to stubble. Don’t try to shave your hair when it is long. It won’t work. Even the best razor for men to shave your head won’t be able to shave long hair.

If you don’t have a set of clippers, you can go to your barber and have him trim it down first. After that, if you are shaving it regularly you won’t need the trimmers so it kind of pays to spend the money to have your barber do it the first time.

Your head needs to be wet down with hot water. You can do this right out of the shower then, or you can soak a towel in hot water and then wrap it around your head as a barber would.

Make sure it is wet enough to soak the hair but not so wet that it will be dripping down your head.

Leave it on for at least 5 minutes for the hair to soak up the water. This will make the hair easier to cut.

Next, have some pre-shave oil to lubricate the skin. It doesn’t matter if you are using a cartridge, electric or safety razor. Even the best razor for shaving head will need to be lubricated to make sure you aren’t nicking your head.

Now, which shaving cream you use is up to you, but I think doing a wet shave with brush and shaving soap is the way to go.

A shaving cream out of a can only lubricates, it doesn’t wet the hair or open up your pores for a smoother shave. Yes, it is easy to use and will provide a smooth shave, but not a close one.

You can read my article about how to do a wet shave here. This applies to your head as well as your face.

I would also have some styptic on hand like this powder from Amazon.com in case you end up cutting yourself. If you go slowly you won’t have any issues, but the first time don’t be surprised by a nick or cut or two.

Then when your shave is done just put some sunblock on your head. Your scalp will be very sensitive to the sun so you need to protect it.

The Best Razor for Shaving Head | Electric Razors

There are a few electric shavers out there just for the head like this Remington XR1400 Verso from Amazon.com that do a good job. But, what I don’t like are the rotary blades. I highly recommend using foil razors for your head. I think the rotary are not very good for the type of hair on your head and foil razors do a better job.

Here are two that I think stand out.

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 9 9290cc

Yes, the Braun Series 9 is pretty expensive, but if you’ll also be shaving your face, you’re going to get a lot of use out of it.

It is simply the best foil shaver out there and has a lot of features that make it ideal to use on your head. As for electric shavers, it is the best razor for men to shave your head.

Wet or Dry

By far the most convenient feature is the fact that it can be used wet or dry. If you plan to do it in the shower, then you will get excellent results.

Even if you want to do a wet shave routine with the brush and shaving soap out of the shower, you’ll be able to use this electric shaver.

Flexible Head

The head can pivot to be able to glide along the contours easily and smoothly. Your head may not have as many angular spots as your jaw, but it does get closer when it can conform to the contours.

It also makes it a smoother experience since it won’t dig into your scalp if you accidentally use too much pressure.

Highly Efficient Shaving

With pre trimmers to lift up the hair to be shaved, plus the fact it vibrates at 10,000 micro vibrations, it easily shaves your hair right down to the skin. This is great news for your scalp since it means you don’t have to keep going over the same spot which could cause irritation.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Just turn it on and get to work. It really doesn’t get any easier. There are no settings to mess with, no accessories needed and no blades to change.

Not only that but when you are done you charge it in a cleaning dock. It automatically cleans all the hair and dead skin cells that get into the blade and then disinfects itself.

Andis Shaver Profoil

This is the electric shaver that I have used in the barbershop for years. It is a simple, no frills operation but works great for a very low price. It will hold up for years and is the best razor for men on a budget who want to shave their head dry.

Dry Operation

This is for the guys that don’t want to shave in the shower or bother with shaving cream or head prep.

Sometimes you just want to get right to work and this fits the bill.

It is easy on the skin due to the foil and makes quick work of your hair. It really gets right down to a very smooth and close shave.

Easy to Use

There is one button on this. You turn it on and you turn it off. That’s it.

For guys that love doing it the minimalist way it really ticks that box. It just does what you need it to do and that’s it.

It charges by way of a plug and not a charging dock and you get about 80 minutes off of a charge.

The slim profile of the body makes it very ergonomic so you can grip it from multiple angles.

Very Close Shave

The blades under the foil are extremely sharp so you don’t need to keep going over the same spot multiple times to get a close shave.


Somewhat unique to the Andis Profoil, especially for the price, is the fact that it has a rotary motor. This gives you not only a very quiet operation, but it gives you very good cutting ability.

If you want to know more about this razor then follow the link to read the full Profoil review.

Cartridge Razors

Sometimes nothing beats an easy to use regular old razor in cartridge form. With 5 blades, or even more, you can do quick work of your head with very little fuss. The best razor for men that want to keep it simple and just get the job done.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

It seems a bit funny to be promoting Gillette as if they need promotion. Pretty much everybody all over the globe knows Gillette razors.

When it comes to the best razor for men to shave their heads, though, I think they deserve a special mention.

The Fusion Proglide has some features that make it ideal and the best razor for shaving head.


One of the biggest reasons I can recommend this as the best razor for head shaves is that it has the Flexball so it really follows the contours of the head. In fact, no other razor comes close to doing this. It can go side to side right around the head so easily.

You won’t be missing spots because of the way it can follow every curve.

5 Blades

I don’t usually like using cartridge razors because of the 5 blade system. I feel like it is comfortable but doesn’t get all the hair or very closely. This is not really a problem when it comes to your head. When you can’t see what you’re doing and have to work a hard to reach area, you can maintain blad to skin contact much better than with a single blade.


This is a very ice addition to cartridge razors as it adds a sort of pre trimmer to it. It can lift the hair to be fully cut by the blades so you actually get a closer cut.


The micro vibrations from the motor also help it to cut the hair easier so you aren’t doing multiple passes to get all the stubble shaved.

All in all, this is a very well designed razor that does an excellent job on your head. If you’re looking to make your life easier and just want a quick way to shave your head, then this is definitely the best razor blade system for shaving your head.

HeadBlade LE Moto

These funny looking type of head shavers may come off as gimmicky, but the odd design actually works.

Like a cross between a snowplow and a ski mobile, they can make quick work of your head getting you a very close and comfortable head shave. This type of razor has a loyal following and for some is the best razor for men with shaved heads.

Great Ergonomics

With a middle finger ring for grip, you simply cup your hand over the top of the razor. With it comfortably in the palm of your hand, you can glide the razor easily over the top of your head.

The body is narrow, which in this case is a good thing, so it makes it very easy to maneuver around the contours of the head.

Dual Axis Suspension

Sounding more like a car ad than a razor, the blade sits atop a pivot that can flex to the side and front to back to handle any bumps on your head and can keep the blade against the skin on all the curves.

Two Blade Choices

You get a choice of either having 4 blades or 6. I have to be honest that I don’t have experience with either so I can’t say what the best razor blades system would be for you. But, I think the 4 probably would be more than enough to give you a close and comfortable shave.

Overall, this is an excellent and comfortable way to shave your head which will give you some good results. I do think the Gillette Proglide is better, but there are those that prefer the way this type of razor operates.

Best Razor Blades for Shaving Head | DE Safety Razor

There are those that like to live dangerously and shave their head with a double edge safety razor. Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration. Done correctly a safety razor is not living dangerously.

But, there is a very big learning curve involved and it is not as easy as the other methods. If you do take the time to master shaving your head with a safety razor, then you’ll be rewarded with a very close shave that lasts longer than any other method.

MERKUR Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Razor

If you are going to go for using a safety razor to shave your head, then the best razor for men for that would be the Merkur Futur. It is one of the best double edge blade safety razors out there for shaving your face and has some nice features that make it a great candidate for best razor blade for your head too.


Depending on the design of the razor, some safety razors can be very aggressive and some more on the gentle side. Luckily you can adjust the Futur so you can make it as aggressive as you like. This is very helpful as the hair on your head can grow quite dense.

Though, on top, if your hair is thinning, you wouldn’t need it to be so aggressive. It is helpful to be able to tone it down just by twisting the handle to adjust the blade.

Easy to Load

The top of the razor pops out so you can just drop the double edge blade in there and then just pop the top back on.

Great Weight

The beautiful thing about using a safety razor is the weight will let the blade do the work. You barely have to apply any pressure. Gravity and the weight of the razor will take care of most of the work while you simply need to guide it.

No Ingrown Hairs

Many guys end up hating shaving their own head because they have to shave against the grain on the back of the head which leads to ingrown hairs. Since you can’t hold a razor to go down from the top of the head to the neck you have to go the opposite way and most people’s hair grows down and not up.

Using this safety razor is an excellent way to cut the hair so deep that it will help reduce the ingrown hairs you get from having to go against the grain.

Now, typically I make sure to let everybody know you shouldn’t shave against the grain. But this is a case where it is simply unavoidable.

You’ll need to do a wet shave routine with the brush and shaving soap to do this the right way. I wouldn’t ever use regular shaving cream out of a can. So it does take longer to shave with a safety razor.

The results speak for themselves though. You cannot get as close a shave on your head as you can with the Futur. And if you are also shaving your face, it is one of the best razor for men overall.

Final Thoughts

Now you have no reason to not shave your head. I highlighted many different types of razors that will get the job done.

What is the best razor for men to shave their head? Well, you’ll have to think about how they work and decide which one you think will suit your style.

Want a quick shave to be on your way faster? Then the best razor blades will be the cartridge system like the Gillette Proglide.

Want a no frills way to shave without making a big mess or needing to take a shower for 30 minutes? Then the best razor is the Andis Profoil.

And if you love the idea of doing it old school and are not in a rush? Well, the Futur has you covered as the best razor blades for shaving your head.

Do you have any questions about shaving your head or any of these products? Let me know by adding a comment to the box below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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