I remember the first time a guy came into the barbershop and asked us if we sold mustache wax.

I almost laughed because it seemed like just a blast from the past. As if anybody would need mustache wax. This guy looked like an extra from Boogie Nights and this was mid-2000’s. Well before the beard thing had made a comeback.

Needlessly to say we sent him on his way and had a laugh about it.

Who’s laughing now? Probably that guy.

If we hadn’t thought it was a joke and had started making our own mustache wax we would have been ahead of the curve and making boatloads of cash right now.

That odd story out of the way, you’re probably wondering how to make mustache wax work for you.

In this article, I will review a few of the best mustache waxes out there and give you a guide on how to use it properly.


One of the most popular waxes out there is this one from Fisticuffs.

I think it is a good product and does a good job, but I firmly believe the best cosmetics are all natural and don’t need any synthetics and especially not any petroleum based ingredients.

Unfortunately, this has petroleum jelly. This is a very common ingredient in even the best mustache wax as it keeps the wax pliable and easy to apply.

So, if you are not concerned with the fact that it is not all natural, then you’ll join the ranks of guys who swear by Fisticuffs.

In this small half ounce tin, you get a very malleable and easy to apply wax. It coats the hair evenly with only a tiny rice sized dose.

The principal oils are jojoba and coconut oil. Both are exceptional for your facial hair. Jojoba simulates your sebum which is the natural oil your body produces that coats your facial hair and keeps it hydrated. When you have a long beard or mustache the sebum is not enough so jojoba is very important.

Tea tree oil is also featured and does a great job at keeping bacteria at bay as it disinfects your skin and hair.

The scent is citrus and rosemary for a nice floral and bright fragrance.

Mountaineer Brand

If sticking with natural ingredients in your grooming products is important to you, then you’ll be happy with this mustache wax from Mountaineer brand.

There is a lot to like with this wax, especially considering it is one of the largest at 2 ounces per tin. They give you a ton more than the competition and the price is still really low. This will last you months if not a year.

Besides beeswax, the oils present are sweet almond and coconut to hydrate and fortify your facial hair.

The scent comes from essential oils from blood orange and clove for a citrusy, yet earthy spice aroma. It is light to not overpower but strong enough to give you a little pep of aromatherapy.

To round out it being all natural, you can use it with confidence as it contains no parabens, no dyes or artificial fragrances.

And it works great. There is no downside to using natural ingredients.

Even without petroleum jelly, it is easy to apply. You just need to lightly warm it in your fingers and it will become malleable enough to evenly spread it around.

Primary Medium Hold Can You Handlebar

A classic among mustache enthusiasts is this all natural wax from Can You Handlebar. Just as the one from Mountaineer Brand, this contains no petroleum jelly.

It is a bit stiffer than Mountaineer versions so it does take some heating to be able to spread it.

This 1 ounce tin is a bit on the expensive side, but again, a little goes a long way. A tiny amount is more than you need to keep your hair in place.

It is a Primary grade wax and will last up to 8 hours. It gives a medium hold so it can be made to move throughout the day if you decide to change the style up from time to time.

Since it contains no harsh ingredients, it can be used every day.

Shea butter leaves your mustache soft and supple so it isn’t just for shaping and styling your facial hair. It is also really healthy to use it often.

There are no essential oils in it for fragrance so it only offers up a very muted scent from the oils blends. No fragrance really at all.

What Is It?

Mustache wax is a styling agent as well as a way to get the nutrients and moisture into your facial hair for a healthy and glowing mustache.

It will not only style your whisker, but it also protects it from the elements. Your facial hair is assaulted on a daily basis from air pollution, hard water, chlorine, sunlight and yes, even the food you eat and things you drink.

To keep your stache on point, a wax is essential.

Does everybody need to use it?

Not every mustache needs to absolutely have wax, but in just about every case it is a very good idea to use it. Not just for the styling, but also for the nourishment, hydration, and protection as I mentioned.

It is never too early or too late to start using it so if you are on the fence, I suggest diving right in and going for it.

What’s In It?

Wax is only one component of what a mustache wax is. A pretty important one as that makes up half of the name. But, there is way more to it than just that.

There are a lot of different kinds of waxes so it isn’t like you can take a candle and put it on your upper lip.

Beeswax is the most predominant but there are some others as well. The important thing is that it is malleable at room temperature so it can be easily applied but not so loose that it won’t stay in place.

Your mustache needs the wax to stay in place, but since you’re going to put something on, it should do double duty.

In other words, it is the perfect opportunity to fortify the wax with some oils that will help nourish the hair of your stache.

Your mustache will feel softer and have a healthy sheen with the right ingredients.

Typical Ingredients

 The basic makeup of the best mustache wax that will also condition your whiskers is kind of like this:

  • Wax – Usually beeswax, but can also be candelilla wax for vegans. There are synthetics that you should avoid like paraffin and petrolatum.
  • Carrier Oil – This is a neutral oil that can give your mustache hair the nutrients it needs and also hydrates. Some examples are olive oil, argan oil, jojoba and coconut oil.
  • Essential Oil – This is sort of an optional ingredient as a lot of the time you only need the carrier oil. Many essential oils can do this like disinfect the hair and skin or bring nutrients to the hair. Most of the time they are used for their scent. Popular oils include peppermint, rosemary, lemon, tea tree oil.

There Are 2 Different Types

Primary Wax

This is your standard everyday wax. It is malleable, with varying degrees depending on brand, and can be used every day. It will generally last about 8 hours and can be used to style or train your mustache.

Secondary Wax

Unless you are going to enter a mustache competition, you really won’t be needing this grade of wax. This is a very thick and stiff wax that can keep your whiskers in place for more than double the time that a primary one can manage. This is a bit harder to work with so if you feel like you are not getting the hold you are looking for, it may be better to try a firmer hold Primary over going for a harder to use Secondary.

How to Apply

Since mustache wax is primarily wax as opposed to a beard balm that contains wax as a secondary ingredient, it will be a little hard to manage. To get around this, you’ll need to warm it a bit to get it soft enough to spread evenly on your facial hair.

There are several ways you can warm it to get it malleable enough to spread it.

You can run it under a faucet of warm water for a minute to soften it. Obviously, make sure the tin is completely closed to avoid getting water into it. Water won’t hurt it as it is not water soluble, but it just makes a mess if it gets wet.

Another method is to heat it with a hair dryer. Use the medium heat and low speed settings and just let it blow over the wax until it looks like it is getting soft. This will only take a few seconds, so pay attention. Don’t heat it until it becomes liquified as that will be harder to apply evenly.

Or, you can simply keep your tin of wax in your pants pocket. Your body heat will be more than enough to soften the wax.

Your stache should be dry when you apply it to make sure the oils can be absorbed into your mustache. And never use any beard oil or balm before using a wax as it will end up dissolving the wax. Wax is not water soluble but is oil soluble.


How to Train Your Mustache

If you’re going to have a mustache and use mustache wax, then you need to train it to make sure it looks the way you have in mind. You don’t have to go full handlebar to need to train it, either.

The point of a mustache wax is to have it styled a certain way and to keep it out of your mouth if you want it to be full and long.

To do this you need to train the hair to grow in a certain direction.

Just like your head, your mustache has a growth pattern. With some patience and the right product you can pretty much change the growth pattern and tame your whiskers to the point it grows the way you want it to.

What You’ll Need

Mustache Comb

It may seem like you can use any ordinary comb for your mustache, but this is not true. It would damage your mustache if you use the same plastic one you use on your head hair.

Plastic combs will shred your facial hair as the teeth almost always have some rough edges. You’ll also generate static electricity that will make it harder to control your facial hair.

Use a mustache comb made out of either wood or resin that won’t damage the hair. They also feature rounded teeth that go easy on the hair and resist snagging.

The side of the face of the comb, plus the teeth are the right size to be able to train your mustache.

Kent is easily the most popular brand for mustache combs and use premium materials to manufacture them. You can take a look at a few of the different kinds they make here on Amazon.com.

Mustache Wax

Whether you are in the beginning stages of growth or you have been at it a while and have decided to retrain your facial hair, then obviously this item is essential.

To convince your mustache to change course and grow the way you want it to, you’ll need to set it in place when you’ve combed it. Only wax can do that for you.

How To Train

Apply the mustache wax by rubbing some in between your fingers to warm it and make it spreadable.

You only need about a grain of rice sized amount, or a little bit more if your mustache is longer.

Now, rub it into the hairs making sure it is evenly distributed.

Next, use your comb to maneuver the hairs into position. Once you feel the hair is where you want it based on the length, then you can use your fingers to kind of set it in place.

Don’t be tempted to trim your longer hairs. Some hair will grow faster than others, but if you find some long stragglers, just make sure to comb them into place. With enough wax, they will stay in the spot where you want them and will help your mustache look full and thick.

Final Thoughts

There is never a bad time to start using mustache wax, so if you are on the fence, I hope this article has pushed you into action.

If you are going to take the time to grow a mustache it should look like you actually care about it. The only way to do that is to groom it and the only way to groom it is to use the best mustache wax.

Do you have any questions about any of the guide or best of list? Don’t see a brand listed you want to know more about? Drop a line in the box below and ask me anything. I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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