Guys may not realize how important it is to keep nails properly groomed with the right mens manicure kit. Men’s nail care is as important as your hair, beard or skin. Why, then do so many men not get manicures or do them themselves?

I think the answer is that men feel less than manly when they do their nails. To keep it manly, they just would rather bite their nails when they get too long and call it a day.

The other reason is that men don’t have time to go and get manicures, or they lack the right mens manicure kits. In today’s busy world, adding another item to the to-do list is just another thing to procrastinate about.

Do your own nails? Turns out not many men know how to do their own nails at home. Well, we have you covered there! High quality nail clippers are easy to use and most kits have everything a guy needs to do his own nails.

In this article we will give you a quick rundown on how men should give themselves a manicure at home and what the best mens manicure kit for men are.

If you don’t need a men’s nail grooming guide and want to cut to the chase, here is a table with the best manicure sets for men. For everybody else, keep scrolling to read up on how to take care of your nails and see what the best manicure tools for men are.

6 Pieces
  • Takumi No Waza G-3103
  • Best for:
    Covers all the basics, and very well made.
  • Ease of Use
  • Tools Included
  • Price: $$
18 pieces
  • 3 Swords Germany 18 piece
  • Best for:
    Has lots of accessories including other grooming tools.
  • Ease of Use
  • Tools Included
  • Price: $$
8 Pieces
  • MR.GREEN Manicure Set
  • Best for:
    Ergonomic and well made. Plus it has other grooming tools.
  • Ease of Use
  • Tools Included
  • Price: $
7 Pieces
  • TopInox "IMANTADO XL" Manicure Set
  • Best for:
    People who love the finer things. German craftsmanship at its best.
  • Ease of Use
  • Tools Included
  • Price: $$$$
  • Beurer Electric Manicure & Pedicure Kit
  • Best for:
    A professional manicure or pedicure at home with ease.
  • Ease of Use
  • Tools Included
  • Price: $$$

Men Should Consider Doing Their Own Manicure & Pedicure : Here is Why:


If keeping nails groomed was good enough for American Psycho Patrick Bateman, then it should be good enough for the rest of us. There are a couple of good reasons for men to do proper nail care maintenance using the best mens manicure kit.

First Impressions

In case you’re wondering if anybody notices your nails, the answer is yes, they do and it is the first thing many will do. It is not enough to have just clean nails with no dirt. There is a considerable difference between clean and cut nails over well-groomed ones.

Whether on a date, at work, or taking care of personal business, having well-groomed nails do add to leaving your first impression on anyone. Clean and healthy nails will make you look professional, organized, and more deserving.

Workouts and Sports

Men that workout often or are athletes put their nails through a lot.
Running, exercising, or playing sports can cause the toe and fingernails to chip, break, and become weak or even cause infections.
Regular grooming is a must to keep the nails healthy, clean, and in good shape.

Avoiding Infections

Though most salons are clean and take precautions, the salon equipment can always be risky. The chances are high to catch infections when going to the salon for your pedicure and manicure sessions.
Doing it on your own at home is undoubtedly the most hygienic way out, provided you keep your manicure kits clean.

Choosing the Best Manicure Set for Men

As you will see in the list of sets reviewed below, a manicure kit can be minimal or complex, depending on how you like it to be.
Here are some of the essentials and then a few nice to have items you may want to consider for your manicure set.

Nail Clippers

A pair of clippers is another tool that helps you maintain your nails quite well. Usually inexpensive, they are very useful at trimming your finger and toenails. Using them carefully is key, so as to prevent accidental cuts to your skin and a consequent risk of infection.

You may want to have two different clippers. One for your hands and one for your toenails. The bigger one is ideal for your thicker nails on your toes that are also wider than your fingernails. The straighter the blade on the toenail clippers the better, also. The reason for this is the curved ones may end up cutting too much of the edge which could result in an ingrown nail.

Fingernail clippers should be easy to grip and have a smaller cutting head. You don’t want to try to clip the entire nail with one shot so it’s better having a narrower head to make a couple or several clips to cut the whole nail.

As far as material, both fingernail and toenail clippers should be made out of stainless steel when possible. If you are on a serious budget and can only afford the nickel plated ones, then make sure you go with a trusted brand as they don’t tend to stay sharp as long.


As I mentioned, some people really like using scissors to trim nails instead of a clipper. Since they actually cut on a pivot you are less likely to break a nail. The pressure from pressing a blade of a clipper can do damage to brittle nails.

Scissors are also easier to handle and you aren’t as likely to cut too close.

If you have a hangnail or even a rough cuticle you can also more easily deal with that with the help of scissors.

Again, look for stainless steel.

Nail File/Emery Board

Even with the sharpest clippers or scissors, the edge of your nails can end up rough and prove to be scratchy against your skin. Best to smooth out the edges with a file. They can be metal that last forever, or a sort of paper with a soft cushion underneath that is very comfortable to use.

Blackhead Remover

This falls under the nice to have category as it does come in quite handy but is not essential to your kit.

These are ideal for squeezing out a blackhead without you needing to use your dirty fingers and risk an infection. They have a semicircular head that can fit around just about any size blackhead or pimple.


This is one of the most common men’s manicure tools, and it’s essential for a good manicure experience. A good pair of tweezers will help you pull out ingrown nails very easily.

Tweezers help to remove splinters, small debris, or hair on the area surrounding the nail. They are also perfect for removing ingrown hairs or even pluck stray nose hair. Most tweezers have a slanted, pointed, or rounded tip. These pointed tips are perfect for removing splinters or ingrown hair, slanted ones are ideal for removing unwanted hair, and the rounded ones are usually perfect for coarse plucking. However, they are more inaccurate than pointed and slanted ones.

Look for a manicure kit that contains tweezers with a tip that’s best suited for your needs. 

Nail Tool

A nail file is usually overlooked, but it’s a necessity for keeping your nails in shape. Some are made of glass, and others crystal.

A pair of clippers will help you trim the nails, but your nails will still give some sharp and rough edges. However, note you can smoothen out the edges with a nail file and shape your nails according to your preference.

If you want a professional manicure experience, ensure the kit you are considering contains a nail file.

Cuticle Trimmer

Handy and snippy, cuticle trimmers are a premier tool for getting rid of dead skin. They are best used when your hands are softened, as this reduces the chances that dead skin would be pulled along with live skin.

Cuticles help keep your nails safe and healthy but can sometimes cause a buildup of dead skin. You will need to snip off the cuticles to keep your nails healthy.                                                                          

A cuticle trimmer will help you snip the unwanted skin. Also, consider getting one with a cuticle pusher.

It will push the cuticles back, which are lifted in the process, making it easier for you to trim them. Lastly, ensure you sanitize the trimmer before using them to avoid the risk of infection.


Your carrying case is essential and can be made out of just about any material. Keep in mind that it is likely to be in a humid environment if you keep it in your bathroom and should be able to handle that.


Give Yourself a Manicure at Home – Guide for Men

It should only take about 15 minutes at the max for the entire process, read below and you will know that there really is no excuse to have mangled nails!

Soak The Nails: Since guys generally dislike spending time doing a manicure, the best way to soften the nails is to schedule a pedicure/ manicure session after the shower. Wet nails are more comfortable to cut and less likely to rip while trimming. If the shower isn’t part of the plan, quickly soak your hands and feet in a warm water bowl for 5 to 10 minutes.

Organize Your Tools: The best nail clippers that come with a curved blade make for a nice rounded edge. The clippers should also be sharp and take little to no effort to cut through the nail. Also, make sure that your men’s nail care kit comes with cuticle scissors. Cuticle scissors are useful to get rid of any of the frayings around the sides of the nails that are usually bitten off and bleed. 

Then ensure you have a cuticle push stick. A cuticle push stick will keep your cuticles in line and keep them from getting frayed. 

You will need a nail file that comes with a coarse and fine side. The nail file helps to keep the nails smooth at the edges and in perfect shape.

Start Clipping: The process of clipping is really simple but you still need to take care. To clip:

  1. Start by clipping the nails bit by bit. Avoid trying to clip the entire nail in one go.
  2. It is vital not to curve the nail’s edges too much while clipping. Keep the ends somewhat squared to avoid any ingrown nails. 
  3. Cutting too close to the skin can be very painful, so leave a little white edge of the nail for filing it in shape at the end of the process.

Remove the Cuticles:  Once the clipping is done, it is time to cut off the extra cuticle skin. . To remove the cuticle:

  1. Use cuticle scissors to cut off the frayed ends of the cuticle. Cuticle scissors have curved tips to facilitate easy cutting of the cuticles. 
  2. Gently cut away any of the cuticle’s hard bits on the side of the nail where the cuticle joins the skin. 
  3. Then use the cuticle pusher to push any messy cuticles in proper shape. 
  4. In the end, you can use the cuticle pusher’s end to clean out any dirt from under the nails. 

Start Filing: Once the clipping and cuticles are done, it is time to start filing the nails in shape. To file the nails:

  1. Begin with the nail filers’s coarse side, gently and slowly begin filing at a 90° angle.
  2. When the entire nail is done, hold the filer at a 45° angle and repeat. Doing so will bevel the edge of the nail and make them smoother.
  3. Then repeat the same process using the fine grain side of the nail filer.

Lubricate Them Up : While we are almost done with the process, it is time to add a finishing touch and to ensure your nails do not become weak. To lubricate the nails:

  1. Use some readily available products like petroleum jelly to keep the nails moist. Vaseline adds shine and moisture to the nails and keeps them healthy.
  2.  Another better option is to argan oil. These are easily available on . Argan oil is considered to be the option to hydrate and strengthen nails. 

That’s all there is to the process. It is so easy to arrange a quick manicure-pedicure session at the comfort of your home. Once in two weeks or as often you need. Just ensure to keep your tools clean after every session. Wipe with a cotton swab wet with isopropyl alcohol, and then make sure they are completely dry before you pack them.

Best Manicure Sets for Men : Reviewed

The best fingernail clippers in the world are made in Germany and Japan. Any kind of sharpened steel instrument like scissors, or blades that come from there are usually considered to be of top quality, so it is no surprise that they also make the best toenail clippers in the world, too. Nail clippers and tools can be nickel plated or the usual stainless steel. The only problem with nickel plated clippers is that they can chip or the plating can corrode. Some of the products on this list are, indeed, nickel plated, so make sure to always keep them clean and dry and in their protective case to keep them in top notch condition. Even though stainless steel doesn’t chip or corrode, the same precautions should be done with them as well.

Takumi No Waza G-3103 – Craftsman Luxury 6-Piece Grooming Kit

INCLUDES: Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper, Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper, Nostril Scissors, Stainless Steel Nail Nipper, Nail File, Extra Grip Slant Tweezer

From Japan, this manicure set for men covers all the essentials.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the nail clippers for both fingers and toes, are very sharp and very durable.

There is even a nose hair trimmer with the rounded tip to prevent any cuts to the inside of the nose. It may not be part of the manicure routine but it certainly is a nice addition.

Little details are thought of with this kit. A rubber handle on the clippers helps to prevent wet hands from slipping. Under the handle, the whole top of the clippers is made of a nail file in case you’re clipping your nails on the go and don’t have the whole kit with you.

The smaller nail clippers have a straight blade while the toenail clippers have a slightly curved blade.

All in all, this is a set made with care from high-grade material.


You Will Like But You Won’t Like
Real leather case No cuticle pusher
Elegant aesthetics Straight blade on fingernail Clipper
Includes nose hair trimmer
Stainless steel construction


3 Swords Germany – 8 piece manicure pedicure grooming kit

This mens manicure kit includes: Nail buffer (3 pieces), nail scissors, nail nippers, cuticle scissors, stone nail file, sapphire nail file (fine and coarse coating), blackhead remover, hoof stick, callus remover, 10 spare blades, toenail clipper, fingernail clipper, tweezers, nail scratcher, nail cleaner, nail pusher.

Founded in 1927 in Solingen, Germany, the center for cutlery manufacturing, this manicure set is made of the finest materials by actual craftsmen.

This mens manicure kit is so extensive that it has everything you would need to do a professional style manicure at home. Even items you didn’t even know you needed!

Both the fingernail and the larger toenail clippers have a slightly curved blade that is exceptionally sharp.

For those that suffer from calluses on the feet, there is a handy callus shaver complete with ten extra blades.

There are three scissors, straight blade nail scissors, curved blade cuticle scissors and nail nippers, which are meant to cut the thickest nails like damaged toenails.

Three nail files are neatly labeled according to its job. A hoof stick may have a funny name, but it does a great job at keeping the cuticles in line and looking sharp.

There may be a lot of pieces to this kit, but they all fit compactly in the quality leather case. Great for travel, too.

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • Every tool you can imagine is included
  • Zipper on case tends to catch

  • High quality stainless steel
  • German engineering

  • Ten extra blades for callus remover

MR.GREEN Manicure Set

This mens manicure kit includes: Precision Fingernail Clippers, Precision Toenail Clippers, Nose Hair Scissors, Nail File, Ear Cleaner, Tweezers, Acne needle.

Though this mens manicure kit is not made in Japan, these tools are made of high quality Japanese stainless steel with a high carbon content.

The stand out in this set is the toenail clippers. With an oddly shaped cutting blade, they are not only sharp but very strong. They excel at cutting through even the thickest and toughest of toenails with ease.

The way the clippers are designed helps the cutting edge really get right through the nail without any real effort and results in a very clean cut.

To complete your grooming routine there is an included acne needle with a lancet to prick through whiteheads without scarring and the other end will gently remove blackheads.

This mens manicure kit understated carrying case has a nice aesthetic that is a departure from the typical case that looks like it came out of your grandmother’s closet.

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • High quality Japanese stainless steel
  • Case is not made from real leather
  • Extremely sharp clippers
  • Best toenail clippers of all the sets we’ve reviewed

  • Other grooming tools included

Topinox “IMANTADO XL” Manicure Set for Men

This mens manicure kit includes: Tweezers, Cuticle Scissors, Nail Scissors, Metal Nail File, Fingernail Clippers, Toenail Clippers, Nose Hair scissors.

This may seem like a lot of money for a set of nail clippers, but when you consider the fine German craftsmanship, it is meant to last a lifetime.

This manicure kit for men is handmade in Solingen, Germany with the finest high carbon steel. The clippers are perfectly balanced and feel so solid in the hand. They are very sharp and can keep an edge for years.

For an all in one tool, there are the nail scissors that do double duty by cutting easily through nails and then gently taking care of frayed cuticles.

Even the tweezers are such a pleasure to use as they are so well designed they can grab just about any tiny splinter.

You may not be a professional, but your work of grooming your nails is made so easy by the excellent craftsmanship of this kit.

When you really want the best, then these could very well be the best fingernail clippers in the world. This is ideal for the men who appreciate quality and the finer things in life.

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • Excellently crafted German engineering
  • High price
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Very balanced and ergonomic

  • Has everything needed for professional style manicure

Beurer Electric Manicure & Pedicure Kit

For a professional quality manicure or pedicure, there is this powerful nail drill that is also easy to use.

There are no clippers or scissors. It’s a simple grinder tool that literally grinds your nails down. Each attachment has a different function from grinding away the nail to pushing back the cuticle. There are ten different tools included.

To keep from making a mess this mens manicure kit has a dust shield.

To be honest, it is actually fun to use one of these pedicure and manicure kits! If you’ve ever used a Dremel tool then you already know how to give yourself a manicure with this.

With an LED light to see the small details and adjustable speeds, this manicure kit for men is super easy to use.

You'll love it for theseBut you won't like these
  • Very easy to use
  • Not cordless
  • Get professional results with no skills
  • Adjustable speed

  • Nail dust shield
  • Fun to use

Hopefully, this article inspired you to go out and get yourself set up with a great manicure kit or pedicure set for guys. Once you start getting compliments on your nails, you won’t have a problem making taking care of your nails a part of your overall grooming routine!

 Corewill Nail Clipper Set – 12 in 1 Manicure and Pedicure Kit

The Corewill 12 in 1 set come with a host of handy manicure tools that make for an awesome and an all-inclusive manicure experience. The kit case is very lightweight and space efficient

This men nail kit contains three nail clippers of different sizes, a nail file, a pair of eyebrow scissors, blackhead remover, eyebrow tweezer, nail file, ear pick, toenail clippers, nail cleaning tools, and a V-shaped tool.

The 12 pieces in this set are made from high-quality stainless steel. Their construction makes them sturdy and will retain their edge for a long time.

You get nail clippers in three different sizes to clip even the most rigid nails. If they are dirty, the two nail cleaning tools will help you restore them to shape.

A thoughtful addition to this set is the ear pick. It helps you remove both soft and hard wax efficiently to clean your ear canals.

And if you experience frequent breakouts, the blackhead remover comes in handy.

The set comes in a synthetic leather case for protection and convenience when carrying it around. 

It can be a perfect gift to your family and friends during Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries.



You’ll love it for these But you won’t like these
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Case is not made from genuine leather
  • Comes with an ear pick
  • The clipper quality can be better.
  • Sharp and sturdy tools
  • The kit has a 6 month guarantee.


HeadBlade Groomster Manicure Set for Men

The kit case is very compact, excellent for trimming on the go. Tools include an ear cleaner(which is a nice touch), clippers, tweezers, cuticle cleaner, etc. Clippers snip off nails with minimal fuss, and the edges are sharp and well made. 

The kit’s case is made of quality leather that is handcrafted to perfection. Overall, the kit provides excellent value for money when you consider tool quality and case quality in relation to price.

This men nail grooming kit contains six grooming tools that every man should possess. It’s simple and small-sized but also incredibly effective to keep you looking clean and sharp.

The six tools, nail clippers, a cuticle cleaner, a pair of scissors, a nail file, tweezers, and an ear cleaner, are made from stainless steel that makes them durable, resists corrosion, and allows safe sterilization.

It is small-sized to fit in your suit jacket’s breast pocket. This set can be everything you need for people who often require to be well-groomed before people like in meetings or making presentations.

The clippers and scissors have blades have sharp edges for easy and smooth nail trimming. The V-shaped cuticle cleaner ensures a safe removal of the cuticles without injuring the delicate skin.

The ear cleaner is a great addition to the kit. You don’t have to worry about excess wax in your ears.

A leather-like case with the Headblade logo keeps the tool together. It has a zipper for closure, which opens and closes with ease.


You’ll love it for these But you won’t like these
  • The case zipper is very excellent.
  • Less number of tools than other kits
  • The scissors are multifunctional.
  • Leather case is synthetic.
  • Small, affordable, and portable kit
  • Includes six necessary tools.


Revlon Men’s Series Grooming Kit, 4 Pc Set

The Revlon Men’s grooming kit is a manicure kit that contains a specially designed nail clipper. This nail clipper has a straight edge option and a curved edge option. The grooming kit is very stylish and sleek, and it contains essentials for manicure. The nail file is also dual-ended, and it handles the cuticles gently as it shapes and files nails.

This sleek kit contains strong and durable tools, specifically designed with men in mind.

They include a two-in-one nail clipper, a nail file, a slanted tweezer, and safety scissors. Their stainless steel construction affords them durability; thus, you can be sure they will serve you for a long time.

The nail clipper is dual-ended with a curved and straight edge making it an ideal nail clipper for fingernails and toenails.

The nail file, like the nail clipper, is also dual-ended. With it, you can gently push back the cuticles and also shape your nails.

Some tools leave you with painful cuts. But not these scissors. They have wide and rounded tips to prevent pricking your delicate skin and sharp blades for a clean, smooth cut.

Additionally, the tweezers have slanted tips so you can nab the tiniest of hairs.

Although there are just four tools in this set, it’s impossible to overlook their high-quality and sleek design that keeps you well-groomed. Additional tools are available but with separate purchase.


You’ll love it for these But you won’t like these
  • The tools are of the highest quality.
  • Limited use – Fewer tools than other sets
  • The flat end of the clipper deals well with ingrown nails.
  • Some customers had complaints about clippers breaking.
  • Small, portable, and affordable set – Four essential tools
  • Clamshell case for convenience when traveling


Budd Leather 7 Piece Manicure Set

The Budd Leather 7-Piece Kit is made in Germany. It is of high-quality with durable construction.

This manicure set exhibits German perfection at its fullest. All seven of the grooming tools are chrome plated, adding to their quality and durability.  The grooming kit is developed with a focus on keeping the cuticles clean. The case of the kit is leather framed, ensuring durability and style.

The set contains a cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher, cuticle knife, sapphire file, nail cleaner, tweezer, and nail scissor.

The cuticle pusher allows you to push back the cuticles so you can safely remove them using the cuticle nipper.

For nail trimming, you get the nail scissors which are sharp and strong to trim even the toughest nails. There’s also a nail file to smoothen the nail tip after trimming.

But before you start, you need to clean your nails and underneath to get rid of dirt and grit. The kit comes with a nail cleaner for that purpose.

This men’s manicure set comes in a leather case to keep the tools protected. The case is small and lightweight, so you can carry it around when traveling.


You’ll love it for these But you won’t like these
  • Small compact kit
  • No nail clippers
  • The tools are chrome plated.
  • The quality of the cuticle nipper can be better.
  • The leather case is very aesthetically pleasing.


FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set 

This is one of the best budget grooming sets that is worth the money. It contains two clippers and a nail cleaner. One of the clippers has a straight blade, whilst the other has a curved blade. 

The clipper with a straight blade gives you accuracy and prevents nail splitting, whilst the clipper with curved blades gives you precision nail trimming. The set of three gets you a good level of nail grooming. 

The tools in this men nail grooming kit are made from stainless steel and zinc alloy. They also have an anti-slip lever and colored more rusting or slipping when grooming your nails.

You get fingernail clippers, toenail clippers, and a sharp nail file, all at a ridiculously affordable size.

The blades on the clippers are sharp and retain an edge. They can easily cut thick nails smoothly without the risk of nail splitting. You don’t even need to file them unless you want to.

The nail file has a pointed end to help you remove dirt underneath the nails.

The levers have a comfortable ergonomic shape, so you can be comfortable when clipping. Your hands don’t have to dig into the edges. Thus, the grooming process will be not only comfortable but also pleasant and easy.

Lastly, this men’s nail kit comes in a stylish leather case making it an ideal gift for various occasions.

This is the set to slip in your purse when traveling or keep it around in your home. Its small size makes it perfect for traveling anywhere.


You’ll love it for these But you won’t like these
  • Made from durable stainless steel and zinc alloy
  • The grooming set has a limited number of tools.
  • Anti-slip textured levers, Ergonomic lever design
  • Anti-slip textured levers
  • The kit is an excellent budget manicure kit.



How do men shape their nails?

Shaping your nails properly is a function of the tool you use. We recommend using a pair of clippers, as they are affordable and easily available. 

First, you need to clean the nails to remove any grit or dirt. Dirt can transfer germs to your sanitized tools, cause nail tearing if the blade slips, and even dull the blades.

After cleaning, use nail clippers or scissors to trim the nails. You can create a rounded shape or a flat tip. However, don’t cut the part of the nail that extends to the flesh on the finger.

Filing is the last step. It removes rough edges and smoothens the tips. Note, always file in one direction instead of back and forth. This way, you will smoothen the nail tips while back and forth can leave you with damaged nails. 

How often should you get a manicure?

You should get a manicure at least once a month. If you have an active lifestyle like washing and cooking or are an outdoors guy, you might want to do it every two weeks.


This is because your nails come into contact with many things and may get damaged and dirty in the process. 

What kind of manicure should a man get?

For most men, getting a manicure is often about keeping the balance between looking good and being manly. So, in the spirit of balance, we recommend getting a manicure that comprises treating and softening your hands, cutting and shaping your nails and trimming your cuticles. 

Men’s manicures should help their hands and nails look aesthetically appealing. A basic manicure should include cleaning, trimming, and filing the nails, trimming the cuticles, and hydrating the hands.


Wrapping Up

One key point we hope you take away from this article is the fact that caring for your nails is definitely worth it. Especially when you think of it that the alternative is having ugly and dirty looking nails. Ensuring you get ready access to these manicure sets is why we have reviewed 10 of the best men’s manicure sets for you.



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