Hair loss can be really scary. It can damage one’s self esteem,  especially if you do not know the cause and how to deal with it properly. Also, hair thinning isn’t fun to deal with either. Getting rid of this condition is your paramount aim, and that’s why you’re reading this article. 

We know and understand this, and this is why we have carefully selected 10 of the best hair growth products for men, just for you. You can be sure that making a choice from these 10 products would set you on your journey towards getting a fuller head of hair. You can also find the best hair clay for men here.

What are Hair Growth Products About?

A hair growth product is a specially formulated product whose primary function is to target reasons for hair loss and get rid of them, promoting the unhindered growth of hair.  These products help with pattern baldness, general hair thinning, and moderate hair loss. 


Despite these awesome uses, it is important to note that good things take time. So do not expect your hair to become fuller and thicker overnight. They all have their best methods of application and the ‘doses’ for application. Make sure you follow these religiously so you can get the best results possible. 

Stages of Hair Growth Cycle

There are three stages of the hair growth cycle;

  1. Anagen stage
  2. Catagen stage
  3. Telogen stage

 These are briefly explained below. 

Anagen Stage

This is the period of hair growth. The hair bulb cells divide very fast, triggering new hair growth. This stage lasts between 2 to 7 years on the average, and your hair can grow to reach lengths of up to 30 inches! 

The maximum length your hair can reach is dependent on your race, genetics, etc. 


The Catagen Stage

This is the stage when your hair stops growing actively, as a result of detaching itself from blood supply. Hairs in this stage are called club hairs. This stage lasts an average of 3 weeks.

Telogen Stage

This is the stage of rest and rejuvenation. The club hairs fall out when new hair grows through each hair follicle. Each hair follicle is independent, and this is why all your hair doesn’t fall out at once. They are all present in different stages at once. 

This stage lasts an average of 3-4 months. 

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair falls off your head all the time. Hair loss happens when the fallout hairs are not replaced. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, but a usual culprit, especially for men is Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. The production of DHT rises as men age, which explains why more seniors lose hair as they age. 

Hair loss can also be hereditary, as a result of a shock event, radiotherapy to the head, etc. 


Top 10 Men’s Hair Regrowth Products Reviewed

Bosley regrowth treatment is a follicle energizer cocktail par excellence. The treatment uses Minoxidil as an active ingredient, and the leave in treatment style is very effective. It dries out pretty quickly, and it provides thermal protection for your hair. 

For easy application, the formula comes in two bottles and a dropper. One drop twice per day is all you need to perpetually stimulate and energize your hair follicles. It also works for pattern hair thinning and genetic hair loss. It’s phthalate free and sulphur free.

28! That’s the number of ingredients contained in the Pura D’or shampoo, and 17 of them are natural DHT blockers. This makes it peerless in this regard, as the sheer number of natural ingredients mean that DHT has no chance of making your hair loss continue once you begin to use this product. 

It is a powerful cocktail tailored towards fighting thinning and hair loss, making it one of the best men’s hair regrowth products. The shampoo works within 8 weeks, after which you will begin to see tangible results. The formula is plant based, and helps your hair strength and the volume of your hair. The aloe vera content in it also helps to hydrate your hair and strengthen your hair follicle. 

The shampoo is best applied to wet hair, so as to release the ingredients to penetrate the scalp. Biotin is one of the most important hair nutrients in it, and it contributes to a fuller head of hair.

Rogaine Hair regrowth treatment is one of the best, if not the best option on this list, and indeed, on the market. It has a 90% success rate in clinical testing, with a vast increase in hair growth for the participants. It’s FDA approved as the top drug for hair regrowth. 

It prolongs the growth cycle of your hair and also helps your hair follicles become stronger, making them able to regrow thicker, fuller and longer hair. The Rogaine treatment also comes in an easy to use foam, and all you have to do is to work it into your hair with your hands. 

It contains ingredients that will promote skin exfoliation, which will help keep your follicles open and ready to support hair growth. It also penetrates your scalp to work, so you can style your hair as usual. It is clinically proven to get results in 3 months. 


The Ultrax formula works almost instantaneously. It uses a rather unusual ingredient, caffeine, to help keep your follicles healthy. This in turn will make it easy for them to support better and thicker hair. It will also help eliminate any trace of hair brittleness, as this is what leads to hair breakage, and consequently, hair loss. 

It uses a trinity of top notch ingredients to work its magic; caffeine, keratin and biotin. Caffeine works to help your follicles support longer and healthier hair, whilst keratin ensures that hair won’t break. Biotin strengthens your follicles and the surface of your hair strands. 

The Ultrax hair growth formula comes in a thick serum which seeps into your hair and acts as an efficient leave in hair treatment. The serum also aids production of new hair.

The NuNutrients serum comes in a 3 month supply, and it ensures a reviving of your hair follicles. It also helps to subdue DHT and hair loss, and it promotes better scalp health.

It is a powerful serum that is formulated to attack the origin of hair loss on your head. It uses ingredients like Biochanin A, which is a natural fighter against DHT. It also uses Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 Biomimetic peptides to aid the revitalization of your scalp and follicles. 

It is very easy to use, and the serum comes contained in a spray bottle. The serum also doesn’t initiate initial hair loss before it starts working, which is an advantage it has over some other products on the market. 

Nioxin hair regrowth treatment is an award winning hair regrowth formula that is made by one of the most experienced companies in the thinning hair industry. It works for receding hairlines and general thinning. It also helps with advanced thinning and is actually specially formulated for this. 

It contains 5% Minoxidil as its key ingredient, making it a very effective hair thinning treatment. During usage, you might have initial hair loss for two weeks, then your hair will start growing back. It is designed for use on only your scalp top. It thickens your hair, strengthens it and helps to effect a high level of hair growth in men. 

This is one of the cheapest options on the market, so it’s one to look out for if you’re on a budget. Still, a cheap price does not equate a poor product. On the contrary, it is one of the most effective hair loss treatments available. 

It works very effectively to reverse hair loss, especially with general thinning on your scalp. It contains minoxidil, which is the industry standard formula for stopping hair loss. Application is quite easy, just a drop near the affected area twice in a day. 

It is a very specific formula that works only for hair thinning on your scalp. It doesn’t work for receding hairline or frontal baldness. 

The Pronexa growth shampoo is a combination of powerful ingredients like biotin, aloe vera, etc. This combination basically works to kill two birds with one stone; it stops hair loss by blocking DHT, and it reactivates inactive follicles and stimulates hair growth. 

The shampoo also strengthens your hair strands, making sure you don’t have brittle hair which would break easily. It also helps your hair grow longer and thicker with the aid of collagen. The results of correct  application of the Pronexa shampoo shows in 60 days, so it is important to follow the directions for use religiously. 

Imagine this; hair loss is marching on unhindered across your head, and you’ve tried everything to stop it, but no luck. The Propidren hair growth serum is one of the best hair growth products for men, so you’ve got nothing to fear. 

It is specifically formulated to stop DHT and hair loss results. It works primarily on your follicles, and kills hair loss at the source. It also pumps vital nutrients into your scalp and follicles. Your hair is thickened naturally and it is a very useful serum for seniors. This is because the production of DHT rises with age. 

Apply the serum twice daily and if by 30 days you do not see any difference, then you have the chance to claim a full refund. 

Non-Traditional Hair Growth Product

All the previous products in our list are natural hair growth formulas. This last one is not, but it works with a level of efficiency that rivals that of natural growth formulas.

The makers of the Hairmax laser comb promise a fuller, denser head of hair when you use the comb. The comb is very easy to use; all you have to do is to use it for 11 minutes, 3 times a week. 

It works by stimulating your hair follicles. This helps to reverse hair thinning and promote better hair growth.  The laser is focused and gives better results than a LED comb, which is one of the advantages of using a laser comb.

The lasers used are also medical grade, so the quality of the comb is very high. The comb has a special hair parting system which is patented. This technology helps to part your hair and increase the accuracy and precision of the laser light delivery to your scalp. It is a device trusted and certified by the FDA. 


The size of the comb is another attraction. It is quite compact and ergonomic, making it easy to use and to pack when you’re travelling. The battery quality is also high, as it holds a charge for very long. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the other Hair Loss Products and Treatments we Recommend?

We also recommend the Boldify hair growth serum. It is a serum fortified with a lot of biotin, which is a vital hair vitamin. It also gives your hair thermal protection, so you can use it and then blow dry your hair or do anything else that generates heat. It won’t affect your hair in any way. 

We also recommend supplements like Folexin. It is FDA registered and contains vital vitamins like biotin. It also contains an ancient Chinese ingredient that prevents graying of hair. 

What Kind of Hair Loss is Minoxidil Best at Treating?

Any hair loss at the crown or around the top of your head is one that Minoxidil will deal with very well. It is not very good at dealing with receding hairlines. 

What is the Best Vitamin for Hair Loss?

When it comes to hair loss, vitamin B7, or biotin, is quite important. It is necessary for cells inside the body, and also for the health of your hair. A deficiency in biotin will lead to hair rashness, brittleness and eventually hair loss. 

Ensuring you get enough biotin in your body is a good way to begin your fight against thinning and hair loss. 

Wrapping Up

Losing hair is not palatable, and you don’t have to go through that experience! We hope you’ve found a product that suits you, and one that gives you the confidence that hair loss is going to get it! 

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