Beards are easy to grow and generally simple to maintain.

There is one area that proves to be very tricky for guys with beards.

And that is finding the hair and beard styles that go well together. There’s no real trick to pulling off certain haircuts with beards, but there are some things to consider so that the haircut matches the beard and vice versa.

Full beard styles may have different requirements out of a haircut than, say, bald head with beard styles.

Hopefully, this list helps you decide on a haircut and beard style.

First I’ll start with some short hair with beard styles with pictures, then follow up with some long hair and full beard styles to think about.

Short Haircut with Beard Styles

Having a beard, even a full beard style, doesn’t mean you have to have long hair to match. In fact, you can even have a bald head with beard style and nobody will look at you askance.

But, there are some ways to put it together with a few little things to consider to really make it work.

Bald Head with Beard Style

Let’s start with about the shortest hair and beard styles you can do. There are tons of beard styles for bald men from stubble beards to long full beard styles. And they all work.

The only thing that I recommend is to have it faded on the sideburns. Which, admittedly, is very hard to do yourself.

When you go to the barber, of course you can ask him to do it, and maybe he can give you some pointers on how to fade your own beard. Guys with round faces and bald heads can do really well by growing a full beard with bald head as the picture below demonstrates. Whatever your personal look is, there is a bald head with beard style that works just right.

Buzz Cut with Beard

This look works great especially if you have a short beard style.

It can seamlessly blend into your haircut as it is probably about the same length as your hair.

The great thing about having buzz cut hair and beard styles is that instead of focusing your grooming on your hair, you can direct it on your beard.

Try out some different beard grooming products and get yourself a beard comb or brush!

Fade with Long Beard

You can have a very tight fade, even as tight as with a straight edge on the sides, and still rock a big, epic beard.

The key to this look, though, is to have a nicely shaped beard.

Make sure the edges are all straight and box the beard. A box beard is simply one that is shaped square when you look at from the front and from the side, the angles are all straight.

For an even better look, fade the sideburns into the hairline.

Men’s Regular with Medium Length Beard

The regular men’s haircut is a classic cut that never goes out of style. Pair it with a medium length trimmed beard and you have a look that works through the ages and no matter how old you are.

The nice thing about this conservative style is that the beard is easy to maintain yourself with a good set of beard trimmers.  And the haircut can be trimmed up once a month by your barber.

When you’re not trying to make a fashion statement that could end up looking out of place in a few years, then this hair and beard styles combo is surely the way to go.

Long Hairstyle with Beard

When you have a long mane, it makes sense to have your hair and beard styles match. But, what beard style looks best with long hair?

Here’s a list of some long hairstyles that go well with beards.

Long Hair with Balbo Beard

Yes, I understand that the picture has a guy with short hair, but I want to make sure you can see the style of the Balbo beard.

A Balbo beard has no sideburns and the mustache is disconnected from the rest of the beard. It works well with long hair since there is no need to even try to get it to blend into the hairline.

It’s a trending beard these days no matter what the cut, so you will look very current, especially with a longer style haircut.

Patchy Beard Style

A nice beard draws a lot of positive attention. A patchy beard can also draw attention but not always the kind you are looking for.

If you want a beard, but don’t want it to the be the star of the show, then growing your hair long is a great way to go.

The attention is on the hair instead of solely on the beard.

The Wildman

Sometimes not grooming your beard and letting your hair grow wild is a recipe for a successful look. Full beard styles that are not edged or even trimmed go well with long flowing hair.

If you’re going for the beach bum or off the grid living look, then this is definitely the right hairstyle with beard for you!

Long Hair with Stubble Beard

Simple is good when it comes to having long hair with a beard.

Just keep it trimmed to stubble with one of these stubble trimmers and make your life easy. You don’t have to worry about going to the barber for your hair or for your beard.

Wrapping it Up

This is not an exhaustive list of all the combinations of hair and beard styles out there. Just think of it as a primer to get you inspired if you are stuck trying to figure out what look to go with.

Keeping your hair short and tight around the edges shouldn’t limit you to a long beard. Nor should a long haircut you make you feel like you need to look like a Viking.

If you can’t grow hair, or your beard doesn’t grow in that great, there is hope! Just pick the right beard and hairstyle and you’re going to look great.

Got any questions about beards or hair that we can help you with? Let us know by commenting in the box below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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