In too many ways, women get the short end of the stick when it comes to paying for grooming products. Often they are victims of the “Pink Price”.

This is when a product that could be for either sex is marketed towards woman, usually colored pink and then priced higher than the male version that does exactly the same thing.

Luckily, this is not the case when it comes to the best electric shavers for women.

In this case they are designed differently since they are used differently. And best of all, they are usually cheaper than a man’s electric shaver.

There are plenty of electric razors that would make for a long best electric shavers list, but to keep it simple, I am going to highlight the top three.

I will go into more detail about these and what to look for so read on.

Here’s a quick list of the best electric shaver for women in my opinion.

What to look for in the best electric shaver for women

Guys generally have it easy when shopping for the best electric shaver. They really only use it for their face, and some for their head. So, manufacturers have designed them with all the features it needs to do this one basic task.

Women on the other hand need the same tool to shave legs, under arms, pubic area and, yes, even facial hair.

That’s a lot to ask of an electric razor which is why it’s important to not use your man’s razor and to get one specifically for women.

Multi Use

As I just mentioned, the same razor should be able to handle all the areas of your body that you need to shave.

What makes this complicated is that the hair is different all over your body.

Pubic hair is generally much more thick and wiry than the hair on your legs.

You may want to get rid of the peach fuzz on your cheeks with an electric razor in which case it can be difficult for some.

The best electric shavers will be able to handle any type of hair you throw at it.


Since a woman has to be a contortionist to reach some of the areas she is looking to shave, the size and ergonomics of the shaver needs to be considered.

Look for a shaver with a slim profile that is easy to grip from different positions. It is best if it doesn’t have indentations to fit your hand as you won’t always be holding it the same way.

It should be lightweight as well.

Battery Life

A long battery runtime is more important for women than for men when it comes to the best electric shaver.

Since guys are mainly only taking care of their face, they can be done with their shave in a few minutes.

A woman who is shaving her legs, genitals and underarms in the same grooming session needs probably more than 20 minutes to get that done.

Try to come up with an idea of what you will actually be grooming at the same time and how long you think you need to do the job.

I would suggest an electric shaver that can run for at least 45 minutes on a full charge.


I try to not be a fanboy of any particular brand and instead check out multiple options when it comes to making a purchase.

When it comes to grooming products, I think it pays off to stick with a few brands that are consistent and always seem to be at the leading edge of technology. Usually these brands spend quite a bit of money on research so they know what their users are looking for and then design to fit their needs.

Brands such as Braun, Philips and Panasonic are always a great choice as they are reliable, effective and have a lot of little details covered.

Wet or Dry

Most women do all of their shaving while in the bath or shower so the best electric shavers can work wet or dry.

What you are shaving will determine whether you shave wet or dry. If you are trying to get the peach fuzz off of your face, then go dry as wet, fine hair is hard to shave.

Shaving your legs and oubic hair is best done while in the shower. Assuming that your pubic hair is already trimmed down.

Which leads us to…

How to use an electric shaver for women

While you can try to do all of your grooming in the shower, I am going to recommend doing the different areas of your body differently for the best results.

So, let’s go area by area.

Before I begin the guide, let me say that proper preparation is going to be essential for getting the closest, most comfortable shave from any razor but especially an electric.


Since I am not sure how thick or wispy the hair on your face is, I can’t say exactly how you should approach this exactly.

You’re probably going to want to do this dry. If you are dealing with peach fuzz then you definitely need to do this dry or the blades won’t pick up the hair and you’ll be wasting your time.

To do a dry shave with a razor, first wash your face really well. You don’t want any of your face’s natural oil to interfere with the blade.

After you’ve washed it make sure you dry it very well and then apply a toner that moisturizes your skin. Use only a very small amount and preferably one that dries quickly. I think Witch Hazel is best for this since it evaporates fast. Don’t use a cream or lotion as they tend to be greasy.

Wait around 30 minutes or so before the shave so your face has time to absorb the toner and dry off completely.

Then using a slow setting if it has more than one speed, gently go over the area you want to shave.

If you are using a foil razor then go up and down. If you want to go side to side you will have to turn the razor so the head is perpendicular to the floor.

Using a rotary head razor you want to use a circular motion.

Don’t press down or you won’t lift the hair up to shave it. Let the blades do the work and just use enough pressure to keep contact with the skin.


If you only have stubble under your arms, then you don’t have to do anything special in this case. You can do this in the shower when your skin is wet or you can do it totally dry. You don’t likely need to do any prep to begin your shave either.

If you are shaving your armpits for the first time and your hair is long, then you need to trim the hair down first. Even the best electric razors can’t deal with longer hair. Stubble is best. If your razor has a built in trimmer, then this is what it is for. Trim it down to stubble first.


If you plan to do this bit in the shower, then make sure your leg hair is stubble and not full length hair. Wet hair will not shave well, but wet stubble shaves extremely well.

In the bath or shower, you don’t need to do any prep. Just make sure you are starting at your ankles and working your way up your leg.

If you’re going to be shaving your legs for the first time after the winter when they haven’t felt a razor in months, then you will want to trim the hair first with a trimmer.

Shaving it dry, ie not in the shower, requires a bit of prep first.

If you have trimmed it down or the hair is already stubble, then make sure your legs are clean. You can do this after you’ve taken a shower, or just make sure to use a damp cloth to wipe any natural oil off of your legs.

Then apply a good moisturizer or use a pre shave lotion designed just for electric shavers.

You can also use a shaving cream, but I don’t feel like that is really necessary unless you have very sensitive skin. If your legs are prepped well, then you won’t have any irritation.

Now, start at the ankles and work your way up just as you would normally with any razor.

Genital Area

This is a bit of a tricky area. For obvious reasons.

There are a lot of ways that shaving your pubic hairs can be approached. For instance, you may only want to the bikini area shaved leaving the rest of the hair that isn’t exposed. Or you could go for the full bald experience.

Both ways will require a different approach.

What will remain the same with whatever you’re going for is that the pubic hair needs to be trimmed before it can be shaved.

If you have a pop up trimmer on your electric razor or you have another trimmer somewhere then make sure you have the hair you intend to shave down to stubble.

I also wouldn’t recommend doing this in the bathtub or shower. Instead, set up a mirror that you can sit or squat in front of so you can see what you are doing. Though, I do recommend doing this as soon as you get out of the shower as your skin will be clean and plump.

If you go for the full bald look, then proceed with caution. Pull any loose skin very tight to avoid it getting nicked.

I would recommend using a shaving cream or gel as it will help the blades glide over your skin and be much more comfortable.

If you are using a foil electric razor, then make sure you only go up and down with the motion. It doesn’t matter if you are going with or against the grain. You won’t get any ingrown hairs by going against the grain with an electric razor.

After you have shaved, feel around to see if there are any spots you missed. It’s easier to go over those spots now than to come back to it later.

Post shave, make sure you apply some good moisturizer to the area, careful to not get any inside.

Difference Between an Electric Shaver and an Epilator

In a sentence the difference between them is that an electric shaver actually cuts the hair, while an epilator pulls the hairs out from the root.

Which is better?

It depends on how pain tolerant you are and how sensitive your skin is.

You will get better results from an epilator as there is no hair left once it has done its job. You can expect a couple of weeks of very smooth skin with no sign of stubble coming back.

Epilators don’t need to be used as often. The downside is that once the hair starts growing back, you have to tolerate some stubble there for a while before you can use it again. It needs some hair to grab onto for it to actually work.

An electric shaver cuts the hair down to the skin and leaves the roots underneath. The hair grows back quickly though, so after a few days you will have stubble again. Luckily, you can use an electric shaver anytime you want. So if you want to avoid the stubble, go ahead and use one everyday.

There is no pain when using an electric shaver, too.

The Top 3 Best Electric Shavers for Women

Now that we have all the odds and ends about electric razors it’s time to go into some detail about the best electric shavers for women.

Philips SatinShave Prestige Best Electric Shaver for Women

Just like with the best electric shavers for men, you want a tool that has everything you need to make your life easier. The Philips SatinShave is the right tool for every job as it gives you a trimmer head as well as a shaver.

Multi Use

You’ll love the fact that if you have to trim your hair down to be able to shave it, there is a separate head that can be attached so you don’t need a different trimmer to do it. In addition, you also get a plastic comb attachment so that you can trim your hair down without going all the way to stubble. This is especially handy when you want to trim your pubic hairs down to something tight, but don’t want to shave the hair off completely. Then you can edge the bikini lines with the comb off and finally reattach the shaver head to shave the area around your bikini down to the skin.

Very Comfortable

The multi flex head can follow your contours so you can always have contact with the skin making it faster and more comfortable to shave. And the shaving heads float on a sort of buffer so they actually give a bit and can flex around individually. This can really get over those curvy spots like on your legs and around your underarms.

Even when using the trimmer you can expect comfort since the teeth covering the blades are rounded instead of square, this prevent scratching the skin when you are shaving the hair off pre shave.

Wet or Dry

Take the shaver in the shower with you or use some shaving cream to go for a smooth experience that won’t irritate your sensitive skin.

It also makes clean up easy as you can simply rinse off your shaver instead of having to brush it off.

Easy to Hold and Use

The ergonomic shape makes it easy to grip no matter what position you are holding it. The shape is slim enough that you can get your hand around it even if you don’t have particularly big hands.

If you need to get around some tight areas then it helps to have such a slim profile.

Battery Life

You get a little over an hour off of a full charge which should be enough for two to three sessions depending on how much of your body needs to be shaved. And recharging takes about an hour. If you’re in a pinch there is a quick charge feature that will give you enough runtime to use it for about 15 minutes with a 5 minute charge.

There is an LED that lets you know when your battery is running low.


This is definitely the best electric shaver for women that need to use it as a whole body groomer.

And surprise! It costs less than the same kind of shaver for a guy! And works better on women’s finer hair than a man’s electric shaver would do.

Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Best Electric Shaver for Women

Braun can always be counted on when you are looking for the best electric shavers. And that is no different if you are a female.

They always give the closest shave over their competitors and are as reliable as a shaver can get.


This is exactly why it pays to get a woman’s version of a grooming tool since it is designed and engineered for women’s needs. It has different settings for the area you plan to use it.

If you’re shaving your legs, switch it to the leg setting. If you are shaving your underarms or genitals, then switch to the body setting. How it is different I am not sure, but it seems to have to do with the speed of the blades.

You also can use it as a trimmer to cut your long hair down to stubble to be able to shave it with the shaving head.

If you want to trim your pubes, then there is a plastic comb attachment you can put on to trim it to above stubble if that would be too short for you. Then the trimmer can be used to edge your bikini line if you plan to leave some hair that doesn’t get exposed.

There is even an exfoliant attachment that acts like a pumice rock to scrape away any dead skin and smooth out rough spots.

Wet or Dry

No women’s electric shaver would be complete if you couldn’t use it in the bath or shower. This Braun is no exception. It is totally waterproof so take it in the shower or use it dry with gel or shaving cream. Or, use it totally dry if you don’t have sensitive skin.

Ergonomic Shape

The slim profile makes it really easy to grip and there is even some ridging on the body to keep it from slipping while it is wet.

It is just the right size to be able to maneuver into many areas if you have to reach around.

Plus the shape of the head makes it so easy to use under your arms or on your groin and still maintain contact with the skin.

Close Shave

This is what everybody wants to know, obviously. How close does it get?

Of all the ladies shavers out there Braun easily beats them when it comes to how close a shave you get.

For most women, smooth as a baby’s bottom isn’t 100% necessary. But with the Braun Silk series razors, you get an incredibly close shave. It is able to life the hairs to shave them easily and effectively. And it works as well on peach fuzz on the face as it does the hair on your legs.

The foil shaver is on a buffer so it “floats”. This helps it follow the contours of your body and keep contact with the skin for a very close and very comfortable shave.


You cannot go wrong with any Braun grooming product. But, when you need to take care of a woman’s needs, it pays to go with the best electric shaver for a woman. Go with the Silk and experience a really comfortable shave experience with the results you would expect from any Braun razor.

Panasonic Best Electric Shaver for Women, ES2216PC

Number three on the list is another big brand when it comes to the best electric shavers, and that is Panasonic.

Though the Braun and Philips I think are more reliable and long lasting, there is a particular design that gives the Panasonic a bit of an edge over them.

4 Heads

There are two foil heads for the shavers, which are great, though the blades are not quite as sharp as the other two brands.

But this has two trimmers on either side of the shaver heads just like you would find on a men’s electric shaver. This is great because it lifts the hair as it passe sover the skin to then let it get get cut evenly and quickly by the shaving heads.

Also, you don’t have to use a dedicated trimmer to shave your hair down first. Even if you are using this on your genitals, you can buzz right over it even if the hair is long without first trimming it. This will save you lots of time and you only need one tool to do it.

Word of warning, though. Actually, two. One is that you should use it dry if you are going over longer hairs as the trimmer won’t be able to cut the long hair well and the shaver head is useless on wet long hair. The other warning is that if you do go over long hair with it, you may have to go over the same spot multiple times to get all of the hair. If you have sensitive skin this might end up being irritating.

In addition, there is an adjustable comb attachment that goes over the trimmer and allows you to trim your hair down to different lengths. This is ideal on your pubic hairs when you don’t want to trim the hair down to stubble.


Though the Panasonic is very comfortable to use, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Braun and Philips.

It sports a pivoting head, which will help glide along the contours, but the heads themselves don’t flex. This isn’t a huge issue or anything, but it does make a difference in comfort and how close a shave you can expect.

Wet or Dry

Again, it goes without saying at this point that you can use this in the shower, or with shaving cream or gel. And of course, dry. I do think it works better dry than the other two when you are using it on longer hair, though.

Battery and Charging

You get an hour of use which should be at least three shaves if you are doing a lot of your body. The downside is that it takes 12 hours to get a full charge.

I’m also not crazy about the charging stand. It’s nice that it is small to take up less space on a vanity, but it sits awkwardly on top and feels like it can fall off at any time.


I hope I didn’t sound too harsh with the review. I think this is a very good electric shaver for women. Just when you compare it to the others it comes up a bit short in some areas.

So, why buy this over the Braun or the Philips? One reason is the price. It is about 30% less than the other two.

The other reason is the features like the adjustable comb attachment and the trimmer heads that lift the hair so you can shave and trim at the same time.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best electric shaver for women, any of these three fit the bill perfectly.

Which is why I only reviewed three of them instead of making a huge list. All you need is one of these and you have your whole body shaved closely and comfortably.

So, get yourself one of these and forget about that silly “Pink Price” that overcharges for designs that appeal aesthetically to a female, but are inferior designs. These razors are designed for a woman’s needs and perform at a very high level.

Do you have any questions about any of these razors or any others that didn’t make the list?

Drop a line below and ask away. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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