I decided to write this article on boys haircuts since so often moms or dads bring their little guy into the shop wanting a cute hairstyle for boys, but they don’t know what to get.

This is especially true for back to school and, of course, holidays.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays right around the corner, I figured this would be a good time to do a write up on boys hairstyles and maybe make it easier to find the right boys hair cuts for your little guy.

In this article, I will describe some of the most popular boys haircuts with pictures. Feel free to bring one of the pictures of some boys hairstyles you really like to the barber to make sure your boy gets the right haircut.

What’s the best kinds of haircuts for boys?

This depends on a lot of different factors.

Does his school have a dress code that includes what kind of haircuts for boys are appropriate? Are there any religious requirements for how he presents himself at church, temple or mosque?

Besides any stylistic constraints, he may also be limited to what kind of boys haircuts he can get by his hair type, cowlicks and growth pattern. Not every haircut you see online or in a magazine will work for every boy.

With those factors in mind, let’s dive into a list of some top haircuts for boys and see which ones stand out to you. Then bring the picture and ask your barber for an evaluation to see if it is possible.

1 – Boys Crewcut

This is the easiest boys hair cuts to do and pretty much works for every hair type. Unless the hair grows straight back from the front to back of the head, this is easily achievable.

These boys haircuts are pretty much acceptable anywhere and for any occasion. It can be jazzed up a bit by adding some lines in the sides as you can see in this picture.

It’s a boys hairstyle that is easy to maintain and can work with or without any hair products to style it.

The sides can be just about any length you want from skin to up to a half an inch.

The length on the sides of the boy in this picture is a number 3 clipper blade.

The top was left roughly 1.5 inches in the front and then shorter as you get towards the back of the head.

2 – Side Part for Boys

The side part is one of the most classic boys hair cuts that also works in just about any setting. One of the most classic boys haircuts that is timeless and classy.

To be able to pull this off, the hair on top should be fairly long before getting the haircut. If it can’t be combed to the side, it won’t work.

Once cut, the top should be left around 2 inches long for best results. Longer than that may end up getting weighed down and require too much hair product.

The sides can be any length, even just scissor cut. The way it looks best, in my opinion, is to clip the sides to around .5 inch in length.

You can simply comb the top over, or, if appropriate, shave a line into where the hair parts for a hard part.

Finish with some pomade or strong hair paste to keep this cool boys hairstyle in place.

3 – Boys Undercut

Very similar to a side part or comb over, the undercut is a haircut for boys has tight sides and a long top. The top can be swept over, combed back or lifted up to a pompadour depending on the length.

It is one of the most versatile boys haircuts that offers up a lot of variations.

The one downside is that since the sides are pretty much one length that goes right to the part, if you decide to change the haircut, you’d have to wait for the sides to grow out so they can blend into the top better.

4 – Fade for Boys

This is a very versatile cut that satisfies a lot of different boys haircuts styles. It can be short on top, long and messy or slicked back. The sides are what make the haircut for boys and can be from skin to just very tight.

It’s an easy boys hair cut to let grow out as everything will grow in evenly.

Depending on how you want the top to look, it can also be very low maintenance.

If you do a very tight fade towards the bottom, then even keeping it longer as you go up will buy you more time before you need another haircut.

You can read more about the types of fades here for some inspiration.

If the neck and temple are almost skin or are actually skin faded, then they will take longer to end up getting scraggly.

When your boys hairstyle needs to be touched up then you can always just outline the edges or fade the bottom again to freshen it up.

5 – Boys Fauxhawk

When your boy asks for a mohawk but you don’t want to go that extreme, a good middle ground is the fauxhawk.

Since it isn’t shaved to where the hair grows on top, you can easily change this cute boys hairstyle.

It is basically tapered into the middle of the top, and then using hair product, lifted up to a crest.

You can then also style it as a comb over, leave it messy or even comb it back depending on the length and the hair growth pattern.

As for the sides, you can shave it down to skin or just trim it up with the scissors. It’s a boys hairstyle that remains popular with kids of every age.

6 – Boys Quiff

What is a quiff? It is a classic haircut from the 50’s that is popular again today even though most people have never heard it called that before.

It is usually mistakenly called a pompadour.

Though it is similar to a pompadour, it does differ.

The concept is the same, though. The top of the hair has a lot of volume and is lifted up and over similar to a pomp.

Instead of a slick, shiny pomade styled top, it is on the messy side. Think of it as a pompadour’s messy little brother and you get the idea.

7 – Boys Pompadour

Your little man might not be a rockabilly fan, but that’s no reason for him to not rock this slick boys haircut style!

A classic from the 1950’s greaser culture, a pompadour is achievable by wearing the hair long on top, but swept up and high over the forehead.

You’ll need your boy to have about 2 inches of hair on top to get the right look. This boys hair cut requires a good amount of volume.

And a good amount of pomade!

You can go as shiny as you like, but there are also matte finish pomades and pastes that will give the kind of hold you need. And the hold should be strong, otherwise you may find yourself touching up his hair after a few hours since the weight of the hair might end up flattening out.

8 – Classic Boys Regular

When you don’t know what kind of cut to get you can’t go wrong with one of the most classic haircuts for boys.

There are various lengths you can do for a boys regular haircut, but generally, the top is long enough to comb over.

The sides can be trimmed with scissors or buzzed with clippers. The best way to go is a taper of no less than a half inch on the sides, with the top trimmed up.

9 – High Top Fade

Boy hair cuts have made a return to the 80’s with the high top fade coming back into fashion. Fade haircuts for boys can run the gamut as far as length on the sides, from skin at the bottom to a more conservative clipper number.

But the top of this boy hair cut is what counts.

It needs to be long enough to be able to be lifted up. Usually a couple of inches so the pick can shape it.

The hair on top can be curly, twisted or boxed, but the thing that is constant is that the sides go straight up.

Final Thoughts on Boys Hairstyles

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on how to keep your little fella looking handsome with a classic haircut for boys.

Just keep in mind of what I had mentioned already. That you can’t always get the boys hairstyle you see in the picture if his hair is different than the one in the picture.

Look at the boys hair cuts in the pictures as a starting point. Or, inspiration.

That way, you can leave a little wiggle room for the barber to come up with something that will look great and still keep the original idea of the boys hairstyles you might have in mind.

If you have a good barber then there is nothing to worry about!

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