You’ve tried to pull off just having a mustache but are turned off after too many people telling you that you look sketchy.

Gone are the days of Magnum P.I. and Burt Reynold’s when a mustache was a sign of virility and not a possible predator, unfortunately.

So, try one of these best beard styles with mustache so you can still style some masculine facial hair!

Yes, with these beard and mustache styles you can have your cake and eat it, too.

I’ll provide some beard style pictures so you can see what it looks like to have a beard with a long mustache and see if that will work for you.

How to Rock Some Mustache Beard Styles

The most important word to learn when growing any type of facial hair is patience.

That especially includes a beard style with mustache since it requires a plan and then consistent grooming to get it to look right.

Get started with a plan of action. Decide what type of mustache you want and how the rest of the beard should look to fit the style.

There are two keys here. Keep the beard edged and trimmed neatly as you grow it. And to still trim the mustache to keep it neat looking while still letting it grow.

The best beard styles will match your face and look groomed, so don’t think you should just grow out an unruly beard and then trim it leaving the mustache longer.

Use a good pair of beard trimmers to edge and trim down the beard and mustache.

As the mustache starts to get longer than the rest of the beard, you should use a mustache wax and brush to gently train it to go the direction you want it to.

Best Beard Styles Pictures with Mustaches

Handlebar Mustache Beard Style

The handlebar mustache with beard look is definitely coming into style. I see it more often now than I ever used to in the barbershop.

Whether you are doing a small, petite handlebar or a fully grown one with the ends curled up, you will need much more patience for this one than any other type of mustache beard styles.

To grow it out, start teasing the ends of the mustache to point outwards and hold it in place with some wax.

Don’t be tempted to cheat by growing the beard longer and trying to pull in the hairs from your cheek into your stache. It isn’t going to work and will feel uncomfortable as you open and close your mouth from the pulling.

Balbo with Mustache Beard Styles

The Balbo beard is a classic that resembles the Van Dyke goatee but extends further along the jaw. This makes it less like a goatee and more of a beard.

It can be worn with or without a mustache, but it’s the best beard styles when it is paired with some lip hair.

Even the hair under the lips and above the chin can be shaved off to make it look even more unique and personalized.

The mustache portion of this look can be as long or as stubby as you like. In most cases, you will just trim it along the natural hairline and keep the edges looking nice.

Beard with Goatee

This is a pretty easy look to pull off and one of the best beard styles to wear a goatee these days and still look up to date.

Instead of shaving around your mustache and chin hair, keep trimming the beard to the edge. That way the mustache and chin can keep growing as long as you like it.

To let the beard grow longer but still be shorter than the goatee, keep adding a longer attachment as it grows. Eventually, you can have a full beard with a long goatee like in the beard styles pictures if you so desire.

Horseshoe Mustache Beard Styles

The best beard styles with mustache are the ones that bring you good luck like this horseshoe mustache!

Instead of hanging a lucky horseshoe over your door, you should wear it on your face. Better still, add a beard to complete the look.

The horseshoe mustache is low maintenance and easy to trim. Just go with the natural hairline and decide how far down you want it to go.

Your best bet is probably to let the beard grow out to see how the mustache portion grows into the beard and take it from there rather than trimming it while it’s still stubble.

Verdi Beard Styles with Mustache

You don’t have to be a famous Italian composer to sport this full beard style with mustache.

For mustaches, it is kind of synonymous with handlebars. Since the beard is so full and thick, it takes well to some competition from an ostentatious mustache like a handlebar. Any kind of long mustache works for this beard for that reason.

Also called a boxed beard, it features straight lines and hard angles to form a sort of box shape for the face.

As you can see from the beard styles pictures, it works great with any haircut and any face shape.

Here Are Some Ideas for Beards with No Mustache

Amish Beard

The most obvious of the beard styles pictures you’re likely to see when you do a search for beard without mustache, is the Amish beard.

It seems to be making a comeback style wise of late, even if you aren’t working the land with horse and plow.

You definitely need to be using some beard care products, so if you’re going to be doing an Amish beard, then check out these Honest Amish beard balms to keep your beard fresh and healthy.

Chin Curtain

Sort of similar to a chin strap is the chin curtain. It’s become a great go-to beard with no mustache style for guys that don’t want a long beard like an Amish.

It is much easier to maintain than the Amish beard and is easy to keep edges since you can see the lines easier when there is less hair there.

Wrapping it Up

No matter what kind of beard you wear whether it is one of the mustache beard styles I wrote about here or any other kind, you need to do proper beard care maintenance.

Keep your beard looking neat, no matter how long it is so that it looks like you’re actually going for a specific look and not just that you’re too lazy to shave.

Are there any beard style pictures you wanted to see that weren’t on the list? Then let us know by commenting below and we will add more to the guide.

This is just a short article with a few great examples with the thought it could steer you in the right direction. Think of it as a way to get you inspired to get out of your beard comfort zone and try something different.

Of course, with any beard, you’re only limited to what you can achieve by your own imagination!

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