Not every beard styles for men looks good on everybody.

Face shape plays a big part in choosing the right beard. Beard styles for round faces, for example, can be tricky.

How your beard grows in also makes it a challenge to find the right look. Patchy beard styles can look great when your facial hair is lacking, or it can make you look sketchy.

That’s why I made this list for guys that have trouble picking the right beard.

There really is a beard for everybody, it just takes a little research to find one that suits your face and the way your beard grows.

In this article, I will focus on guys that don’t have chiseled features as you see in men’s magazines and then some thin beard styles for men that have patchy beards.

How to Trim a Beard for Round Face

To style a beard for a round face is not really that difficult if you stick to a few basic rules.

Whether you want a long beard or short one, the key to remember is to make sure it is shaped to suit you.

Here are a few tips on styling a beard for guys with round face:

  • Keep the cheeks shorter

To not accentuate the chubbyness of your cheeks, you want to draw the eye down the face, starting from the eyes down to the chin.

If the cheeks are longer then the eye is drawn outward.

To keep a straight line the cheeks should be trimmed, but leave the beard around the chin longer.

  • Keep the edges straight

Try to avoid leaving the edge of your beard growing wild. Keep it trimmed, but also make the lines straight.

If you follow the natural edge of the beard, it will accentuate the roundness of your face.

By making the lines straight with hard angles, it will make your face seem more angular.

  • Keep the chops thin

The bottom of the cheeks are the chops which are connected to the sideburns. If they are full it ends up making the face look even more rounded. As mentioned in the last tip, keep the edges straight and square, but also thin.

A chin strap works, but for guys that don’t like that style, you can keep it wider as long as they are a bit thinner than they normally would be.

Check out this article on how to properly trim your beard!

Try These Best Beard Styles for Round Faces

Short Cheeks Full Chin

In this picture, you can see how the eye is drawn towards the chin since the sideburns are faded into the haircut and the cheeks are short.

The only thing I would have done differently as his barber would have been to lower the edge of the beard to a little bit below the cheekbone.

Other than that, this is a good look for the face shape.

Low Cheekline

Keeping the edges of the top portion of the beard is important to keep the shape of the face from looking round.

If your face is not too pudgy, then even rounded edges can look alright.

The Chinstrap

Keeping your beard thin and narrow will give some angles to your face that are not ordinarily there. This is the most ideal of the beard styles for round faces.

That is if it fits your style. Not everybody likes the chinstrap look.

Of all the beard styles for men, this one is a bit high maintenance to keep the edges looking tight and neat.

Chinstrap with Curtain

Going with the same idea of the chinstrap is the version of with a so called curtain.

Instead of just following the line of the chin, and trimmed short, it is left a little bit longer. In this case, the beard hangs over the chin.

Long on the Chin

There is a fine line between neckbeard and a beard styles for men that is long on the neck.

This is what you should be aiming for, particularly if you have a double chin.

Keep the area around the Adam’s apple shaved though so there is an actual definition of where the beard ends. Otherwise, you’ll look like you’re living in your Mom’s basement. Which, is ok if you are, just try to not look the part.

Anchor Goatee

This is a great beard styles for men with bald heads and round faces.

Once again, the attention is drawn to the chin so the focus is off of the roundness of the face.

The cheeks can be shaved or tapered tightly into the hairline.

But, the result should be a long goatee beard on the chin and mustache.

Full Beard with Straight Edges

You can see here that this beard style for round faces is great at masking the roundness.

The beard is very full, but the edges have nice, straight lines and the shape of the beard is also straight.

Angled down to a point, your eyes are drawn down and away from the cheeks.

Angled Edges

When the edges are not only straight but shaved at sharp angles, it makes it look like the face is more angular.

This is an easy to maintain beard styles for men with round faces, in that once you have the edges done the first time, it is just a matter of following the lines every time.

Tips for Patchy Beard Styles

What is a patchy beard?

This is when a beard does not grow in fully. Also called a thin beard, it affects a lot of guys who really want a great beard styles for men, but feel it won’t grow in enough.

You can still have a great looking beard even if you have thin facial hair.

Patchy beard styles can range in types, but as long as expectations are realistic, ie you don’t expect to look like ZZ Top, then you can end up looking pretty sharp.

Here is an article you should read on how to deal with a patchy beard.

Here are some patchy beard style ideas for you to work with:

Trimmed with Slightly Longer Goatee

Instead of drawing attention to the fact that your beard is thin, keep it trimmed with it being slightly longer on the chin and mustache.

If you think a patchy beard looks messy or unkempt, not that you should just some people do, then keeping it trimmed will alleviate that for you.

Patchy Beard with Long Mustache

To attract the eye away from the rest of the beard if it grows in thin, then a full mustache will do the trick.

Not everybody likes to wear mustaches, but if you do, then this patchy beard style will work for you.

Chin Strap for Thin Beard

If the hair on the edges of the beard is where it is thinnest, then wearing a chin strap is the way to go. Outlining the jaw and chin where the beard grows thickest is a way to keep the thin facial hair looking neat.

Wrapping it Up

If you have ever given up on a beard because you just thought it wasn’t for you then it is probably just a case of not picking the right beard styles for men.

Give it another shot by picking one of these classic beard styles for men with round faces or thinning facial hair.

You can rock the beard, you just have to work with what you’ve got!

Got any tips for guys that can’t look like Norse gods when they grow a beard? Need some advice for your beard styling plan? Drop a line in the comment box below!

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