The topic of beard supplements can be quite controversial.

There are some that swear by them and others that think they are nothing more than snake oil.

The truth lies somewhere in between. They are not miracle cures but there can be some benefits. Of course, it is highly dependant on which one.

Researching Beard Grow XL has led me to some interesting conclusions about beard growth vitamins. The results were kind of a shock to me and I think you may also be surprised by what I found.

Does Beard Grow XL actually work? That is not an easy question to answer but I am not sure if I can honestly recommend it as a beard growth product. In this article I will go over what benefits it may have and also what you should be looking for in beard supplements in general.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

What kind of growth can you expect from beard growth supplements

If you have read any of my articles about beard growth products you have probably seen me caution about not having too high expectations from anything relating to growing hair.

There is nothing, save a hair transplant that will regrow your hair to where it was in its glory days.

Do beard growth products work? They certainly can. Do all of them work. Absolutely not.

If you have modest expectations and can be happy with slight growth then I would recommend a facial hair growth product like beard supplements. If you think that you will have a full Jason Momoa beard in a few months, then you are throwing your money away.

Beard grow XL is no different in this regard.

What to watch out for in beard supplements

DHT or dihydrotestosterone has gotten a very bad rap lately as it has been singled out as the reason men are bald and have patchy beards.

Though it does play a role, it seems that it has been given way too much prominence in the reason men go bald.

As such, there are tons of DHT blockers out there that are meant to help regrow hair.

So what exactly is DHT and why should we try to block it?

DHT is a type of hormone that is related to testosterone. It is the hormone that gives men their masculine characteristics in conjunction with testosterone. For instance, your facial hair.

Wiat, what? It is why you have facial hair? Yes, so why are we trying to block it?

The problem with DHT is that since it has been seen to be a cause of male pattern baldness, it has been incorrectly deduced that by blocking it, you can grow more hair in general.

This does not seem to be the case.

If your head hair is thinning, then blocking DHT makes sense, but since we need that hormone to be men, then it is going to affect men in other ways. Libido is a a good example. Your libido is directly tied to the production of DHT. This is why men on Propecia, a drug with finasteride, a potent DHT blocker, end up losing their sex drive.

It also will not help you to grow your beard hair then.

The main ingredient used as a DHT blocker in supplements is saw palmetto. And, honestly it is very effective at blocking DHT. If you have just started going bald on your head, then definitely give this a shot.

But, for beard supplements, it seems that putting saw palmetto in was a really bad idea.

So, I now tell people to avoid growth vitamins that contain saw palmetto. You should be trying to boost your DHT and not block it if you have a patchy beard.

Important Ingredients

We’ve narrowed down the fact that beard supplements shouldn’t have DHT blockers like saw palmetto. Which Beard Grow XL has. But, are there other ingredients in it that do help?


Biotin is the fundamental building block for healthy hair and skin. It does a lot more than that, but our scope right now is about your beard. Does it help your beard?

It does, though biotin deficiency is very rare. You can get biotin in many of the things you eat on a daily basis.

Boosting it is not a bad thing obviously. Especially since it helps regulate your digestive system and that may actually help your beard grow healthier and fuller. Your gut health is very much tied to how healthy your skin and hair is so getting some extra biotin does help in a roundabout way.

Vitamin A

Cells need Vitamin A for growth whether they are your skin or hair cells or the cells anywhere else in your body.

So, Vitamin A is essential for your hair and skin health for that, but also another reason. It is what produces your sebum. This is your skin’s natural oils that keep your skin from drying out and also brings hydration and nutrients to your beard.

Many guys that don’t use beard grooming products end up with dry beards because there isn’t enough sebum produced to properly coat the beard. Having some extra Vitamin A will help you produce more sebum which will result in a healthier beard.

B Vitamins

Biotin is a B vitamin which we already covered, but there are a hot of others like B1, B6 and B12.

The B vitamins help carry oxygen and nutrients to your scalp. This helps your hair grow stronger and your beard will look and feel fuller and softer when you are getting lots of B vitamins.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps prevent oxidative stress and boost hair growth. It does this by repairing damaged hair follicles, preventing tissue corrosion, and helping to build tissue.

This makes it ideal for growing stubborn hair. It will work its way into the root that is not producing healthy hair and stimulate it to start growing again.

It can also protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun and environment to prevent it from getting damaged again and inhibiting growth.

Horsetail Extract

Horsetail has a lot of different vitamins and minerals in it that can help your hair become stronger. Chief among them is selenium. This is what helps the body process iodine which is essential for your hair growth among other things.

Horsetail Extract strengthens the hair follicles and prevents them from becoming brittle and split ends.

So does it work?

Look, I don’t have a beard so I can’t speak here from personal experience. Since I am a barber, I have given a lot of guys advice on how to grow their beard, so I have recommended this Beard Grow XL to many of them. And a bunch of them came back with positive results.

Now that I have dug further into what should and shouldn’t go into beard supplements, I feel like I should have been steering these guys to a different product altogether.

It can work because it does have a lot of ingredients in it that are helpful. The biggest issue is the fact that it contains saw palmetto. If that were substituted with something else or just left out completely then it would actually work better.

I don’t think the Beard Grow XL guys are out trying to scam people but they simply thought it would be good to put saw palmetto in there when it does the opposite of what you want.

What about other beard supplements?

Whenever I recommend that somebody try a beard growth vitamin, they always ask, but do beard pills work?

A lot of times, the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are in beard pills are also in many of the foods we regularly eat. Your diet can definitely help your beard grow without a supplement.

But many guys don’t want to change the way they eat or really have to think too long and hard about their diet so they turn to beard growth supplements.

Some waste their money and others see some nice beard gains.

So, the answer is that some actually work, some work a little and some not at all. One thing I will say is that you should use a beard growth specific formula if you are trying to regrow facial hair as it has different needs than hair on your head.

For one thing, your beard hair is androgenic hair which is much more hormonally influenced than your head hair. So, it is really important to get the ingredients that affect your hormones right.

Beard Grow XL vs Maxx Beard Growth Vitamins

One of the other big players in the beard supplements scene is Maxx Beard from and after digging further into their list of ingredients, it seems they are onto something that Beard Grow XL is missing.

Or, rather what Maxx Beard is missing. Namely saw palmetto.

And it has a host of other ingredients that should help your beard grow. Besides the usual suspects like biotin and Vitamin E it features amla fruit which has been used for hair growth for centuries in India and is now getting known around the world for its potential to regrow hair and repair skin cells. Selenium is also present in a more concentrated form than just through the horsetail extract. And, hyaluronic acid which not only helps boost growth in your hair, but also makes the strands thicker which will make your beard look fuller.

Looking at them from an ingredient point of view is one thing. The proof is in the pudding. So I recommend you try both of these to see which one actually works.

See, the thing with using any type of hair growth product is that some work better than others for different people. For one guy, maybe Beard Grow XL is the way to go. For others it may be Maxx Beard or any other brand. Everybody’s body is different and the reasons for your patchy beard is due to different factors than somebody else.

If you’re just setting out on your beard growth journey then I recommend giving yourself plenty of time to experiment with different beard supplements and products. It may take a while to find the right one for you.

Is it worth it?

You know, I have a hard time recommending this product at this time now that I understand better what is actually in it. And then there is the price.

For 90 capsules, it is more than twice as much as Maxx Beard. If you don’t mind paying, I guess that’s irrelevant, but it seems to be overpriced.

What is the moral of the story? Due diligence may be a pain to have to do to make sure you are getting what you pay for, but it is important to dig deep. This is especially true for a product that makes some bold claims. It isn’t like you are just trying to take the stain out of your favorite t-shirt. This is something that pains you or you wouldn’t be looking to take pills for it.

I am obviously guilty of not taking enough time to do my own due diligence and went with the flow of what I had been hearing and reading.

I am curious to hear from you all out there that have tried beard supplements. Did you have any success? Do you have a brand that you would recommend? I am always ready for comments so add a note to the box below and I will post your reply to help others out.

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