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Mid-October update: We dissected the Pro Alloy so you can get a better idea if it’s a good purchase. Head over to our Andis Pro Alloy XTR-related articles.

It’s no secret both me and Ryan massively respect Andis. Sure, we lean towards other brands for our main hair clippers, but that’s just personal preference. Andis have proven themselves to be a major player both in the casual clippers industry and in the professional barber hair clippers niche. Not many companies can take pride in over 80 years of history!

Recently, the company raved around introducing an adjustable clipper of a new generation. It would run on a patented XTR technology, short for Extreme Temperature Reduction. This is pretty interesting to see, as some of Andis current models do tend to run a bit hotter than usual hair clippers.

Knowing their target audience

Andis aren’t a brand that’s fresh off the boat. They know their audience and what people expect to see in the company’s higher grade professional hair clippers. The Pro Alloy XTR (Amazon link) adjustable hair cutter aims to fill the niche between casual buzzers and the transition into pro territory.

The XTR technology is perfect for busy barbers who will benefit from both less vibrations and a cooler surface of this black-colored beauty. At the same time, though, the hair shaver is also well suited to casual users. Priced attractively, doing pretty fine in the design apartment, and powered by a new generation of buzzer technology? Andis really kill two birds with one stone here.

As always with Andis hair clippers, the Pro Alloy XTR is made in USA. In addition to it being an adjustable blade clipper, buyers will fetch a cool set of nine attachment combs. Sizes range from 1/16″ to 1″ and – I almost forgot, the blade is made of nothing else than high quality carbon steel. Adjusting from 000 to 1, it seems like a good hint at awesome fading action if you’re interested in that.

Sticking to the standard, Andis Pro Alloy XTR adjustable clipper also comes with a blade guard and oil included.

So what’s the feedback?

As the Pro Alloy XTR entered the shipping phase only recently, it hasn’t accumulated a lot of reviews and shoutouts yet. The adjustable clipper’s Amazon page has a few overly positive reviews. Buyers praise the hair cutter’s ergonomics, blade quality and ability to stay cool.

A word of caution: the Pro Alloy XTR is only compatible with Andis blades, so you can’t mix it around, unlike some other hair clippers.

Of course, we’re onto the case too. XTR is a technology that we don’t want to miss out on. I’m not sure whether it would be me or Ryan breaking down the fine details of this juicy set of adjustable hair clippers. In any case, rest assured that the Pro Alloy XTR will find its place among our other professional hair clippers reviews.

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